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Developing leaders who shape the future of technology

Through innovative courses, creative workshops, high-profile events and immersion in the most vital areas of high-tech business culture, Easton prepares the next generation to drive change in technology. By exploring verticals such as high-tech, financial services, health care, education, entertainment/media, retail and defense, students are prepared to work anywhere from startups to large global corporations.

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Easton’s Three Pillars:


Students, Faculty, and Alumni & Industry Professionals.

The Center connects these three pillars through various offerings.


Between courses, workshops, events and our work with the industry,
Easton is able to impact a broad range of students
and technology professionals.

Some of Our Top Recruiting Companies

Easton Top Employing Companies



UCLA Anderson Big Data Conference

Korn Convocation Hall, Entrepreneurs Hall
FRIDAY, November 18, 2016

CES 2017 at UCLA Anderson

Executive Dining Room, Gold Hall
THURSDAY, January 12, 2017

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