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At UCLA Anderson, the Parker Career Management Center (“Parker”) offers individualized support for each international student to prepare them for a competitive job search -- both domestically and globally. With training and expertise in visas and work options for international students, Parker’s Associate Director of International Career Advising is ready to onboard students during pre-orientation and orientation programs. This support also includes Parker leadership and dedicated career advisors across multiple industries and functions.

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“While making my double pivot in industry and job function, the Parker Career Management Center not only made me feel comfortable that it was possible, but also set realistic expectations that this would require extra effort. Parker has been a partner throughout my journey by helping me scope out opportunities, scout people I could connect with, revise my resume and prep for interviews, and consider offers, as well as by acting as a sounding board when I went through my numerous decision trees!”

— Nikhil Agarwal
MBA Class of 2023

Parker CMC Summer Services


Outreach to International Admits

The Parker Career Management Center will begin working with you during the summer before you start your MBA. Parker's advisor supporting international students, Chrissy Ercole, will provide virtual sessions to help you learn about the U.S. job search process and the recruiting timeline, as well as to address your career-related questions.

International Student Career Portal

Housed within the Parker Portal, the international portal include resources about a variety of international programs and events, the job search process inside and outside the U.S., U.S. networking, U.S. work authorization information, and other FAQs. You will be able to access the portal during the summer before you start.

International Student Career Support

Parker will host a variety of activities that cover the industries and functions pursued by international students, how to be successful in the job search process inside and outside the U.S., how Parker supports international students' job searches, discussions on what American employers look for from MBA candidates, and various sessions with an immigration attorney to learn about work visas and other international student options in the U.S.

Parker CMC Resources

After the fall quarter begins, in addition to our ongoing services, Parker CMC will continue to support you through the following resources. All of the programs listed below will be open to you in the summer and after school begins.

International Student Career Web Pages

Workshops and Small Groups

Parker CMC Proofreading Program

International Student Emails

International Days-on-the-Job

Meet the Parker International Advisor


“We look forward to meeting you and discussing your career development as full-time MBA students here at the Parker Career Management Center within Anderson. At Parker CMC, we know that your experiences are unique -- including before and after coming to the United States, when you’re in Los Angeles and at UCLA, and when you are pursuing your professional endeavors. We are here to help with guidance, support, and a collaborative approach!”

Christina Ercole
Parker International Advisor

Contact Christina Ercole

A Message from the Parker CMC Advisors


We at Parker CMC are excited to meet you. Before you come to Anderson, you should focus on setting up your career goals, evaluating your competitive advantages, gaining more knowledge of your industry of interest and building/strengthening relationships you have with coworkers, management, clients and customers.

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