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Through innovative courses, creative workshops, high-profile events and immersion in the most vital areas of high-tech business culture, Easton prepares the next generation to drive change in technology. By exploring verticals such as high-tech, financial services, health care, education, entertainment/media, retail and defense, students are prepared to work anywhere from startups to large global corporations.

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Easton’s Three Pillars:


Students, Faculty, and Alumni & Industry Professionals.

The Center connects these three pillars through various offerings.


Between courses, workshops, events and our work with the industry,
Easton is able to impact a broad range of students
and technology professionals.

Some of Our Top Recruiting Companies

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Speaker Series with Penny D. Valencia, Sr. VP, Global Audience Marketing & Line of Business, SAP

Executive Dining Room, Gold Hall
11:30am - 12:30pm
TUESDAY, February 2, 2016

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#AndersonCES Vendor Display Showcases What’s Next in Tech

After a day full of panels and programs regarding all things tech, the Easton Center and High Tech Business Association sponsored a CES®-themed Anderson Afternoons featuring hot new products and innovations.

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UCLA Anderson
A Leisurely Commute at the Speed of Sound: We’re Closer than You Thought

Bibop Gresta, COO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, solemnly condemned the state of today’s commute when he strode on stage for CES® at Anderson.

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CES® Opens with Surge-ical Precision

CES® 2016 at UCLA Anderson zoomed to life with a transportation theme that featured panels of industry professionals, faculty and students who shared dazzling insights on all things Next.

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