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Easton Center events feature successful tech executives, entrepreneurs, investors and overall thought leaders in areas of disruptive, tech-based innovation. Recent topics include how to successfully compete in an increasingly tech-based world, approaches which balance innovation against a growing number of "techlash" issues and how to organize a company for success in a changing landscape.
Easton Events

INNOVATE Tech Conference

January 28 & 29, 2021

Technology has become an integral part of our lives, changing our lives and work, the opportunities for new ventures and established enterprises, and more broadly society. Technology-based disruptions are affecting almost every sector today, including transportation, health care, financial services and retail. They are also affecting industry structure, organizational capabilities and the future of work for humans and machines/robots.

Every business is a tech business today. This event aims to bring successful entrepreneurs and executives together for a glimpse of the latest innovations and their potential impact.

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Tech + Society Conference

October 30, 2020

We live in fascinating times - tech-based innovation offers the promise of disruptive technologies which can lower cost and improve outcomes in critical areas of societal focus. These innovations and the businesses that drive them, however, are often subject to a rapidly emerging "techlash" with a growing set of concerns about potential monopolistic behavior of large tech companies, concerns about data privacy, systemic bias embedded in algorithmic decision making, a growing digital and income divide and uncertainty about the future of work.

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Executive Speaker Series

Tech executives, entrepreneurs and overall thought leaders provide insight into areas of disruptive, tech-based innovation. Previous topics include the future of work, cloud-based innovations and remaining competitive in an increasingly tech-based world.

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Easton Center Workshops
UCLA Anderson students can access additional videos of tech workshops and discussions on the Easton Center CCLE page