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Sarah E Aghassi, Esq.
Sarah E Aghassi, Esq. Executive Operational Leadership; Government Relations; Change Management; Strategic Planning; Regulatory Compliance; Public/Community Relations; Customer Experience; Equity, Diversity & Inclusion; Sustainability; Land Use; Infrastructure; Organizational Restructuring; Building High Performing Cross-Functional Teams; Financial Planning/Management; Advocacy; Public Policy; Teleworking Plan.
Sharon Almany
Sharon Almany Sharon's expertise is in healthcare as a strategic leader overseeing service, operational, regulatory, transactional and financial areas. Building teams, setting tone and direction, Sharon has led large-scale initiatives involving technology and process enhancements. Her strengths include leading strategies, assessing risks, monitoring finances, and ensuring optimized performance and commitments are met.
Alicia C Anderson
Alicia C Anderson Corporate Law, Public Law, International Law, Intellectual Property, Mergers & Acquisitions, Medical research, Policy & Government, Strategic Advisory, Corporate responsibility & ethics, Professional communications, Risk (including legal risk), Telecommunications, Higher Education, Diversity & Inclusion, Cultural Awareness Business process, operations, organisational change, Business analytics
Andrea Bendzick
Andrea Bendzick Finance, Operations, Strategy, M&A, BI Analytics
Kimberly Bertz
Kimberly Bertz Human Capital / Change Management, Strategic Communications, Corporate Real Estate, Customer Experience, Future of Work, Org Design & Development, Operational Governance, Program & Project Leadership, Relationship Builder, Strategy & Operations, Virtual / Diverse Team Development, Workplace Experience, Workforce Transformation
Megan Bloomer, PhD
Megan Bloomer, PhD Innovation, Strategic Storytelling, Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Reporting, Social Responsibility, Corporate Sustainability, Supply Chain Auditing & Transparency, Strategic Multiphase Planning & Development.
Natalie R. Brill
Natalie R. Brill Effective leader, development of diversity and inclusion policies, municipal finance expert, issuer of debt instruments, implementer of innovative ESG strategies, analysis to creative problem solving, creator of strategic plans, dynamic speaker on debt and financial issues, assertive negotiator, and ability to quickly apply these skills to new situations.
Bianca A. Briola
Bianca A. Briola Experienced healthcare executive with expertise in: Compensation and Workforce Transformation, Strategic Margin Improvement, Change Management, Patient and Family Engagement, Organizational Design and Alignment, Operational Governance, Program & Project Executive Leadership, Strategic Planning, and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging.
Cecilia Comeaux
Cecilia Comeaux Entertainment, IT, Telecommunications, Space, Satellites, Software Development, Networking, Engineering Standards and Best Practices, Integration, Strategy, Supplier Management, Sourcing, Workforce Transformation, Re-skilling, Cloud and Edge Computing, Product Design Thinking, Innovation, Diversity, Operations, Financial Management, Cybersecurity, Compliance, Change Managment, Service Management
Hannah Cho
Hannah Cho Award-winning marketing and communications executive with expertise in brand building and storytelling. Over 15 years of experience in brand marketing, product and corporate communications supporting hyper-growth companies and global, multinational organizations in business growth and expansion, rebranding efforts, M&A, IPO and divestiture
Naomi Cooper Hochman
Naomi Cooper Hochman C-Level Marketing Management & Strategy, Traditional Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Online Lead Generation, Virtual Event Marketing, Branding & Awareness, B2B Marketing, Marketing to HCPs, Healthcare Marketing, Dental Industry Marketing, Start-Up Marketing, Corporate Marketing, Marketing Consulting & Advisory, Sales Development, Account Based Marketing, Business Development, Organizational Development, Leadership, Public Speaking.
Jeanine Dalis Klima
Jeanine Dalis Klima Experienced fundraising professional with over 25-year experience in higher education development leveraging prior experience in banking and finance to create strong philanthropic programs. A self-driven professional with demonstrated capacity to identify and cultivate impactful relationships with board members, corporations, and foundations.
