Out@Anderson serves UCLA Anderson’s emerging business leaders who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ+). We build community and provide opportunities for authentic leadership development to members while educating and advocating on their behalf in the broader business landscape. We work to accomplish this in partnership with Anderson allies, alumni, the UCLA and Los Angeles communities, and the greater business community.


Should I be out on my application?

What is it like to be an LGBTQ+ MBA student at UCLA Anderson?

How can Out@Anderson help me advance my career?

How can I connect with LGBTQ+ professional groups as part of my MBA experience?

While at Anderson, how can I get connected to the Los Angeles LGBTQ+ community? What is LGBTQ+ life like in Los Angeles?

What kinds of social activities do Out@Anderson members engage in?

As a student at Anderson, what LGBTQ+-friendly health care services will I have access to?



ROMBA Conference
ROMBA is a conference for LGBTQ+ MBA students from across the country to network and engage with employers looking to recruit LGBTQ+ talent for their companies. Out@Anderson provides professional development opportunities before the conference to prepare O@A members for the recruitment aspects of the conference. Out@Anderson also hosts its own networking and social events during the conference for current Anderson students and alumni.

National Coming Out Day Fireside Chat
For National Coming Out Day (NCOD), Out@Anderson participates in the Anderson tradition of fireside chats — events where students have the opportunity to share their life experiences with their peers. The NCOD Fireside Chat provides an opportunity for LGBTQ+ members to share their coming out stories with the Anderson community to help bring greater understanding and personal connection to the coming out experience.

Professional LGBTQ+ Networking Events
Out@Anderson partners with employers that are seeking high-quality LGBTQ+ talent to host unique events for members to network with potential employers and learn more about LGBTQ+ experiences in different industries and companies.

LGBTQ Awareness Week
Every year, Out@Anderson hosts LGBTQ Awareness Week — a week dedicated to highlighting the stories and experiences of LGBTQ+ people and providing opportunities to the Anderson community to engage with and learn about critical LGBTQ+ topics and issues. The week includes numerous professional panels, fireside chats and social outings that are open to the entire Anderson community. Throughout the week, allies can sign the Ally Pledge displayed in the Anderson courtyard and learn about what they can do to support their LGBTQ+ peers.

Palm Springs Weekend
Palm Springs Weekend is a retreat for all club members that caps off the end of the academic year. Members get to bond, have fun and celebrate a great year while staying in beautiful vacation homes in the scenic and wonderfully LGBTQ+-inclusive Palm Springs.

Monthly Social Events


For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.