Showcase 2021

Venture Accelerator at UCLA Anderson


2021 Showcase

October 27, 2021

2021 Showcase Companies



nuFYX is a 100% plant-based protein powder created from the American Golden Pea. USDA certified organic and non-GMO.

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SAFR delivers personalized lung therapy for patients requiring invasive mechanical ventilation.

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Balsa is the all-in-one platform designed specifically for the first-time homebuyer.

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Sunga Life

Sunga Life is a Veteran-founded athletic performance apparel brand that is all about freedom.

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DrinkLyte is a two-step recovery and rehydration system created by a nutritionist and targeted for the 21+crowd.

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Surgistream is a surgical logistics company that provides a digital interface to coordinate surgical procedures.

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Dryvv is a patented digital premium rental car share and subscription platform that provides high-end cars with white glove service through the concierge service.


VetAhead is an immersive online experience where veterinary professionals can learn from the world’s best specialists in zoological or exotic animal medicine.

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OYA athleisure wear targets health-conscious women and is endorsed by OBGYN’s for their antimicrobial and moisture absorbing fabrics.

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Nectar Hard Seltzer

Nectar Hard Seltzer is the first Asian-inspired hard seltzer (featuring Asian Pear, Lychee, Yuzu, and Mandarin) and the #1 hard seltzer on TikTok (follow their journey @nectarhardseltzer)

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Alumni Companies


Exemplifying Anderson's strong startup track record are a few select startups presenting their growth and traction after participating in our programs.


Kona is a platform for authentic connection with remote teams. Kona helps remote managers build trust and fight burnout through daily emotional check-ins in Slack.

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The Hurd Co.

The Hurd Co makes agriloseTM, a man-made cellulosic feedstock pulp made from 100% agricultural waste.

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Vitest Rapid Diagnostics manufactures a new and rapid testing technology for COVID-19.

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Emile Learning is an edtech platform where students can earn credit for engaging with the premium videos and digital product.

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UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator
Founded as a partnership between UCLA Anderson School of Management and the UCLA Rosenfeld Library in 2016, the Venture Accelerator is a 10,000-square-foot state-of-the-art co-working space for founders to support one another while they scale their early-stage startups. Supported by the Price Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, the Accelerator provides practical experience to complement students’ academic pursuits. The Accelerator runs four programs each year and serves as a year-round resource to entrepreneurs. We are proud that 85% of the startups that go through our programs continue to scale successfully to Series A and beyond.

Los Angeles is home to the third-largest and fastest-growing technology ecosystem in the United States. As the No. 1 public university, UCLA is proud to support talented individuals who possess an entrepreneurial mindset and management acumen. The Venture Accelerator at UCLA Anderson is a leading source of MBA talent and research horsepower that are key parts of Los Angeles’ thriving startup culture.

UCLA Anderson Business Creation Option (BCO)
UCLA Anderson is widely recognized for its entrepreneurial programs, which focus on teaching entrepreneurship, driving innovation and creating successful startups. Launched in 2001, the BCO program emphasizes experiential learning and has graduated dozens of startups over its 17-year history. In BCO, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to launch their companies while still in school. MBA students formulate market strategies, develop and test hypotheses and conduct research that leads to the implementation of a business plan. While in the six-month BCO program, these early-stage startups work in the Accelerator, where they receive hands-on training, personalized coaching and customized programming to advance their path to launch. Approximately 50 percent of BCO program startups have launched successfully, with a number of teams raising angel and venture financing.


We would like to extend a special thank you to all the alumni mentors, speakers and executives who hosted workshops and office hours. Your expertise and insights accelerate the trajectory of our startups!

Generous Supporters

James Freedman (’78) William Grabe (’63) Karnavy-Sahai (’95)

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The Accelerator’s experiential learning complements the Price Center’s entrepreneurial curriculum and activities. Accelerator companies enjoy guest speakers and practical workshops; access to a large and engaged mentor network and coaching via office hours; and the opportunity to participate in a number of business plan competitions. The staff connects teams with professional service providers and industry experts that include law firms, sources of capital, and alumni. Most importantly, the Accelerator fosters a sense of community among its resident teams and serves as a significant addition to the UCLA entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The extensive resources and year-long programming provide both a learning opportunity and practical know-how for founders to launch their companies while in the Accelerator. Founder testimonials attest to the impact of the program and the staff who function as full-time advisors. Accelerator alumni companies are operating at an 85% success rate due to the hands-on advisory work and resources offered from UCLA Anderson.

We need your support for the growing number of founders who are seeking program inclusion. You can donate to the Accelerator by donating your time as a speaker or mentor; providing access to your network; or making a financial contribution.

Please contact us to connect with any of our companies and learn more about how you can support our efforts.

Trish Halamandaris (’92)
Anderson Venture Accelerator

Beatina Theopold
Sr. Program Manager, Price Center

Fallon Coleman
Sr. Program Coordinator,
Events and Operations

Claire Marsden
Sr. Program Coordinator,