Devin Dillon
Devin Dillon Educational Administration, Superintendent certification. Independent, private, public and non-profit educational experience. Innovative approaches to education. Local, state and national programs, policies, standards, and guidelines. School finance and operations expertise. Diversity, equity and inclusion work in schools.
Brenda Dulger-Sheikin
Brenda Dulger-Sheikin Business Administration & Strategic Planning, Strategic Direction & Change Management, Legal Compliance & Risk Management, Program Protocols & Industry Trends, Information Technology & Data Analytics, Executive Team Management & Human Resources, Expert Communication; Client First Approach, Product Development & Project Management, Continuous Improvement & Regulatory Compliance, Operational Structures & Business Continuity
Ellen Feaheny
Ellen Feaheny Senior B2B Executive, Scalable Modern Cloud-Native Platform Technologist, Strategic CIO Business Strategy (i.e., Business Value CIO that drives ROI), Enterprise Solutions Architect (across legacy and cloud), Global-Distribution Minded, Deep Business Development Network, Serial Entrepreneur, Growth Mindset, Radical Candor, High Performance Teams, Natural Networker, Bigger Pies Always, Natural Networker
Margaret B. Fisher
Margaret B. Fisher "Meg" Innovative, Creative Problem Solving Digital Markets: IT, App Development, Entrepreneurship, Cybersecurity Worldwide Strategic Planning: Product, Program, Operations Disruptive Business Markets Brand/Marketing
Johanna Flower
Johanna Flower Technology, SaaS, cybersecurity CMO, board member and advisor with extensive global experience. Expert in branding and communication, go-to-market, growth marketing, digital and customer advocacy. Repeated success propelling start-ups through exponential growth, expansion and market leadership. Experience in VC & equity funding, pre- and post IPO.
Theresa Gorman
Theresa Gorman Automotive Industry Expertise (Mobility, Connectivity, Electrification, v2x, DR, Data & Software), Global Market Assessments, Government Regulations and Compliance, GTM Rapid Monetization Strategies, Risk Mitigation, Global Negotiations, Supply Chain Management, P&L / Budgets and Performance-Based Compensation
Angela Granger<
Angela Granger Credit Scoring/Predictive Modeling , Machine Learning/AI , Cloud technology development and delivery , Product Development and Roll-Out , Analytical Consulting , Business and Data Intelligence , P&L Manager , Talent Management and Development , Operational Excellence , Financial Services , Model Governance , Risk Management
Patricia Grant
Patricia Grant Experienced technology executive with 28 years IT experience interested in digital transformation strategies, driving business value realization initiatives, developing senior leaders, driving large scale transformations, and M&A’s including divestitures. Other interests include researching future technology trends and sharing insights during c-level customer meetings or public keynotes.
Tiffany Grunert
Tiffany Grunert Strategic Leadership, Branding & Marketing, P&L Management, Crisis Management, Public & Media Relations, Revenue Growth, Organizational Restructuring, Negotiation, Government Affairs (municipal), Public Speaking, Political Campaign Management, Mergers and Acquisitions
Rose Hiu<
Rose Hiu Strategic Leadership , Strong Cross Functional Alignment & Execution , Build and Coach High Performing, Global & Diverse Team (over 200, 30+ leaders, 20+ countries) Over 20 yrs. Of Brand and Marketing Strategy , Strategic Business Planning , Growth & Risk Acumen , Operational Excellence , Global Communication
Suchi Injati
Suchi Injati Suchi Injati is currently working as Vice President, Strategic Planning and Forecasting for Warner Media. She is entrepreneurial and technically savvy business leader with reputation for delivering business strategies. Her core competencies include finance and strategic planning, IT investment planning, strategic sourcing, supply chain management, post-merger integration and process re-engineering.
