Admissions Ambassador Corps

The Admissions Ambassador Corps (AAC) delivers an immersive in-person and digital experience for prospective students. The AAC is responsible for managing campus visits, admissions interviews and events, such as AROW and A-Days. The club works directly with the Office of Admissions and is supported by a team of 100+ passionate first- and second-year ambassadors who dedicate their time to sharing their experiences at Anderson and recruiting the next generation of students. The AAC also operates as a liaison to student clubs to manage any prospective student outreach.

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Our students are members of over fifty Professional, Identity, Interest, Athletic, and Institution clubs at Anderson. To connect with a club representative with a similar interest or background as you, reach out to our student volunteers and strike up an email conversation, schedule a call or meet in person during a campus visit.

Connect With Us

For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.