The UCLA Anderson MFE faculty brings Distinct Advantages to your learning experience:

  • World-renowned finance professors are complemented by top industry leaders in the classroom
  • The curriculum and cases are tailored for the business school environment
  • Faculty apply theory and models to real-world scenarios

How the MFE Faculty Make a Lasting Difference


MFE Thought Leaders in Action

A Looming Crisis Created by the U.S. Congress

Featuring: Stavros Panageas, Robert D. Beyer ’83 Term Chair in Management; Professor of Finance
Stavros Panageas shows us how the national debt could lead to a dangerous economic event


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Faculty Spotlights


Francis Longstaff

Avanidhar Subrahmanyam

  • Research leader in market structure and behavioral finance
  • Frequently cited in the press
  • Serving or has served on the boards of all major finance publications
  • Member of the NASDAQ Economic Advisory Board
  • Consultant to major financial institutions

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Mikhail Chernov

  • Research on financial derivatives and their connection to the macro economy
  • Serving or has served on the boards of all major finance publications
  • Consulting work includes Barclays and Bank of England

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MFE Faculty

The Master of Financial Engineering Advisory Board, an esteemed group of industry leaders who help steer the program’s curriculum, guest lecture for courses and support career services’ efforts.
Leading-edge elective courses, including classes focused on cryptocurrency, data analytics and machine learning