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The Healthcare Business Association (HBA) provides professional connections and education to students interested in the business of health care through career and social events. The HBA prepares members to successfully advance their careers in health care-related fields, whether they are interested in health care products (e.g., pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device) or services (e.g., consulting, provider, payor). Additionally, the HBA leverages and engages its strong alumni and industry connections to provide broad exposure to the intersection of health care with other disciplines, such as technology, finance, operations and entrepreneurship.

Our organization consists of over 150 full-time, fully employed and executive MBAs, and continues to attract students in the greater UCLA community. The HBA aims to serve as a nexus for health care industry information exchange at UCLA and in the greater business community as we help prepare the next generation of leaders in health care.

HBA Officers

Download our career guide for Healthcare and learn about our resources: Discover top employers, popular courses, academic specializations, capstone projects and student ambassadors.


Executive Speaker Series
This speaker series provides an opportunity for students to engage with senior industry professionals who are invited to share their experiences in health care across topics including biotechnology, venture capital, impact and more.

HBA Networking Night and Career Night
The HBA's premier fall recruiting events bring together alumni, recruiters and company representatives from health care-related firms in a variety of verticals. These events offer students an opportunity to network and learn about career opportunities and feature keynote speakers from top-tier HBA sponsor firms.

Vitals Health Care Conference
Our annual one-day conference brings together industry experts, thought leaders and alumni who are leading strategy and driving change in health care. The theme of this year's Vitals was Envisioning a New Era in Health Care and incorporated an understanding the evolution of new digital health and precision medicine technologies as well as the role of entrepreneurship and investments in health care in the coming years. Past keynotes have included Cynthia Patton, CCO at Amgen, and Kent Thiry, former CEO of DaVita.

2020 Health Care Business Case Competition
The Easton Technology Management Center and the HBA) are proud to announce the Health Care Business Case Competition as part of the Think in the Next Innovation Challenge. Both the preliminary and final rounds of the competition have taken place at UCLA Anderson this past February.

Days-on-the-Job (DOJs)
This provides invaluable an opportunity to engage with potential employers across the health care industry and for companies to meet and mingle with top HBA recruits. This rewarding exchange typically occurs each fall/winter and can vary from local half-day visits to our annual weeklong San Francisco Bay Area trek.

Connect with Us
For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.