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Spring 2022 Program 
April 5, 12 & 19, 2022

Location: Live Online

Program Fee
$4,500 (US)

Professor Heather Caruso

Professor Heather Caruso
Program Faculty Director

“My goal is to help people make the most of opportunities to grow, inspire and work effectively together.”

Program Overview
The promise of diversity to enrich both the enjoyment of work and its productivity is clear. The process for realizing that promise is not. Delivered live online, UCLA’s Inclusive Leadership Program equips leaders with the evidence-based insights they will need to design effective processes for the equitable, diverse, and inclusive workforces modern work requires.

Key program frameworks

The program is designed for leaders who wish to activate the following frameworks in their individual practice and organizational culture.


All members of the organization receive equal access to all opportunities and privileges afforded by the organization, assured of procedural fairness across protected identity groups.


All members of the organization expose one another to the fullest possible variety of human identities, experiences, values, and worldviews.


Beyond mere tolerance, all members of the organization afford one another a sense of appreciation, belonging, and respect.
The ABCs of Inclusion
The Abcs Of Inclusion
Program Objectives
The program grounds participants in behavioral science to identify promising leadership practices for advancing organizational equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). It’s focus is pragmatic, teaching participants how to:
exec ed number 1

Explain how an inclusive climate can accommodate the different backgrounds and priorities of a diverse community and ensure a sense of appreciation, belonging, and respect for all.

exec ed number 2
Apply concepts of choice architecture and behavioral science to achieve equity, diversity, and inclusion. 
exec ed number 3
Identify and solve challenges to achieving equity through the development or improvement of organizational structures and processes. 
exec ed number 4
Foster connection and mutual understanding to counteract behavioral challenges to embracing diversity.
The Program
ILP Schedule 2021

Total time commitment is 18 learning hours plus a virtual Fireside Chat with a distinguished industry practitioner and Networking Happy Hour.

Program Faculty
Our distinguished faculty draw upon their original research and vast teaching experience to create a groundbreaking program that delivers the mind-and skill-set needed to lead effectively in a diverse organization and to help build a truly inclusive culture.
The Impact
The program is designed to deliver value to both the individual participant and
to the sponsoring organization.
Program insights will help leaders upskill both as individuals navigating within organizations and as the designers/architects of those organizations, capable of making systemic change.

Participants will develop skill in architecting workplaces and workplace dynamics that energize, inspire, and unify diverse employees, creating space for people to bring their whole selves to work, and benefit all.

“UCLA Anderson’s Inclusive Leadership Program redefines leadership and grounds its knowledge in the needs of today! It has given me a new lens through which to see my organization.”

- Andre Segovia,  Chief of Staff, VP Operations, One Planet Ops

Who Should Attend

Senior leaders who want to embrace EDI but need support translating that desire into effective action

HR leaders who want to get ahead of the pack in attracting and retaining a diverse workforce

Team leaders who need the practical skills to implement their organization’s Inclusion strategy right now

“The program is not just for EDI professionals. It is a great fit for anyone who wants to see life in a diverse workplaces buzz with innovation, honesty and shared success, and wants to use the best available science to maximize their chances of creating those dynamics.” - Professor Heather Caruso, Program Faculty Director

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