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General Student FAQ

Do I need a ticket?

Do my guests need tickets?

I won’t be finished with my studies until fall. Can I still participate?

Will there be lots of traffic?

Where do I park?

Is there special seating for my wheelchair-bound guests?

When do I need to be at the Anderson complex?

What should I do during the National Anthem?

What should I wear underneath my gown?

What side does my tassel go on?

I’m an honors student. Will I receive any special recognition?

Where should I line up for the ceremony?

Can I bring my pet with me? She’s really cute!

Can I bring alcohol?

My name is difficult to pronounce. What should I do?

How long is the ceremony?

Where should I return my gown and hood?

What will you be serving at the reception afterwards?

How long will the reception last?

How can I view my graduation photos from GradImages?

When will I receive my diploma?