Laurie G. Jacobs, MD FACP AGSF
Laurie G. Jacobs, MD FACP AGSF Health care clinical services strategy, delivery, quality , COVID-19 clinical operations, disaster planning, physician surge staffing, cademic medicine, research, faculty, chairmanship, appointments, mentorship, medical education
Anja Kammesheidt
Anja Kammesheidt Experienced molecular biology professional with Ph.D. in Biology and extensive knowledge of molecular diagnostics, R&D and genomics. Ready to apply experiences from the crossroads of clinical diagnostics, technology development, academic research to global genomic research, healthcare consulting, advisory and board positions. Start-up, midsized healthcare, laboratory or biotech companies preferred.
Katherine A Koster<
Katherine A Koster Municipal and Project Finance, Bonds, Investment Banking, Public Agencies, Public Policy, Securities, Capital Markets, Economics, Credit, Due Diligence
Meredith Machovoe
Meredith Machovoe B2B and B2C experience across Marketing, Sales, Product, and Customer Success fields in financial services and technology/software industries. Deep expertise with Data Analytics and Data Science. Executive-level insights and strategic decision-making support for fast-paced, high growth companies.
Valerie Martin
Valerie Martin Proven financial leader and trusted partner with extensive experience in supporting executives and teams through digital and business model transformation. I have a specific expertise and deep experience with sales teams, marketing teams, in go to market readiness, channel and partnership programs and building new processes and teams from bottoms up.
Jenn McCabe
Jenn McCabe Known to bring decisiveness and humor to every team, regardless of size and tenure. Experience as a Founder/CEO, Private Board Member, CFO and HRO. Relationship builder and proven leader of hundreds of emerging and mid-market organizations. Broad financial acumen includes buy and sell side M&A work, long term strategic planning and product development.
Castanares McGregor
Castanares McGregor Semiconductor manufacturing, foundry service, electronics supply chain, technical sales & support, business development. Gender-balanced leadership.
Laurel Mintz
Laurel Mintz Digital (web, content, social media, advertising, creative, growth marketing, branding), Experiential marketing (launch events, trade shows, conferences, national field marketing) Legal (corporate M&A, Intellectual Property) Entreprenurship
Gabriella Nelms<
Gabriella Nelms Cyber Security, Risk Analysis, 3rd Party Assessment, Data Protection, Application Security, Systems Management, Incident Response, Cyber Security Awareness Training, Technical Writing, Technical Documentation Management, Technical Support, Testing, Training, Reporting, Project Management, Change Management, Digital Marketing & PR
Tiffany Nesbit
Tiffany Nesbit Product Development, Resource Management, Organizational Development, Visionary Leadership, Process, Improvement, International Business, Cross Cultural Teaming, Regulatory Compliance, Financial Acumen
Mary Ann O'Reilly
Mary Ann O'Reilly Healthcare, Clinical Risk Management, Patient Safety, High Reliability, Change Management, Process Improvement, Litigation.
Karin Overstreet
Karin Overstreet Strategic Planning & Execution, Multi-business Profit & Loss, Global Business Development, M&A, Product Development, Innovation, IoT, Customer & Supplier Relationships, Negotiations, Operations Management, Business Transformation, Capital Investment, Executive Communication, Community Relations, Risk Management, Compliance, Regulatory, Build High Performing Teams, Culture Building, Change Management, Employee Engagement, Organization Talent Cycle
Colleen Pritchett<
Colleen Pritchett Global Business Executive with 24 years of experience leading $1.5B material science businesses in aerospace, automotive, electronics, solar, and printing industries. Global Business Management, Innovation and Growth, Business Development, Strategic Planning, Customer Intimacy, Operational Excellence, Building and Inspiring Global Teams, Acquisitions and Divestitures, Governance, Security Compliance, Sustainability.
