Corporate Concierge Recruiting

Program Highlights


Private Corporate Consultations: The Ziman Center will conduct private consultations with board member companies to conduct a recruiting needs assessment survey in order to develop a customized recruitment and hiring strategy. Consultations will be available at any time during the year. To maximize convenience for board members and their companies, consultations will be conducted at company locations.

Midyear Check-In: The Ziman Center will check in with board member companies mid-academic-year (February) when the hiring season typically begins to confirm hiring needs. Ziman Center staff and faculty will provide feedback on potential candidates of interest. Midyear check-ins will coincide with the pre-release of the UCLA Ziman Center's Resume Book.

Post-Hire Assessments: The Ziman Center will conduct post-hiring cycle assessments to determine company satisfaction and outcomes. This information will be analyzed to refine future recruiting strategies and to make program adjustments.

Resume Book: Free hard copies and electronic copies of the UCLA Ziman Center Résumé Book will be distributed to board member companies in advance of the book’s public release. The Résumé Book is published annually each winter quarter (February).

Recruiting Events: Free admission for representatives from board members’ companies to attend all real estate career fairs and recruitment events on campus. UCLA Anderson's MBA real estate career night is held annually each winter quarter. Undergraduate real estate career fairs are held throughout the year.

Information Sessions: The Ziman Center will arrange for board member companies to present on-campus information sessions to introduce students to their companies. Representatives from companies will be on hand to answer student questions and provide information about their companies.

Job Postings: The Ziman Center will post job positions with MBA and undergrad real estate student organizations and the UCLA Real Estate Alumni Group (when appropriate).

Days on the Job (DOJ): The Ziman Center will arrange visits to board member company offices to expose students to company environments and cultures. C-suite executives typically provide presentations to the students on their company's profile and business strategy.

Internships: The Ziman Center will post and recruit internship opportunities to MBA and undergrad real estate student organizations. Internships are one of the most effective methods to identify, evaluate and recruit talent.

Interviews: The Ziman Center will arrange on-campus and off-campus interviews for board member companies.

Career Center Liaison: The Ziman Center will serve as a liaison between board member companies and the various career management centers across campus for additional services.

Needs Assessment Survey

Potential questions to consider:

  • Does your firm plan on hiring this year?
  • What position(s) does your firm wish to recruit for this year? How many positions total?
  • Does your firm wish to hire an MBA, J.D., undergraduate or other?
  • What particular “hard skills” is your firm looking for in a viable candidate(s)?
  • What specific personality traits is your firm looking for in a viable candidate(s)?
  • Would you like the Ziman Center to organize on-campus interviews for your firm?
  • Would your firm be interested in hosting a Day on the Job (DOJ) this year?
  • Would your firm be interested in having a summer intern or academic intern during the year?
  • Do you have any current UCLA Alumni professionals at your firm?
  • Would any of your mid- to senior-level professionals be interested in mentoring a current UCLA student?

Contact us to learn how we can support your team's real estate recruitment needs:

Tim Kawahara
Executive Director
UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate
(310) 206-6798