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The UCLA-NUS Executive MBA Management Practicum gives organizations in the U.S. and worldwide the opportunity to engage a management consulting team of five experienced professionals in their final year of study for the UCLA-NUS Executive MBA. Management Practicum is led and administered by world-renowned faculty who have extensive experience managing field study programs in both academic and professional settings.

The UCLA-NUS Executive MBA team represents a cross-section of business functions and specialties, such as marketing, finance, technology, and operations. Each of these individual professionals brings, on average, 16 years of work and 9 years of management experience to your project.

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Global Reach of Our Recent Projects

San Francisco • Los Angeles • New York • Washington, D.C. • Bogota • São Paulo • Frankfurt • Tel Aviv • Bengaluru • Bangkok • Singapore • Shanghai • Melbourne

Typical Project Industries


Financial Services
Health Care
Food Services
Social Impact

Past Participating Organizations


Management Practicum Faculty Advisors


Company Commitment

Organization Selection Criteria

The Organization:

  • Employs six or more employees (not including board members), has been operating at least one year, and is financially stable

  • Provides at least one dedicated project manager who will work with the team approximately two hours per week or more

  • Designates an alternate liaison in case the primary liaison becomes unavailable during the course of the project

  • Participates in the project launch weekend and attends the final deliverable presentation

  • Provides full access to relevant strategic and financial data, which will be protected under the confidentiality agreement

Our Rates
We apply 60% of your fee directly back into your project’s research.
  • Large Enterprises (Non-U.S. focused project) - $20,000
  • Large Enterprises (U.S.-focused project) - $17,500
  • Small-to-Medium Enterprises - $15,000
  • Non-Profit Organization - $7,500

Program Schedule

2024 Dates
Application Deadline

January 31, 2024

Project Launch

February, 2024

Deliverable Date

August 8, 2024