From Diversity to Inclusivity

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Fall 2021 Program 
October 18 - 21, 2021


UCLA Anderson School of Management, Los Angeles California

Program Fee
$7,500 (US)

Includes online coaching program, all learning materials and most meals. Special rates at campus hotels available.

Bernardo M. Ferdman Ph.D

Bernardo M. Ferdman, Ph.D.
Program Faculty Director

“Building a truly inclusive leadership culture means changing the everyday behaviors of individuals and the organizational and social systems in which they work. It requires a shift in both mindset and skill sets, but the value to the organization can be transformative.”

Uniquely UCLA

UCLA Anderson Executive Education has been a leader in equity, diversity and inclusion programming for more than 20 years. Our program builds on this proud tradition and the groundbreaking research, teaching and industry experience of our faculty to deliver powerful frameworks that can develop your executives into leaders with a truly inclusive mindset.

Program Overview

Behaviors are more important than words

Most organizations talk about the vital importance of diverse perspectives in driving organizational success. However, when it comes to creating an inclusive culture for their diverse workforces, they often fall short.

Research from multiple studies confirms that organizations that succeed in implementing an effective culture of inclusion show measurable improvement of key metrics that drive business success and sustainability of the enterprise.


The Program


The program is a blended learning journey that revolves around 3½ intensive days on the UCLA campus. Live webinars kick off and conclude the program; you will complete Inclusion@Work, an online digital coaching program, and pre-readings in preparation for your on-campus experience.

Off-Site Online Work

  • PRE-WORK: Inclusion@Work (3 hours)
  • PRE-READINGS (1 hour)
  • KICK-OFF WEBINAR: 1 month prior to on-campus module (90 minutes)
  • CLOSING WEBINAR: 1 month after on-campus module (90 minutes)

Day 1

  • Pre-Program Welcome and Orientation
  • Program Introduction: Toward Inclusion
  • Dinner with Keynote Speaker

Day 2

  • Creating an Inclusive Learning Space
  • Hearing One Another: Discovery and Disclosure in Diverse Organizations
  • Don’t Stress the Struggle: Fresh Ways to Address Misunderstanding
  • Diversity and Inclusion Leadership: Frameworks and Perspectives

Day 3

  • Working Inclusively across Differences
  • The Science of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Inclusive Leadership Behavior

Day 4

  • ECHO: New Instincts to Support the Success of Diverse Communities
  • Organizational Best Practices for Inclusion
  • Application and Peer Coaching Groups
  • Reflections and Action Planning

Program Faculty


Our distinguished faculty draw upon their original research and vast teaching experience to create a groundbreaking program that delivers the mind-and skill-set needed to lead effectively in a diverse organization and to help build a truly inclusive culture.

Bernardo M. Ferdman Ph.D

Bernardo M. Ferdman, Ph.D.

Program Faculty Director

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Heather Caruso

Heather Caruso

Assistant Dean of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion;
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations

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Miguel M. Unzueta

Miguel M. Unzueta

Senior Associate Dean of MBA Programs; Professor of Management and Organizations

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The Impact


The program is designed to deliver value to both the individual participant and
to the sponsoring organization.

As a result of participating in this program, you will:

  • Understand how inclusion differs from diversity, and why it is critical to your success as a leader
  • Learn strategies to harness the power of diversity and translate them to your organizational context
  • Practice behaviors that are essential for any inclusive leader

You will also:

  • Apply best practices and research to building inclusivity tailored to the needs of your teams and organization
  • Deepen your awareness and understanding of the multiple facets of our personal identities and their potential contributions to individual and collective power at work
  • Learn key ways to support all members of your organization in bringing their full power and skills to the workplace
  • Develop and practice skills for communicating about and leading inclusion and diversity in your organization and among its various stakeholders

Who Should Attend?


Any leader held accountable for modeling and promoting a culture of inclusion to drive enterprise success should consider attending. The program benefits participants with different spheres of organizational responsibility.

Participant circles


Learn how leveraging your unique perspective, while respecting the perspectives of others, can create organizational value and build career success


Luc is a recent hire at a tech startup. He is an individual star contributor to the gig economy, but he has no experience working on a team in a highly diverse workforce.


Learn best how to lead diverse teams effectively using an inclusive mindset and skill set


Gwen is VP of sales for a financial services firm that is expanding to target urban millennials. Recruiting and skilling up her team to compete effectively in this new market is at the top of her mind.


Learn the systems and practices required to build an inclusive culture for all stakeholders at all levels of the organization


Don is the COO of a U.S.-based global engineering company that has just acquired a major European competitor. Integration of the two very different cultures has stalled and they need a strategic solution.

Those whose responsibilities include organizational strategy, HR, learning and development, and leading diverse teams will find the program particularly valuable.

The program presents a great opportunity for organizations to send cross-functional teams that will work collectively to develop best practices around inclusivity and a game plan for their successful implementation back in the workplace.

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