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*2013 FEMBA exit survey data, Bloomberg Businessweek

Meet our FEMBAs

Nasim Afsar-Manesh, FEMBA 2017
Kunle Ogunrinde, FEMBA 2016
James Biskey, FEMBA 2015

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Southern California's #1 part-time MBA program

DISTINCTION: FEMBA is UCLA Anderson’s largest and highest-ranked MBA offering. Since 1996, U.S. News and World Report has ranked FEMBA “#1 in SoCal” for 19 years (and counting), “Best in the West” for 13 years and “Best in the U.S.” for 2 years.

THE SAME MBA DEGREE: FEMBAs enjoy the exact same faculty, diploma, alumni network and student clubs found in the full-time program. Like the full-time MBAs, FEMBA students can also participate in on-campus recruiting and work with their own dedicated career services team to fully realize their potential.

THE VALUE OF FIRSTS: FEMBA students also benefit from programs and features that originated here like the Global Access Program, International Studies & Exchanges and the uniquely adaptive FLEX hybrid schedule. Moreover, FEMBA students can utilize their new skills right away, gaining precious practical experience and graduating with three years more work experience than their full-time peers.

More options, fewer obstacles

We appreciate the significant challenges FEMBA students overcome to achieve their goals; from busy jobs to personal commitments to lengthy commutes, the stakes are often as high as their ambition. That's why the FEMBA program offers three scheduling options during core courses and even more flexibility during the elective phase.

FEMBA students can select one of three attendance schedules for the year one core:

All Day

9:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.
2:00 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.

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Tuesday & Thursday

6:30 p.m. – 9:45 p.m.

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The Hybrid Flex schedule affords students the option of on-campus attendance (meeting one weekend per month) and online study

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Electives are even more flexible - Customize the second and third year schedule.

The first half of the program consists of 44 units of core courses, while the second half consists of 36 units of elective courses (scheduled in multiple formats) that may be taken with full-time MBA students during regular hours, or with Executive MBA students.

The master's thesis of the FEMBA program is an intensive six-month field study called the Global Access Program (GAP), a required course for all FEMBA students.

Students wishing to fast-track have the option of finishing their degree in 27 months, while those opting for the stretch program can extend their studies over an additional year to complete course requirements.

Part-time program, full-time resources

THE UCLA ADVANTAGE: In addition to the world-class facilities of one of the world's leading research institutions, FEMBAs have access to thousands of graduate-level electives.

CAREER ADVANCEMENT: Besides enjoying the same on-campus recruiting as our full-time MBAs, FEMBA's Career Center offers coaches, executives-in-residence and personalized training to help students identify and achieve their goals.

LIMITLESS CONNECTIONS: The UCLA Anderson network is comprised of 36,000+ alumni/students from 100+ countries from all four MBA programs, plus the Ph.D. and MFE. Engage your peers for career advice, partnerships, or a new opportunity

UCLA ANDERSON CLUBS: FEMBAs actively participate in Anderson’s 40+ professional, identity and interest clubs, often in leadership roles.

COLLABORATIVE CLASSROOM EXPERIENCE: FEMBA’s academic and social bonds last far beyond the program’s duration. Nearly all classes (core & elective) place an emphasis on teamwork, which nurtures a collaborative and community-oriented culture.

GLOBAL ACCESS: FEMBA students can participate in International Programs, allowing them to gain firsthand experience from week-long international studies and exchange programs with partner universities in 20+ countries. FEMBA students are also required to participate in GAP, during which they are paired with international, high-growth companies in a market-entry consulting project. GAP teams write investment-quality business plans and present to venture capitalists.

FULL SOCIAL IMMERSION: Because of career-related time constraints, FEMBA students often value on-campus offerings even higher than their full-time peers. Fortunately, FEMBA is highly social, featuring classes, clubs, happy hours, parties, trips, FEMBApalooza and more to help students cultivate and nurture constructive relationships throughout the program and beyond.

What FEMBAs Do


“I wanted to try something new. I took an internship at Univision in marketing, I worked for a startup, and then I took internship with Disney and 7 years later I’m still here.”

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"I started my current company just before school started, and the timing could not have been better. Being able to immediately apply what I learned in class and from my classmates is absolutely invaluable."

"I'd reached a point in my career where I needed an MBA to further develop my management style and broaden my knowledge base. MBAs are few and far between in my field (nonprofit / development), and it's incredibly rewarding to use my education to make a uniquely satisfying contribution."

"In my professional experiences prior to FEMBA, I rarely interacted with engineers and scientists; their approach to problem-solving is quite different than a marketer's. Learning from and adapting to different professional perspectives has definitely refined my approach to problem-solving."

"In my FEMBA class alone we've had lab scientists transformed into global marketers and management consultants, a portfolio asset manager into an entrepreneurial business owner/founder, an aeronautical engineer into a venture capitalist and an academic institution program manager into an investment banker."

"Before I even started my first class at Anderson, the career transformation I was hoping for happened. As a result, I've set my sights on much higher-level analyst and management positions within my organization."

"The program is practical and gives you tools that have an immediate impact in the workplace. Your colleagues will quickly notice a difference in how you approach complex problems."

"I chose FEMBA because it enabled me to continue working while pursuing the same degree offered through the full-time MBA program. The ROI was substantially more attractive when compared to leaving the work force for two years and taking on a large amount of debt."

"Los Angeles is the hub of the sports/entertainment industries in the United States, and Anderson's deep ties to these communities are incredibly appealing to me. The school’s reputation speaks for itself, not only locally, but on a national and international level as well."

"Anderson is a five-star buffet of educational opportunity, and I'm not just coming hungry, I'm bringing Tupperware!"

"FEMBA allowed me to pursue an MBA at a top school while advancing within my company. After six months, I left my job, took an entrepreneurship elective with full-time students and accelerated my studies to graduate six months early. FEMBA offers identical access to resources as full-time MBA students; you decide how involved you want to be."

"It's been a lot of fun hanging out at happy hours and being a part of FEMBA events like the ski trip, Halloween party and FEMBApalooza. By joining FEMBA Council, I think I've stumbled onto a really great opportunity to watch how small, highly passionate teams make Anderson’s programs successful."

"In my first year, I had a leadership position with a student club, I participated in case competitions, met with potential students for the next year’s class and went to Israel for an exchange program. The FEMBA program has provided incredible opportunities to become more involved with the community and to better myself."


= optional one-week international electives between quarters in more than 20 different destinations.
Summer Fall Winter Spring
YEAR June - August September - December January - March April - June
26 units
Leadership Foundations
Mandatory 1-week on-campus intensive typically held the last week of August
Data & Decisions

Organizational Behavior
Managerial Economics

Financial Accounting
Marketing Management

Foundations of Finance
24 units
Operation & Technology Management

Business Strategy


30 units
Global Access Program
Business Creation Option
Global Access Program
Business Creation Option

Fast-track completion




Your Future Network

Study with employed classmates from an impressive array of companies, in California and beyond.
Study with employed classmates from an impressive array of companies, in California and beyond.
Study with employed classmates from an impressive array of companies, in California and beyond.

The Essentials


Application Deadlines

Round 1: Oct. 26, 2016
Interview Day: Nov. 5th, 2016
Decision Release: Dec. 21, 2016

Round 2: Jan. 25, 2017
Interview Day: February 4, 2017
Decision Release: April 7, 2017

Round 3: April 26, 2017
Interview Day: May 6, 2017
Decision Release: June 23, 2017

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