Alumni Coaches

Alumni Career Coaching Program

The Alumni Career Coaching Program (ACCP) complements the support of the MFE career team by giving students the opportunity to connect with seasoned industry professionals who have paved a variety of career paths following their MFE degree. Our career coaches provide insight from their professional experiences in the field of quantitative finance.

More specifically, they provide:

  • One-on-one coaching based on their knowledge and experience in the field, including industry trends and advice supporting students’ professional success
  • Resume support
  • Interview prep: behavioral, technical, quant, as appropriate per coach

Our Alumni Coaches Connect the Classroom with Your Career Goals


"Our MFE alumni know financial engineering from an industrial level, and they can help us to link what we learn from school to practical scenarios. Setting up one-on-one coaching with them is the best way to get those insights outside of the curriculum. I'm excited that of all my fellow MFE students will be able to implement this financial knowledge before beginning their careers."

Robin Li (’21)

Model Validation Analyst

"After closely understanding my background and interests, the career coaches advised me on the career options I can consider, they helped me improve my resume and they guided me on the skillsets required for the career paths I was targeting.

Apart from being skilled, immensely knowledgeable and accomplished, they all were approachable, humble, and always ready to help."

Ishita Shah (’22)

Quantitative Risk Analyst, AIG

For more information, please visit our Career Impact page.