Explore Los Angeles

Things To Do

As you prepare to join us for GAP 2018 in Los Angeles, we thought you might appreciate a few resources to acquaint yourself with Los Angeles and Southern California.

This map of the entrepreneurial landscape of Los Angeles will give you an idea of the scale of activity happening in LA today. If you have a few days in your schedule, you might try to visit a co-working space, incubator, investor or start-up.

Silicon Beach LA

Once you know the landscape, this site will help you get to know who is who and what is happening while you are in town.

Driving Distances

Many of our past clients report that they really enjoyed getting to know LA and surrounding cities. We thought you might appreciate a quick list of distances. LA is the most traffic-heavy city in the world. Be prepared!

Discover Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a vibrant and exciting city with much to offer! We hope that while you are visiting us you will have a chance to explore the outstanding cuisine, attractions, and sights that make Los Angeles a great city to live in and visit. Past clients reported that bonding with their team over dinner was a highlight of GAP 2018.

Seeing Los Angeles without a car

From shopping and dining locations to museums, culture and entertainment venues, you can get from campus to many locations without ever touching a steering wheel! Six public transit agencies serve the UCLA campus and can take you to the hottest spots in L.A