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The Center for Global Management supports student projects that broaden awareness of community and social impact in emerging markets.

Each year, teams of MBA students across degree programs, focus their capstone project on advancing pro-social causes outside the United States. The Center for Global Management provides funding to support primary research for these projects. 

Whether evaluating new models for microfinance, improving global supply chain efficiency, or bringing affordable internet access to rural communities, our global pro-social projects make a real, immediate and often profound impact. 

Recent projects have focused on education, global health, trade, environmental conservation and preservation, social entrepreneurship, international labor rights, empowering low income women and eradicating rural poverty.

Global Nonprofit Capstone Projects
Bridging the Digital Divide in Rural South Africa
(Human Sciences Research Council, SOUTH AFRICA)
Developing a Go-to-Market Strategy to Export Sustainably Sourced Yellowfin Tuna to the U.S.
(Charles Darwin Foundation, ECUADOR)
Building Socially Responsible Businesses That Create Economic Mobility and Help Alleviate Global Poverty
(rise, RWANDA)
Achieving a Sustainable Rubber Value Chain to Reduce Deforestation in Indonesia
(Conservation International, SOUTHEAST ASIA)

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Expanding Microfinance Capabilities in Rural Areas of Peru and Empowering the Peruvian Woman through Microfinance

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Bringing Affordable Internet Access to the Sweetwaters Community in South Africa
(Human Sciences Research Council, SOUTH AFRICA)

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