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COVID-19 Considerations for Fully Employed MBA Prospective Students

All recruiting events have been moved to a virtual online format and admissions officers can be contacted via email.

For information about the impact of COVID-19 on our program and the MBA application process, please review the COVID-19 section of our FAQ page.
We will update this section with any developments.

For the latest perspective from the UC Office of the President, please follow the link below to read more.


Why Now?


As the current situation has shown us, the need for leaders who make data-based decisions and have broad skill sets is greater than ever. The more time you spend not working on your MBA, the less equipped you will be for the next crisis. The core MBA skill sets in finance, accounting, marketing, analytics, management, strategy and tech are critical to navigating what comes next, as a leader.


Why Students Chose Now



2020 – 2021 Admission Deadlines

Round Application Submission *Interview Decision Notification
October 27, 2020 November 7, 2020 December 17, 2020
January 12, 2021 January 23, 2021 March 25, 2021
April 6, 2021 April 17, 2021 June 24, 2021

* - In light of the measures taken by UCLA to protect our campus and the broader community from the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) by suspending all in-person gatherings, the optional interviews will be conducted via phone or virtually with limited capacity.


Here's what we're looking for


Bachelor’s Degree:
All Majors Accepted
Exam: GMAT or GRE

Academic Performance

Demonstrated leadership, proven track record and potential for advancement

Professional Experience

Contributions to career and community



The Application Process

Create Your Online Application

All applicants must apply to the FEMBA program online. The online application will walk you through each step. Note that there are three admission rounds, each with its corresponding deadlines and decision release dates. The application fee is $200.

*Application fee waivers are available to all US Military Personnel (active duty and veterans), Teach for America, UC Part-Time MBA Program Transfer Applicants, UCLA Anderson Riordan Programs Alumni and UCLA Staff. Please contact prior to submission.

Begin Application

Order Your Transcripts

Applicants must hold a completed four-year bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited university. We accept all majors and backgrounds. All corresponding official undergraduate and graduate transcripts (if applicable) must be ordered prior to submitting an application. Schools take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to send official documents, so please plan ahead.

Send Digital Electronic or Hard Copy Transcripts to (click to view details):

Digital Electronic Transcripts

Digital e-transcripts are considered official as long as they are sent directly from your school(s) to us at

Due to COVID-19 and admissions staff currently working remotely digital e-transcripts are highly recommended.


Physical Hard Copy Transcripts

Please have hard copy transcripts sent to the following address:

UCLA Anderson FEMBA Admissions
110 Westwood Plaza
Marion Anderson Hall, Suite G6.42
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1481


Take the GMAT, GRE or Executive Assessment

All applicants must take the GMAT,  GRE or Executive Assessment*. Any of the three is fine and there is no minimum score. For UCLA Anderson School of Management, the GMAT and Executive Assessment school code is 2NZ2F44. The GRE school code is 0727.

*The Executive Assessment is an option for applicants with at least eight years or more of full-time work experience.

Exceptional circumstances related to COVID-19 (click to view details):

Exceptional circumstances related to COVID-19

We expect all FEMBA applicants for 2020-2021 to submit an entrance exam score. Standardized tests that we accept (GRE and GMAT) are now available to take online at your home.

We are aware that the online options for these exams may not accommodate everyone. We recognize that a small number of applicants may not be in a position to take such tests at home due to extenuating circumstances related to Covid-19.

Normally for applicants with exceptional circumstances, we recommend scheduling the exam for a later date.

However, if you wish to apply without an entrance exam there will be a question in the actual application for you to explain in 250 words or fewer why you do not believe you will be able to take a test at home or why taking it at home will not be an appropriate reflection of your aptitude.


Update Your Resume

Applicants must submit an updated resume. The average work experience of FEMBA students is seven years, with all backgrounds considered.

Letters of Recommendation

Two letters of recommendation are needed from individuals who are well acquainted with your performance in a work setting, preferably a direct supervisor or manager.

Learn More

Please Note:

The recommendations provide us with third-party confirmation and insights into your achievements. You should choose recommenders who will support your candidacy with concrete examples of performance and impact on the organization.

  • Questions from the online recommendation form are shown below and are for reference only.
  • The Recommendations must be submitted online, not via hard-copy responses to these questions.
  • You must register your recommenders, who then use the confidential online link they receive directly from our online application. Your recommenders also have the option to upload an additional document if desired.
  • Only two recommendations are accepted per application.
  • Ideally your recommendations should be from current direct supervisors or managers who are best equipped to answer questions about your leadership, communication, teamwork, initiative and other skills.
  • If you are unable to ask a current supervisor for a recommendation, then you can ask a former boss, a manager from another department, or a consultant or client who knows you well enough to answer the questions insightfully.
  • Academic contacts are not usually able to provide information on management potential. Similarly, family members, peers and friends are not appropriate as recommenders.
  • Your recommenders' own titles or positions are not important - instead, their ability to comment knowledgeably and specifically about you is vital.
  • Letters from contacts (including alumni) who do not know you well cannot add value like direct supervisors can.