Desiree Portillo-Rabinov<
Desiree Portillo-Rabinov Transportation planning expertise in program grant development and oversight, managing multi-million dollar planning and infrastructure projects, technical document review, budget and scope development for professional services, including development of policies and guidelines for grant funded programs. Additional experience in public speaking and community outreach.
Barbara Rayner
Barbara Rayner Board member and C-suite advisor in strategy, capital allocation and forecast evaluations.
Over 35 years of deep financial technical analysis while assisting 500+ companies with transaction and valuation analysis.
Board and Finance Committee Member for Dallas Arboretum and My Possibilities.
Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Public Accountant.
Lourdes Maria Reed
Lourdes Maria Reed Direct & Channel Sales Models, Customer Success and Support, M&A Integration Process Re-engineering, Organizational Effectiveness, Systems Development Leadership & Team Development, Strategic Planning & Operations, Program Management
Ashley Robinson
Ashley Robinson With 2 decades of experience in the brick and mortar space in house with Retailers, Restaurants, Developers and Big Data, Ashley now leverages her extensive background to make data actionable and decisions conclusive for her clients. Ashley is a lead data and strategy analyst for retailers like H&M and has completed work for clients such as Mumm Winery, Netflix, Bain Capital and other best in class companies. Ashley's proven methodologies and data backed strategies bring an unfair advantage and success to her clients.
Hanna Salo
Hanna Salo Technology, Telco and Transportation Industries: Financial Planning and Analytics, Digitalization, Cost Management and Restructuring, Risk Management, HR Leadership, Executive Compensation, Workforce Planning, Globalization, Multicultural organizations.
Jeannice Fairrer Samani
Jeannice Fairrer Samani Business: Strategic business development, transformation, and organizational behavior Technology: Big Data Analysis/Analytics, Information technology, AI, Blockchain Education: Higher Education-Business & Engineering, curriculum development Board: Financial Appointment Government Boards: Santa Clara County Economic Development and Homeless Health Care.
Connie Santilli
Connie Santilli Brings technology acumen and operations expertise in finance and compliance to deliver strategy, innovation and transformations to diverse partner orgs in complex global environments - from start-ups to F100s.
Gail Sasaki
Gail Sasaki 15 years as CFO of a Public Company, Section 16 Officer, Corporate Governance, Financial Reporting, Operations in US and in Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, Intellectual Property Defense and Prosecution
Kristal R Sevcik
Kristal R Sevcik Marketing , Consumer Analytics , Communication across stakeholders (including crisis communication) , Facilitating a team approach to solving opportunities across all business disciplines Strategic pricing and cost analysis
Sandra Shpilberg
Sandra Shpilberg Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Software development and cybersecurtity Digital Health, Biopharmaceuticals and devices, Mergers and acquisitions
Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith Executive Compensation, Hris Technology, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Succession Planning, Leadership Development
Lisa A. Smith
Lisa A. Smith Finance, Capital Markets; Public Finance; Corporate Banking; Entrepreneur; Investment Banking; Financial Advisor; Management; Strategy; Sales and Marketing; Relationship Management; Not-For-Profit Board Experience; Board Treasurer; Government; Financial Analysis; Bonds;
Bobbie Stempfley
Bobbie Stempfley Risk Management , Business Digital Transformation , Strategic Planning , Cybersecurity
Sipra Thakur
Sipra Thakur Digital marketing (including websites (Webby award nominee), social media, email, media buys, analytics), growth marketing, emerging technologies (virtual reality, augmented reality), forecasting/P&L
Shandra Wilson
Shandra Wilson I serve with gratitude and joy with expertise in medical group/hospital operations, quality and safety, and creation of a positive, productive culture. I help others achieve a financially powerful, efficient company where people love to work!
Lory Mitchell Wingate
Lory Mitchell Wingate Support of mission-driven research and development, science and engineering endeavors. Innovative approaches to strategy, operations, program, and change management; modernizing operations to enable cutting edge innovation; multinational and diversity-inspired operations.