Healthcare Business Association (HBA)

The Healthcare Business Association (HBA) provides professional connections and education to students interested in the business of health care through career and social events. The HBA prepares members to successfully advance their careers in health care-related fields, whether they are interested in health care products, (e.g., pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device) or services (e.g., consulting, provider, payer). Additionally, the HBA leverages and engages its strong alumni and industry connections to provide broad exposure to the intersection of health care with other disciplines, such as technology, finance, operations and entrepreneurship.

Our organization consists of over 160 full-time, fully employed and executive MBAs, and continues to attract students in the greater UCLA community. The HBA aims to serve as a nexus for health care industry information exchange at UCLA and in the greater business community as we help prepare the next leaders in healthcare.


HBA Officers


Priya Patkar


Paul Lukac


Shreya Pramanick

VP of Admissions

Natalie Ferenbach

VP of Career Development

William Schweitzer

VP of Conference (VITALS)

Yangzi He

VP of Conference (VITALS)

Devin Gross

VP of External Development

Leana Moon

VP of External Development

Samer Abraham

VP of External Development (Case Competition)

Mariana Pimenta

VP of Finance

Daniel Morton

VP of FEMBA/EMBA Relations

Carlton Ruff

VP of Marketing & Communications

Ayesha Iyer

VP of Membership Engagement

Kyle Cross

VP of Operations

Alex Frumkin

VP of Partnerships

Jennifer Brewster

VP of Strategic Initiatives




HBA Kickoff Night
The kickoff starts off the new school year and allows new members to learn about the club’s mission, programming and available leadership roles. New members have the opportunity to network and connect with second-year club members.

HBA Networking Night
HBA Networking Night is the first opportunity for members to network with recruiters. Held in early October, this event kicks off the recruiting season and gives students a chance to start building relationships with recruiters over drinks and appetizers.

HBA Career Night
HBA Career Night is the club’s premier event for recruiting and welcomes alumni, recruiters and company representatives from firms offering health care-related roles in a variety of functions. Career Night offers students the opportunity to network and learn about internship and full-time opportunities over dinner in a roundtable format. The night also features keynote speakers from top-tier HBA sponsor firms.

VITALS Health Care Conference
VITALS is one of the largest university-led health care events in Southern California, connecting 300-plus business professionals, students and members of academia from across the state. Panels and keynotes feature marquee executives, thinkers and practitioners from a diversity of organizations influencing the future of health care in the LA region and beyond.

Case Competition
The HBA Case Competition offers members the opportunity to participate in a national healthcare-focused case competition against top business schools. In this company-sponsored event, students form small teams to deliver a recommendation to resolve a specific prompt provided by the company facing a business challenge. The competition provides a chance for students to apply their business skills in a hands-on forum and to network with recruiters and students from other schools.

Days-on-the-Job (DOJs)
DOJs are week-long treks to top health care firms, which provide students an opportunity to learn more about companies’ cultures and internship opportunities. Previous years’ treks have been to San Francisco and San Diego. Additionally, the HBA plans DOJs throughout the fall and winter quarter to local health care firms.

Speaker Series
The HBA offers hosts several speaker series throughout the academic school year. These panels bring established health care professionals to campus and provide a unique learning opportunity to HBA members. Previous speaker series have included the former CEO of Johnson & Johnson, L.A. Trust for Children’s Health (in collaboration with Net Impact), UCLA Technology Development Group, UCLA Business of Science Center, and Healthcare X Tech (in collaboration with AnderTech).

Health Care Career Development and Interview Prep
The HBA offers invaluable educational workshops and tools to prepare for both internship and full-time opportunities. In the fall quarter, the HBA provides its members with an educational “Healthcare 101” series to dive into the latest developments in health care. Additionally, the HBA provides structured interview prep opportunities and a comprehensive educational booklet to ensure students are fully prepared for recruiting.

Local LA Industry Events and Mixers

Mock Interview Day

Summer Welcome Mixers

Engagement with Alumni: Dinners for Eight (D48s) and Mixers

Cross-Club Events:
Joint Case Study/Panel (in conjunction with the Strategy & Operations Management Association)
Women in Healthcare Dinner (in conjunction with the Women’s Business Connection)
Joint Panel (in conjunction with the Marketing Association)


Connect with Us


For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.