UCLA Anderson Alumni Awards

Every year, the UCLA Anderson Alumni Network recognizes exceptional individuals who make a difference to the UCLA Anderson community and the world. 

2024 Nominations are Now Open


John E. Anderson Distinguished Alumni Award

Established in 2002, the John E. Anderson Distinguished Alumni Award salutes the achievements of illustrious alumni whose personal lives, professional achievements and community service exemplify the objectives of their alma mater. This award recognizes UCLA Anderson alumni who have distinguished themselves through outstanding achievement in their professional fields and in service to their communities and the school.

Outstanding Alumni Service Award

Established in 2004, the Outstanding Alumni Service Award is presented to alumni who have consistently provided exemplary volunteer service to UCLA Anderson, enhancing the stature, success and well-being of the UCLA Anderson Alumni Network. This award recognizes UCLA Anderson alumni whose extraordinary interest in UCLA Anderson—demonstrated through dedicated, volunteer service—serves as an inspiration to the greater UCLA Anderson alumni community.

Nominations will close on November 30, 2023.

2024 UCLA Anderson Alumni Awards will be presented at Alumni Conference on May 3, as part of Alumni Weekend 2024.

Past Recipients
2023 - Susan Wojcicki ’98
Special Advisor to Google and Alphabet, former CEO of YouTube
2022 - Francesco Aquilini ’94
Managing Director, Aquilini Investment Group Inc.
2021 - Janice Chaffin '81 
Board Member, Synopsis, PTC, Informatica, CareerBuilder
2020 - Stewart W. Bainum Jr. '70
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Choice Hotels International, Inc.
2019 - Joel Fried '86
President of PRIMECAP Management Company
2018 - Bernard Briskin '49  (Deceased)
President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of the Arden Group
2017 - Robert S. Murley '74
Vice Chairman-Senior Advisor of Credit Suisse and Chairman of Investment Banking for the Americas
2016 - Jim Moffatt '87
CEO, Global Consulting, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited
2015 - Lonnie Ali '86
Vice Chairman, The Muhammad Ali Center Board
2014 - John E. Parker '50  (Deceased)
Entrepreneur and Philanthropist
2013 - Robert D. Beyer '83
Chairman, Chaparal Investments LLC
2012 - Marshall Goldsmith '77
2010 -  Ambassador Lester B. Korn ('60)  (Deceased)
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Korn Capital Group and Korn Tuttle Capital Group 
2009 -  Richard R Crowell ('80)
2008 -  Louise L. Francesconi '78
Vice President and President, Missile Systems Business, Raytheon Company
2007 -  Laurence D. Fink '76
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BlackRock, Chairman of the Executive and Management Committee
2006 -  Kip Hagopian '66
Managing Partner, AppleOaks Partners, LLC
2005 -  Ric Kayne '68
President, Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors; CEO, Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management
2004 -  Jeff Henley '67
Chairman, Oracle Corporation
2003 -  Eugene Rosenfeld '56
Chairman, UCLA Anderson Board of Visitors, Private Investor, ForestLane Group
2002 -  John E. Anderson '40  (Deceased)
President, Topa Equities, Ltd. 
2023 - Jonathan Schreter ’00
Executive Vice President, Bolton Company
2022 - Donnalisa Barnum ’86
Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager, Capital World Investors
2021 - Henry J. Brandon, III '89
Chief Operating Officer and Partner, Nile Capital Group
2020 - Mike De Paola '94
President and CEO, Threshold Worldwide LLC
2019 - Kate Pletcher '07
Founder and CEO of Treehouse Partners
2018 - Dennis J. Keegan '80
Chairman, Digital Asset Strategies
2017 - Leland L. Sun '86
Founder & Managing Director, Pan Asian Mortgage Company
2016 - Eric Mokover '80
College Admissions Consultant, Counselor, and Partner, Headed for College
2015 - Gregory L. Craig '89
Chairman of Anahau Energy  & CEO of Inupiat Energy Partners
2014 - Jim Freedman '78
Chairman and Managing Director of Intrepid Investment Bankers, LLC (“Intrepid”)
2013 - Christopher Kit Jennings '80
Managing Director, Roth Capital Partners
2013 - Constantine Malaxos '96
Director of Northern American Commercial Sales, Lumeta Corporation
2012 - Grady M. Smith '01
2010 -  Brian Farrell '78
President and CEO of THQ Inc. 
2009 -  Juan Diaz-Andreu '96
2008 -  Eleanor Brewer '86
Vice President of Research & Development, St. Joseph Health System (retired) 
2007 -  Stephen Torres ('94)
Chief Operating Officer, DRI Energy
2006 -  Jay Ferguson ('94)
Partner, Kline Hawkes and Company
2005 -  Regina Regazzi '97
Assistant Dean, Parker Career Management Center
2004 -  Clayton Frech '98
VP of Operations, Classic Party Rentals 

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