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Proquest Statistical Abstract of the United States, 2020 Edition (ProQuest)  Available in person or remotely via the Anderson Proxy Server and/or the Bruin Online Proxy Server or UCLA VPN to current UCLA students, faculty, and staff, and in person to any library visitors (first priority to current UCLA students, faculty, and staff).
      Also available through this product are all editions of the Statistical Abstract of the United States, 2013-2019
Statistical Abstract of the United States   Complete Historical Run: 1878 through 2012
Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code Manual  |  NAICS Manual
NAICS / SIC Codes Look-up and Conversion Table

Types of Information

  • Demographics
    2020 Census - population statistics (national, state, county, city, place, MSA, ZIP codes, Census tracts)  - population projections - housing characteristics
  • Economic Conditions & Indicators
    Budget - CPI - GDP - GNP - PPI - forecasts - balance of payments - inflation - “cost of living” measures - NIPA - statistical time series
  • Employment & the Workplace
    Benefits - compensation - equal employment opportunity - labor statistics - layoff statistics - OSHA - types of jobs and careers - unemployment statistics - unions
  • Finance, Banking, & Financial Markets
    10-K forms - 20-F forms - bonds - “call reports” - corporate filings - credit - FDIC - Federal Reserve Board - foreign exchange rates - interest rates - money market rates - money supply - savings - commodities - futures - monetary policy - SEC - T-bill rates
  • Industry
    Agribusiness - business expenses - Economic Census - business patterns - electronic commerce - GDP - GNP - manufacturing - multipliers - NAICS - output measures - retail trade - service industries - SIC - statistics & statistical series
  • International Country & Foreign Trade
    Consulates - country overviews - doing business in overseas markets - embassies - exporting & importing - foreign trade statistics - market research reports - tariffs - trade barriers
  • Law & Regulation
    Antitrust - bankruptcy - business permits - Calif. Code of Regulations - clinical trials - Code of Federal Regulations - customs duties - employment law - environmental protection - FDA approval - intellectual property - OSHA - patents & trademarks - professional licensing - selling to the government - securities fraud - tariffs - U.S. Code
  • News/Press Releases
    Updates listed alphabetically by agency / department / topic
  • Real Estate and Construction
    Construction - building permits - Fannie Mae - Freddie Mac - housing starts - mortgage rates - new home sales - occupancy rates- renting & leasing -
    vacancy rates
  • Small Business & Entrepreneurship
    Business plan samples - financing - government contracts & grants - loans - patents & trademarks - Small Business Administration - SBDCs - venture capital
  • Federal,State, County, & Local Governments
    U.S. Census of Governments - California state home page - municipal codes - home pages of selected regional government associations, counties, & cities - public records databases - Los Angeles County Almanac - San Fernando Valley Almanac
  • Statistics Other Than Business
    Agriculture - Aviation - Crime - Defense - Education - Energy - Engineering - Government Finance - Health - Mineral Commodities - Postal Service - Science - Shipping - Social Security - Social Services - Telecommunications - Transportation
  • Taxation
    Franchise Tax Board - Internal Revenue Service - personal & corporate income statistics - sales tax - State Board of Equalization - tax-exempt organizations - tax forms & publications
  • Additional Finding Aids and Other Related Resources
    U.S. & California government information catalogs, databases, indexes, and other finding tools. Note: Some sources are accessible to UC IP addresses only.


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Economic Conditions & Indicators

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Employment & the Workplace

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Finance, Banking & Financial Markets

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International Country & Foreign Trade

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Law & Regulation

Defense Education
Homeland Security
FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
Housing and Urban Development
NASA (National Aeronautics & Space Administration)
Veterans Affairs
Unsolicited Proposals ( for any department)

Animal Feed & Drugs
Assistance to Manufacturers
Biological Products
Drugs@FDA (new/current drug approvals)
National Drug Code Directory database
From Test Tube to Patient' - How/Why Drugs are Developed & Regulated
Medical Devices (FDA Center for Devices and Radiological Health)

Information on Releasable 510(k)s [Premarket Notifications, or PMNs]
Search the 510(k) Database

- International Intellectual Property
- Registered Patent Attorneys & Agents (by State)
- U.S. Patent Laws, Regulations, Rules
- U.S. Patents Database (Full-Text & Full-Image)
IncludesPATFT: Issued Patents (full-text since 1976; full page images since 1790); and AppFT: Patent Applications (published since March 2001)
- U.S. Trademark Law
- Trademarks Database (U.S.P.T.O.)

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News/Press Releases

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Real Estate and Construction

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Small Business & Entrepreneurship

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Federal, State, County, & Local Governments

Lists and Structure of Governments (State by State)
State Government Tax Collections

Los Angeles County Home Page
Orange County Home Page
San Diego County Home Page
San Fernando Valley Almanac, 2000

San Fernando Valley Economic Research Center - Reports Collection (College of Business and Economics, California State University Northridge)
San Fernando Valley Indicators, 2000
Orange County Community Indicators (2011)

  • California's Other "Big Business" Counties

San Francisco Bay Region
Santa Clara County (Silicon Valley)
Central California Region
Fresno County
San Joaquin County
Sacramento Region

  • Cities - Los Angeles County

Beverly Hills
Monterey Park
Santa Clarita
Santa Monica
West Hollywood

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Statistics Other than Business

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Additional Finding Aids and Other Related Resources

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