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The Community is a private, digital connection platform developed exclusively for Anderson alumni. Offering more personalization, deepen your connections, engage in discussions, and discover content relevant to you.



A new Community login launched on July 11, 2023!

If you logged in prior to July 11, you may have to create a new Community login for access. 

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Why Join The Community


Enhanced Alumni Directory


Explore an easy-to-use, modern interface with increased personalization & direct messaging.  

Engaging Discussions 


Follow or participate in discussions within Groups or about Topics relevant to you.

Exclusive to Anderson


Build deeper connections, broaden your reach, & access lifelong learning resources.




How do I login into The Community? 

Can I use other, existing UCLA accounts to login to the Community?

Don’t know your Community password?

I tried to reset my Community password but did not receive a message with the verification code. 

How do I login into The Community? What is my logon ID?

Don’t know your UCLA Logon Password?

About The Community

What is The Community?  

Why should I use The Community? 

What do I use The Community for? 

Who can access The Community? 

What is the plan to rollout to all alumni? 

What is the plan to rollout to all alumni? 

Using The Community

How do I update my work and contact info?

What fields of my Community profile is viewable to others?

I want to change the fields on my Community profile that others can see. Tell me how it works.

How do I change my profile name in The Community's directory?

How do I start my own group in The Community? 

What are the guidelines for The Community?

How do I add a new Topic to The Community? 

Will the content on The Community be moderated?

How do I add a new Topic to The Community? 


What is multi-factor authentication, and do I need it? 

Is my information secure on the The Community?


Will legacy alumni systems like the current Alumni Directory remain accessible?  

Will current Anderson alumni social media groups remain accessible? 

What about UCLA ONE? How is it different from The Community?  

What about UCLA ONE? How is it different from The Community?  

Community Guidelines

The Community—which is managed and moderated by an Alumni Community Manager— was developed exclusively for UCLA Anderson alumni for the purposes of: 
  • Facilitating Connections  
  • Enabling Discussion/Collaboration  
  • Fostering Discovery  
  • Supporting Alumni Network Activities  
To cultivate a positive and collaborative Community culture, all users must abide by The Community’s general conduct guidelines (or access may be removed): 
Use Good Judgment - We are business professionals. Share content that is relevant and do so in an appropriate manner—it will help to elicit a better response.  
Be Sensitive - We may be impacted by or interpret issues differently. Consider cultural, religious, racial, gender, and political viewpoints before sharing.  
Be Collegial - We are all Bruins. Be collegial in tone, without any hostility directed towards any one person or group. 
Be Professional - We have diverse opinions and preferences. Show respect and express differences professionally.  
Access to this platform is a privilege. Users who do not abide by The Community’s Guidelines may have their access suspended or removed. 
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If you are having trouble logging in or you can't find your answer on this FAQ, feel free to fill out the Anderson Alumni Community Support Form for further assistance.