Challenge for Charity

Challenge for Charity (C4C) is the largest student-run charitable organization at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. The mission of the organization is to instill in Anderson MBAs a lifelong commitment to community involvement and social responsibility.

C4C engages the MBA student body to improve our Los Angeles community by volunteering and raising funds around three core areas:

  • Fostering business skills in children and teens with Junior Achievement
  • Empowering individuals with intellectual disabilities through sports with Special Olympics
  • Advocating for youth development and promoting policies to dismantle the juvenile justice system with LAYUP

Challenge for Charity
Sports Weekend 2019

Our MBAs had a blast and raised a lot of funds for their causes. See the student-captured footage of the weekend at Stanford as top West Coast MBA programs compete in fundraising, social, volunteer, and athletic events in pursuit of the coveted Golden Briefcase.

Follow @ c4cwkd on Instagram  for highlights of C4C Weekend 2019.


C4C Officers


Jodi Christensen


Lizzy Porter


Safia Mirabella

VP of Admissions

Zeinah Adawi

VP of Alumni Relations

Nicole Nadig

VP of Internal Relations

Rebecca Phuong

VP of Internal Relations

Luigi Ramelah

VP of Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion

Kriti Gangal

VP of Fundraising and Sponsorships

Ryan Khademi

VP of Marketing and Communications

Christine Kyauk

VP of Analytics

Sahil Sharma

VP of Finance and Operations

Uzi Alaidroos

VP of FEMBA/EMBA Relations

Heather Scott

VP of FEMBA/EMBA Relations

William Jaffe

VP of Special Olympics

Liz Sloan Watts

VP of Special Olympics

Jeffrey Jones

VP of Junior Achievement

Shayne Walton


Andrew Cleary

VP of Snow Trip

Bebe Silberzweig

VP of Snow Trip

Ryan Wadge

VP of Snow Trip

Kevin Wikholm

VP of Snow Trip

Heidi Cheung

VP of Casino Night

Lisa Luna

VP of Casino Night

Dhara Vyas

VP of Casino Night

Nahum Armas Fuentes

VP of Stanford Weekend

Dylan Hochstetler

VP of Stanford Weekend

Charles Lee

VP of Stanford Weekend

Louis Andres

VP of AnderCup

Michael Reich

VP of AnderCup




Spring QuaranCup (May 2–3, 2020)

Casino Night & Winter Ball (February 6, 2021)


Connect With Us


For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.