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We Are 100% Invested in Your Academic Success
When you arrive at UCLA Anderson, you will begin your studies with our rigorous core courses. Your success is our number one priority, so we want to make sure you are ready for the academic challenge. We've created the following resources to help you brush up on your skills in the months before you begin the program.
UCLA Anderson Prep Courses

We offer a suite of online self-paced preparation courses and one-day workshops to ensure you feel prepared to start the program. Topics include math, excel, statistics, and writing. Course details will be released and updated on an ongoing basis. All courses are optional unless you were informed otherwise by the admissions team.

All students who have paid the deposit, submitted a Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) and created a UCLA Logon ID are able to enroll in each of the courses and gain access to the content modules. Optional course eBooks are available for purchase for students wanting additional practice.

Details and Registration

Online Course: MBA Math Preparation

Instructor: David Ravetch 
Course Materials: $74.99 - $124.99.- Instructions on how to download the book are found in the course description in BruinLearn. (The EBook purchase is optional but required to practice, do homework and take quizzes. Registering for the course alone will only provide instructor videos and the course outline.)
Format/Length: Self-paced (7 Modules, all content available upfront - Each module is intended to take about one week.)

Course Available Date: January 2023. 
Course Available through: June 2025. 
Professor Accessible through: You have live access to Professor David Ravetch until September 8, 2023.

Online Course: MBA Excel Preparation

Instructor: David Ravetch 
Format/Length: Self-paced 
Course Accessible Date: TBA

Statistics 1-Day Online Workshop (Zoom)

Instructor: David Ravetch
Course Accessible Date: TBA in Summer 2023

Excel 1-Day Online Workshop (Zoom)

Instructor: David Ravetch
Course Accessible Date: TBA in Summer 2023

Writing Videos & Practice Session (Zoom)

UCLA Leadership Lab 2022 for Newly Admitted Students (Zoom)

Led by UCLA Anderson Assistant Dean Dylan Stafford and UCLA Luskin School of Social Welfare Adjunct Professor Khush Cooper, the 2022 participating programs include Dentistry, Executive MBA, Financial Engineering, Fully Employed MBA, Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, and Social Welfare     

Live Virtual Session Date and Time
Tuesday, July 19, 2022 5:30pm PST Register

Online Course: Financial Accounting Preparation (Due January 2023)

Instructor: Henry Friedman
Format/Length: Self-paced, 10-15 hours to complete overall

  • NOTE: It is recommended that you take this preparation course in December over the Winter Break to ensure the content is fresh for the start of the Financial Accounting course in Jan. 2023. Still, we are making it available early if you want to get started sooner and plan accordingly. 

Counts 5% toward your Accounting class grade

Your accounting professors have created a comprehensive preparation module to ensure that each student begins their MBA Financial Accounting course with the same level of familiarity with basic accounting concepts. This is mandatory for all students.

It is recommended that you take this preparation course in December 2022 over the winter break to ensure that your familiarity with the content is fresh for your Financial Accounting course in January 2023. While we encourage you to start this course in December 2022, we are making it available to you now in the event you want to get started early or anticipate a busy winter break. This preparation course is mandatory for all students to complete by January 2023.

You will be reminded of this requirement closer to January 2023.

Supplementary Outside Preparation
You can also consider some online tools to help with preparation for the program. Take a look at the online tools section below for recommended options.

GMAC Business Fundamentals

In preparation for your business school journey, we are excited to recommend GMAC Business Fundamentals which includes three courses: Accounting, Finance, and Statistics, which will help you master the core business concepts you need to succeed in the classroom. These courses are completely asynchronous. The average study and preparation time for a student is 15-19 hours per course. A grade is provided after the course is completed. The grade is the outcome of a final exam which can be retaken three times.



Become acquainted with balance sheets and cashflow statements; understand the framework for describing and assessing a business’ finances; and learn to differentiate assets, liabilities, and equity.


Gain an understanding of how businesses raise capital, manage debt, and build equity; become familiar with financial analysis procedures; and get an overview of managerial finance in the corporate world.


Learn how to analyze, summarize, and leverage spreadsheets; practice displaying data to guide business decisions, and explore Probability Theory and the Normal Distribution Model.

Pre-MBA Courses

UCLA Extension

UCLA Extension offers multiple courses including Mathematics for Management, Statistics, Accounting, and so on.


UC Berkeley Extension

Register for MATH X402 - Math for Management for a self-paced introduction to quantitative and statistical techniques to prepare you for your MBA coursework.


Community College Courses

You may also choose to take courses from a community college such as Calculus, Statistics, Accounting, Finance, and so on.

McGraw Hill Aleks

This option is favored by our current students and staff, as it is adaptive and adjusts material to focus on only those areas where you need more work. You can take a free tour of how their product functions to see if it's right for you. We recommend the "Essential Math Skills for Business" module. Pricing is very economical at only $19.95 a month.

*ALEKS is now offering free math preparation for two months as a result of COVID-19.

Take a Free TourEssential Math Skills for BusinessPricing

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is also popular with students because their instructional videos are free. We recommend that you work your way through the majority of videos in the Algebra section. But you do not need to do Conic Sections, Matrices, and Imaginary and Complex Numbers, as those concepts are not necessary to succeed in the MBA program.

Visit Khan Academy

Harvard Business Publishing

This is also a good choice, used by students at many top business schools and professionals at Fortune 2000 companies. However, the price point is higher than the options above at approximately $100 per module. If you decide on this option, our recommendation is to focus on the Spreadsheet Modeling and Mathematics for Management sections. The other sections focus on content that you will cover in your MBA classes.

Visit Harvard Business Publishing

Course Waivers

Incoming students are able to test out of the following courses: MGMTEX 403-1 Financial Accounting, MGMTEX 405-1 Economic Analysis for Managers, MGMTEX 408-1 Financial Policy for Managers, and MGMTEX 411-1 Marketing Strategy & Policy

If you are a CPA and can provide proof of your license, you are eligible to be waived out of the following course without any examination: MGMT 403: Managerial Accounting. Please email a copy of your CPA license to Allison Etkins: to waive out of this course. 

While a course waiver excuses you from taking a core class, it does not reduce the minimum number of units required to earn your MBA degree. Students have the option of making up those units via electives either during the respective quarter of the core course being waived or at some point during the elective portion of the program. You will not be able to waive out of other courses.