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Campus Experience

The best way to see yourself as a happy, successful MBA student is to come visit us for a Campus Experience. Meet our friendly students as you participate in a class visit, school tour, information session, coffee chat and/or lunch (availabilities vary by day during the school year from October to May, with Information Sessions held year-round). Click on the Register Now button to see the calendar and check what is happening on a day that is convenient for you.

Register now and select from the following options:

Group Information Session (GIS)

Learn about what sets us apart as a leading MBA program, pick up tips on how to successfully navigate the admissions process and get answers to your questions. Sessions are generally held on alternating Wednesdays (at 5:00 PM) and are hosted by a student ambassador or admissions officer.

School Tour

Stroll through our beautiful campus and surrounding grounds with a student ambassador to see how our students make the most of our world class facilities. Tours are generally offered on Mondays and Wednesdays during the academic year (October through May at 4:10 PM).

Class Visit

Join our students in an actual full-time MBA class and experience the collaborative environment among our students and faculty. Classes are generally held Monday through Thursday during the academic year (October through May).

Coffee Chat or Lunch

Learn first-hand from a current student all about our culture and opportunities at UCLA Anderson. Grab your own favorite beverage and food then join the casual conversation during the academic year (October through May)..

If you come to UCLA Anderson without registering for an actual Campus Experience, you can stop by the MBA Admissions and Financial Aid office, Gold Hall, Suite B201, to learn about what options may be available for visitors then.

Registration is subject to availability.

Around the World

Whether you live in California, the greater US, or beyond, you can meet us around the world. Meet with UCLA Anderson Full-Time MBA representatives, students and alumni at MBA fairs, coffee chats, mixers or our own school presentations (Information Evenings). Many of these events will include current students and alumni representing a broad range of backgrounds, industries, and functions. Browse the list below and register for an event in your area.

North America

24-Jun-2017 San Francisco USA P&Q Register
15-Jul-2017 Los Angeles USA MBA Tour Register
16-Jul-2017 San Francisco USA MBA Tour Register
22-Jul-2017 New York City USA MBA Tour Register
24-Jul-2017 Chicago USA MBA Tour Register
26-Jul-2017 Washington, DC USA MBA Tour Register
14-Aug-2017 Washington DC USA Forte Register
15-Aug-2017 Boston USA Forte Register
21-Aug-2017 Seattle USA Forte Register
22-Aug-2017 San Francisco USA Forte Register
22-Aug-2017 Washington DC USA Information Event Register
23-Aug-2017 Los Angeles USA Forte Register
23-Aug-2017 New York USA Information Event Register
23-Aug-2017 Minneapolis USA Reception Register
24-Aug-2017 Houston USA Forte Register
28-Aug-2017 Chicago USA Forte Register
29-Aug-2017 New York City USA Forte Register
29-Aug-2017 San Diego USA Information Event Register
30-Aug-2017 Orange County USA Information Event Register
30-Aug-2017 New York City USA Forte Register
31-Aug-2017 New York City USA Consortium Maps Register
6-Sep-2017 San Francisco USA Consortium Maps Register
7-Sep-2017 Los Angeles USA Consortium Maps Register
12-Sep-2017 Boston USA Information Event Register
13-Sep-2017 Washington DC USA Consortium Maps Register
20-Sep-2017 Chicago USA Consortium Maps Register
21-Sep-2017 Chicago USA Information Event Register
23-Sep-2017 Los Angeles USA QS Fair Register
25-Sep-2017 San Francisco USA Information Event Register
26-Sep-2017 Atlanta USA Consortium Maps Register
27-Sep-2017 Atlanta USA Information Event TBD
28-Sep-2017 Philadelphia USA NBMBAA & Prospancia REGISTER
30-Sep-2017 Philadelphia USA Consortium Maps REGISTER
4-Oct-2017 Dallas USA Information Event TBD
5-Oct-2017 Houston USA Information Event TBD
7-Oct-2017 Houston USA Consortium Maps Register
12-Oct-2017 Boston USA ROMBA Register
30-Oct-2017 New York City USA Access MBA Register
2-Nov-2017 Montreal Canada Access MBA Register
4-Nov-2017 Toronto Canada Access MBA Register
Asia Pacific

