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Anand V. Bodapati

Associate Professor of Marketing
(310) 206-8624


Anand Bodapati's research is at the intersection of consumer psychology, decision making, statistics, marketing and computer science. His interests lie in the development of statistical models, methodologies, decision support systems to address marketing problems in value creation, value communication, customer acquisition, customer development, customer retention and the assessment of customer response to marketing. He has worked on customer acquisition targeting, product optimization, consumer preference assessment, conjoint analysis, segmentation, advertising response, direct marketing, customer relationship management, Bayesian statistics and experimental design. Bodapati's domain-specific interested are in advertising, retailing, direct-marketing, digital marketing and social marketing for health and public policy.

Bodapati's papers have appeared in the Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Business and Economics Statistics, Marketing Letters and the Journal of Interactive Marketing. He was awarded the American Marketing Association's Paul Green Award twice. He is a recipient also of the American Marketing Association's Lehmann Award and a finalist for the O'Dell Award for his work on recommendation systems. Bodapati was a founding member of the editorial board of the Direct Marketing Association's Journal of Interactive Marketing and serves on the editorial board of Marketing Science.

At UCLA Anderson, Bodapati teaches courses Digital Marketing Analytics, Customer Analytics and Customer Insights and Market Research. Bodapati has also developed algorithms for marketing technology companies such as Experian, Convertro and Bliss Point Media.



Ph.D. Business, Stanford University

M.S. Statistics, Stanford University

S.B. Mathematics and Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

S.B. Management Science and Cognitive Psychology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Published Papers

Tran, Geraldine N., Anand V. Bodapati, Jonathan C. Routh, Christopher S. Saigal, and Hillary L. Copp. "Parental Preference Assessment for Vesicoureteral Reflux Management in Children." The Journal of Urology 197, no. 3 (2017): 957-962.

Meyners, Jannik, Christian Barrot, Jan U. Becker, and Anand V. Bodapati. "Reward-scrounging in customer referral programs." International Journal of Research in Marketing 34, no. 2 (2017): 382-398.

Drolet, Aimee, Anand V. Bodapati, Patrick Suppes, Benjamin Rossi, and Harrison Hochwarter. "Habits and Free Associations: Free Your Mind but Mind Your Habits." Journal of the Association for Consumer Research 2, no. 3 (2017): 293-305.

Trusov, Michael, Anand V. Bodapati, and Randolph E. Bucklin. "Determining influential users in internet social networks." Journal of Marketing Research 47, no. 4 (2010): 643-658. Winner of the Paul Green "Best Paper" Award, Winner of the O'Dell Award for Long Term Impact.

Bodapati, Anand V. "Recommendation systems with purchase data." Journal of Marketing Research 45, no. 1 (2008): 77-93. Winner of the Paul Green "Best Paper" Award.