Recommendation Questions and Topics*

  • Please provide a brief description of your interaction with the applicant and, if applicable, the applicant’s role in your organization.
  • How does the performance of the applicant compare to that of other well-qualified individuals in similar roles? (E.g. what are the applicant’s principal strengths?)
  • Describe the most important piece of constructive feedback you have given the applicant. Please detail the circumstances and the applicant’s response.

*Please note: Questions and topics listed above are for reference only. Actual submission of letters of recommendation is done online, through the online application system only.


Essay Questions

Please give the essay questions in your online application your full, undivided attention. The clarity with which you communicate your accomplishments and goals factors heavily in the FEMBA selection process.

Learn More

FEMBA Essays:

1. Tell us about the formative experiences--personal, academic, professional--that make you who you are. (500 word maximum)

2. Where do you want your career to go next and how does the UCLA Anderson Fully Employed MBA Program support you achieving your goals? What do you see yourself contributing to the learning community at UCLA Anderson? (500 word maximum)

Optional Essay:

Should the Admissions Committee be aware of any additional circumstances in your profile?

Please address any of these scenarios if they apply to you:

If you will be commuting from out of the area or relocating, please explain your plans.

If you are not employed full-time, please explain your current employment situation and your career search plan to be employed by the beginning of the program.

If you are currently enrolled in another graduate program (including MBA), please clarify your status in the program (standing, % complete, etc.) and explain your reason for wanting to begin UCLA Anderson.

If your cumulative undergraduate GPA is below 3.0 or in a lower degree classification, please explain the circumstances around this.


On-Campus Interview

After submitting your application, you will be prompted to register for an optional on-campus interview. This face-to-face interview affords you the opportunity to personalize your candidacy even further.

In light of the measures taken by UCLA to protect our campus and the broader community from the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) by suspending all in-person gatherings, the optional interviews will be conducted via phone or virtually with limited capacity.


Reapplicants are those who submitted a completed FEMBA application within the previous two years (i.e., for the classes that began in fall 2019 or fall 2020) and received a final decision.

Review Reapplicant Process and Requirements
  • Create a new application.
  • Indicate on the Additional Info page of the application that you are a reapplicant.
  • Submit one new recommendation.
  • Please highlight any progress made since the prior application.
  • Standardized test scores (GMAT, TOEFL and IELTS) previously reported will remain on file, though scores are subject to expiration dates. You may submit new test scores if desired.
  • Required Reapplicant Essay
    Please describe your career progress since you last applied and ways in which you have enhanced your candidacy. Include updates on short-term and long-term career goals, as well as your continued interest in UCLA Anderson.
  • Admission Committee members see the entire previous application to provide context.

“I am constantly amazed by the range of experience my classmates have. There are doctors, lawyers, executives — many of my peers are on their third degree, and I think that really speaks to the quality and drive of the students at Anderson as well as the caliber of the program.”

Charlotte Kadin

(FEMBA ’18)
Product Manager
The Walt Disney Company

Charlotte Kadin
Class of 2023 Profile

Total: 377


Male: 236


Female: 141


Average Age

23 – 50

Age Range


Underrepresented Minorities


Academics Profile



Average GPA


Median GMAT

600 – 720

GMAT Range

4 Ph.D.| 1 M.D.
Advanced Degrees
Undergraduate Institutions
Top 5 Represented
UCLA, USC, UCR, UCSD, Berkeley

Common Backgrounds

25% Business & Management
23% Engineering
10% Economics

Work Experience

<5 Years
5–10 Years
>10 Years

Average Experience


Average Salary


Top 10 Common Industries

Entertainment 11%
High Tech   11%
Financial Services   11%
Aerospace   7%
Pharmaceutical/Biotech/Medical   6%
5%   Health Care Services
5%   Software
4%   Government
3%   Consulting
3%   Real Estate
Entertainment 11%
Financ   11%
High Tech   11%
Aerospace   7%
Pharmaceutical/ Biotech/ Medical 6%
5%   Health Care Services
5%   Software
4%   Government
3%   Consulting
3%   Real Estate

“My classmates come from all different backgrounds — we have a doctor, a room full of engineers, marketing executives, space technologists and many more. Sometimes I feel like three years isn’t enough time to learn from my peers and hear all their stories and perspectives.”

Biswajit Jena (FEMBA ’19)
Senior Product Manager, Dell EMC


A Global Culture that Learns Locally


29 Countries Represented, 1 Student Body

California Locations

Los Angeles 56%
Orange 11%
Ventura 2%
San Diego 9%
Northern CA 10%
Outside CA 12%

Countries of Origin: 29

Bangladesh • Brazil • Bulgaria • Canada • China • Cuba • France • Germany • Hong Kong S.A.R. • India • Indonesia • Iran • Israel • Italy • Malaysia • Mexico • Myanmar • Nigeria • Pakistan • Peru • Philippines • Russia • South Korea • Sri Lanka • Sweden • United Kingdom • United States • Venezuela • Vietnam


FEMBA: A Life-Changing Experience


Brittany Blackamore (FEMBA ’16)

FEMBA: A Life-Changing Experience

Brittany Blackamore (FEMBA ’16)
Manager, Experian

Brittany Blackamore shares her program experiences, from discovering a passion for global economics to landing her dream job at Experien.

Listen to Podcast