Letter from the President

Fellow Alumni —

My name is Jonathan Schreter (MBA '00).  I will be serving as the president of the UCLA Anderson Alumni Network for the next two years.  By way of introduction, I wanted ask you a question:

Why did you go to business school

Flash back to that moment you decided to take the entrance exam and fill out the application, whether it was three years ago or thirty. 

Perhaps it was to broaden your experience, or to arm yourself with the most current business thinking to help you build on that kernel of an entrepreneurial idea you had.  Were you tired of east coast weather and wanted to develop a west coast network?  Did you see it as an opportunity to advance your career?  Or maybe you saw it as a way to hit the reset button and forage a whole new path for yourself.

Regardless of your reasons at the time, I'm willing to wager that your motivations didn't end just because you graduated. That innate interest in learning, in growing your network, in building your business, in enhancing your career, still exists. And it is from this perspective that I am dedicating my next two years of service as your President - to make sure your professional pursuits are supported by both UCLA Anderson and your fellow alumni. Here are a few resources to help you get started: 

In addition to the outstanding crew in our Office of Alumni Relations, a rock star group of alumni volunteers have agreed to assist me in this endeavor (FYI, we're always looking to add to the team) to bring you a full slate of programming designed to address your particular interests and aspirations. Of course, we're open to new ideas and fresh thinking - feel free to reach out at any time with recommendations for things you would like to see because I'm certain there are other alumni who would value it, too. More information on our Board, including names and contact information, can be found on the Board of Directors page.

I'm proud to be a part of this amazing network and I look forward to the opportunities that are ahead of us.

Go Bruins!

Jonathan Schreter (MBA '00)
President, UCLA Anderson Alumni Network Board of Directors