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“When applying for my MBA, I sometimes felt nervous about bringing my passion for racial and economic justice into an elite business school environment. So joining this case competition with like-minded individuals has been a dream come true. I’ve learned a lot through the process, but my biggest takeaway has been that in order to spearhead true systemic change, racial justice shouldn’t just fit with your company’s strategy — it needs to be the strategy.”

Cynthia Andrianjatovo (’22)

Member of a 6-student UCLA Anderson MBA team that advanced to the semifinals of the inaugural John R. Lewis Racial Justice Case Competition on January 21, 2021, and received Honorable Mention as a Top 12 team out of 105

Beyond Barriers
Community Stories

Don’t be afraid to trust your gut

Constance Knight ('98), talks about how not being afraid to make big changes in your career and trusting your gut can lead to life changing outcomes. Also, why it’s so important to have specific career goals and predictions for the future.

Featuring: Constance Knight, Global Head of Video Curation at Instagram

Why UCLA Anderson FEMBA Is Right for Us
Many Black FEMBA students choose UCLA Anderson for its supportive community, where they enjoy the same close camaraderie as their full-time classmates. With unfiltered honesty, they share why the program is right for them as working professionals who come from a range of backgrounds and experiences.

The Voice of FEMBA series aims to provide a glimpse into the Anderson community by hearing from the people who are shaping it. All speakers in this series were faculty-nominated.

Change for Good
UCLA Anderson faculty, staff and alumni collaborate on research and industry initiatives that address and help to resolve inequities in the workplace and the wider world.
Our Community Embraces Diversity
UCLA Anderson’s annual Embracing Diversity Week celebrates the strength of our diverse campus community and the power of our connections to reshape our future. Amid the tumult of 2020, Anderson student leaders adopted the theme of Connect for Real Change to focus on the importance of building strong relationships across differences, despite the year’s tensions.

For Oke Bamgbose (’22), an outwardly “diverse” workplace becomes inclusive only once a diversity of voices is truly influencing the organization.

Striving for a Diverse Business Community

Students, alumni, faculty and guests agreed that real change is in connections

In Their Words

What lessons have you learned from being a person of color in the business world today?

Be yourself unapologetically; people respect authenticity. Someone before you created an opportunity for you; therefore, you are indebted to help provide a ladder that creates an opportunity for another.
— Jason Cole ('19)

What is the most important skill we should be teaching our students today?
“Empathy. It becomes much easier to make purpose-driven decisions when you empathize with the people supporting and driving your business. As a Black male, I know what it feels like to be marginalized. As a result, I recognize situations were groups are not given a voice, and I am intentional about making sure they are heard. When you get in someone’s corner, you earn an ally. And it was all possible because you were empathetic.”

— Landon Medlock ('18)

Landon Medlock ('18)

Senior Product Manager

Career-wise, where would you like to be in five years?
My answer now is probably completely different than when I came to Anderson. Now my answer is, to be a successful entrepreneur. In an ideal world, I would have had some success in entrepreneurship in the past and I think that I would like to use that as a platform to really focus professionally on companies that are in social impact and the education space.

— Jason Cole ('19)

From the UCLA Anderson Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Assistant Dean of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Heather Caruso is a scholar and researcher of organizational behavior. She guides the UCLA Anderson community in the small personal actions and large structural changes that lead to and preserve social justice.
Heather Caruso

It’s Not Just What You Say or How You Say It

Heather Caruso discusses how listening to understand is the key to averting conflicts, particularly among people of different backgrounds and cultures.

Featuring: Heather Caruso, Assistant Dean of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion; Adjunct Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations and Behavioral Decision Making

What You Can Do

Thoughts from Assistant Dean Heather Caruso

The Course for Diversity

Heather Caruso’s class focuses on leadership in equity, diversity and inclusion

Record Numbers of Americans Recognize Racism as a Problem

Heather Caruso envisions what the solution could look like

Spotlight: UC President Michael V. Drake
Michael V. Drake became the 21st president of the University of California, presiding over its 10 campuses five medical centers and three nationally affiliated labs, with stewardship of more than 280,000 students and 230,000 faculty and staff. The first Black president in UC’s 152-year history, Drake works in service to Californians from all levels of society, who benefit from the university’s research and opportunity, and, in his words, “whose lives are elevated when we get this right.”
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Anderson Associations
Professional and identity clubs at UCLA Anderson represent our diverse
campus and initiatives.
International Business Association (IBA)
Black Business Students Association (BBSA)
The Anderson African American Alumni Association
Guest Speakers
Other Resources

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Diversity at UCLA

Graduate education at UCLA couldn’t have reached the heights it has without a full commitment to welcoming and fostering the diverse population that today thrives on our campus.

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The Consortium

The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management is committed to increasing the representation of African-Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans in American business schools and corporate management. A member since 2010, UCLA Anderson is a proud supporter of this mission.

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Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans

Anderson’s Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans provides business training to returning military — nearly a third of them African-American.

Learn How We Champion and Celebrate Equity, Diversity and Inclusion