Holistic Career Services

MSBA Analytics Symposium with Larry Braman, Director MSBA Career Services; Sasha Litman, McKinsey & Company; Tim Park, Sony Pictures Entertainment; Juliana Tsai, Dine Brands; Mike Thompson, Cedars Sinai Medical Center; Andrew Gottesman, PwC

Holistic Career Services means that the UCLA Anderson MSBA Career Team sees our mission differently.  Yes, we provide you with individualized coaching, strategy training, and tools to help you land the internship and full-time role you desire.  Equally as important, we help you develop the professional skills necessary to succeed in the job you’ve landed.

Our Philosophy

We see Career Services as an equal-partners collaboration between our office and our students.  
Our responsibility
Prepare you to be the most powerful candidate you can be by teaching proven analytics job search strategies, providing personal coaching, and opening doors to career and networking opportunities.
Your responsibility
Do the work that will help you land and succeed in great internships and full-time roles. This includes embracing our career and professional development programming, implementing an efficient search strategy, taking advantage of opportunities we offer–and creating your own.

Our Services & Team

Rare among specialty master’s programs, UCLA Anderson MSBA has its own career team comprised of three full-time staff members and over 15 part-time MSBA Alumni Career Coaches. Here are some of the services and resources we provide to enable our students’ success:
  • Company recruiting sessions
  • One-on-one coaching
  • 10-week Career Curriculum including data storytelling, presentation skills, and data project management
  • Industry Nights + networking dinners
  • Career fairs
  • Company treks
  • MSBA Job Board and Referral Center
  • Anderson student clubs
  • Anderson and UCLA job boards
  • MSBA Career Services portal and event recording library
  • Subscriptions to Interview Query, VMock, JobScan and more
  • Digital Analytics Association membership

Tireless and Dedicated Career Services

John Warlick ('21) at MBC

“When I entered UCLA's MSBA program, I had very specific goals for the next phase of my career that I wasn't completely sure how to accomplish. The MSBA career services team couldn't have been more helpful in the year that followed. Between one-on-one advising meetings, personalized job recommendations, and sessions covering topics like presentation skills, interview practice, and networking, I always felt sure I was headed in the right direction. In the end, I accomplished my exact goals, and I couldn't be more thankful”.

— John Warlick (2021)

"Career Services is more than resume and interviewing support. I see it as a highly personalized coaching engagement, where each student is a client with unique challenges and goals."

Larry Braman
Director of Career Services