International Students

Between one third and one half of our incoming MBA class is comprised of international students, each of whom add to the strength of our community through their diversity of cultures, ideas and vitality.
UCLA is a crossroads of ideas, cultures and limitless experiences and opportunities. Theaters, sporting events, performances and leisure activities are all available either within or just beyond the borders of the UCLA campus.

“One of the things I love the most about Anderson is that almost half of my class is international, because it has provided me with a community of people who are all going through the same experience of adapting to a new country, allowing me to build amazing friendships along the way. At Anderson, we love celebrating each other’s cultures, and learning about traditions and cuisines. We do this through events organized by Identity Clubs. Some of my favorites of this year have been Brazilian Carnival, Hispanic Heritage Month, Diwali, and the Posada Navideña. As VP of EDI at LABA, I truly enjoy sharing our Latin culture with the rest of our class.”

Cynthia Panez Velazco” (’24)

Meet the Senior Director of Student Life


"We’re so excited to be able to welcome you to the United States, to Los Angeles, and, most of all, to the UCLA Anderson community! Our office is here to support you throughout your time at UCLA Anderson, facilitate international student programming, and serve as a link to UCLA’s Dashew Center for International Students and Scholars. We can’t wait to meet you!"

Liz McKillop
Senior Director of Student Life