15-Jul-2017 Seoul South Korea Information Evening Register
17-Jul-2017 Taipei Taiwan Information Evening Register
22-Jul-2017 Shanghai China Information Evening Register
26-Jul-2017 Beijing China Information Evening Register
14-Aug-2017 Bangalore India Information Evening Register
16-Aug-2017 Delhi India Information Evening Register
17-Aug-2017 Mumbai India Information Evening Register
19-Aug-2017 Tokyo Japan Information Evening Register
24-Aug-2017 Tokyo Japan MBA Tour Register
26-Aug-2017 Seoul South Korea MBA Tour Register
28-Aug-2017 Taipei Taiwan MBA Tour Register
31-Aug-2017 Beijing China MBA Tour Register
2-Sep-2017 Shenzhen China MBA Tour Register
4-Sep-2017 Shanghai China MBA Tour Register
16-Sep-2017 Bangkok Thailand MBA Tour Register
18-Sep-2017 Delhi India MBA Tour Register
20-Sep-2017 Bangalore India MBA Tour Register
23-Sep-2017 Mumbai India MBA Tour Register
Europe & Middle East
23-Sep-2017 Paris France Access MBA Register
25-Sep-2017 London UK Access MBA Register
28-Sep-2017 London UK Information Evening Register
15-Nov-2017 Tel Aviv Israel Access MBA Register
Latin America
11-Jul-2017 Sao Paulo Brazil Information Evening REGISTER
13-Jul-2017 Santiago Chile Information Evening register
15-Jul-2017 Lima Peru Information Evening Register
17-Jul-2017 Mexico City Mexico Information Evening Register
12-Aug-2017 Mexico City Mexico MBA Tour Register
14-Aug-2017 Lima Peru MBA Tour Register
16-Aug-2017 Bogota Colombia MBA Tour REGISTER
19-Aug-2017 Sao Paulo Brazil MBA Tour REGISTER
21-Aug-2017 Rio de Janeiro Brazil MBA Tour REGISTER
24-Aug-2017 Mexico City Mexico AE MBA Tour REGISTER
26-Aug-2017 Monterrey Mexico MBA Image REGISTER

Check back for updates on our upcoming recruitment events!


See below for a menu of online resources that will help you learn more about our program, our culture and admissions process.

MBA Admissions Webinars: Join our Student Ambassadors and Admissions Officers as we discuss the UCLA Anderson MBA experience, the admissions process and answer your questions. These interactive sessions are offered on most Thursdays from 11:30 – 12:30 PM.

Here you will also find chats hosted by some of our partner organizations which include The MBA Tour, QS World Tour, GMATClub.

MBA Liveguide Sessions: Meet some of our amazing MBA students and learn about their MBA experiences. Discover how they balance academics, career preparation and extracurricular leadership roles or simply peruse our archives to find inspirational student journeys that match your own goals and passions.

MBA Student Profile Videos: Check our expanding library of student and alumni video profiles to get know some of the members of our community.
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Student Coffee Chats

Join current UCLA Anderson MBA students for a small gathering where you can ask questions and learn directly about student life, career options, and the admissions process. Browse the list below for the variety of cities where these informal chats will take place in the near future, and register soon because the number of places is limited.

8-Jul-2017 Los Angeles USA Coffee Chat Register
13-Jul-2017 Chicago USA Coffee Chat Register
13-Jul-2017 New York City USA Coffee Chat Register
13-Jul-2017 Los Angeles USA Coffee Chat Register
16-Jul-2017 Orange County USA Coffee Chat Register
18-Jul-2017 Los Angeles USA Coffee Chat Register
20-Jul-2017 Fort Worth USA Coffee Chat Register
22-Jul-2017 Seattle USA Coffee Chat Register
22-Jul-2017 Philadelphia USA Coffee Chat Register
22-Jul-2017 Seoul Korea Coffee Chat Register
22-Jul-2017 Frankfurt Germany Coffee Chat Register
23-Jul-2017 Los Angeles USA Coffee Chat Register
23-Jul-2017 Minneapolis USA Coffee Chat Register
25-Jul-2017 San Francisco USA Coffee Chat Register
27-Jul-2017 Bangkok Thailand Coffee Chat Register
27-Jul-2017 Palo Alto USA Coffee Chat Register
29-Jul-2017 Charlotte USA Coffee Chat Register
1-Aug-2017 Fort Worth USA Coffee Chat Register
4-Aug-2017 Los Angeles USA Coffee Chat Register
5-Aug-2017 Tokyo Japan Coffee Chat Register
12-Aug-2017 Los Angeles USA Coffee Chat Register
15-Aug-2017 New York City USA Coffee Chat Register
18-Aug-2017 Los Angeles USA Coffee Chat Register
21-Aug-2017 Seattle USA Coffee Chat Register
21-Aug-2017 Jakarta Indonesia Coffee Chat Register
22-Aug-2017 Los Altos USA Coffee Chat Register
26-Aug-2017 San Francisco USA Coffee Chat Register
27-Aug-2017 Los Angeles USA Coffee Chat Register
28-Aug-2017 Bangkok Thailand Coffee Chat Register
6-Sep-2017 Hanoi Vietnam Coffee Chat Register
17-Sep-2017 Los Angeles USA Coffee Chat Register

Check back for updates on our upcoming Coffee Chats!

Special Events

Special events provide you with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of UCLA Anderson beyond the normal information session or class visit. Special events are organized around specific themes to introduce you to the diversity reflected in our student clubs and associations, centers and partnerships, and our community as a whole. See below for more information:

NameDate/TimeLocationEvent Registration
Women in the MBA: Wine and Cheese Social July 29, 2017 Executive Dining Room REGISTER
Embracing Diversity

Nov. 16- 18 2017

Korn Convocation Hall Embracing Diversity Registration
Access Anderson TBD Korn Convocation Hall TBD

Check back for updates on our upcoming events!

Live Student Webinars


What is the UCLA Anderson MBA Really Like?

Get the inside scoop on UCLA Anderson - listen to first-hand accounts from students and alumni through online webinars.
Register now for an upcoming live webinar session or search our archived stories.