Muslim Business Student Association (MBSA)

The Muslim Business Student Association (MBSA) is dedicated to fostering an academic, professional and social network for the Muslim community and interested students at Anderson. The MBSA aims to provide a platform for members and the broader Anderson community to learn from accomplished Muslim businessmen and businesswomen through guest speaker events. The group also aims to create a space for Muslims and interested students to participate in cross-club collaboration and social events, such as Ramadan and Eid dinners, to help build a diverse community of students and professionals at Anderson.



Guest Speakers
MBSA welcomes accomplished Muslim businessmen and women from both traditional and non-traditional MBA career paths to share their professional journey with students. These events provide intimate networking opportunities with senior leaders.

Networking Events
MBSA collaborates with other professional and identity clubs to host career development and networking events.

Social Events
MBSA organizes community socials open to the broader Anderson community, including a Ramadan potluck and Eid celebrations.

Connect With Us

For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.