Riordan Profile Dr. Jhaimy Fernandez (B.S. ’14)

Dr. Jhaimy Fernandez (B.S. ’14)

Family Medicine Resident, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

Riordan MBA Fellows Program, 2017

What was the main educational or professional benefit you gained from the Riordan MBA Fellows Program?

The program introduced me to the realms of personal branding, marketing, consulting and entrepreneurship. I was a Riordan MBA Fellow just before starting medical school. The program broadened my perspective beyond aiding individual patients to assisting whole communities through novel technologies and services. It pushed me to harness my strengths for the betterment of my organization.

Approaching medical school with this outlook set me apart from my peers. I assumed the role of co-leader in DesignMed, an innovation club, and actively pursued opportunities for collaboration across diverse graduate schools, such as engineering, pharmacy and design. Upon graduation, I was honored with the John P. Fogarty, M.D. Award for demonstrating exceptional leadership in family medicine.

How is your Hispanic or Latinx identity part of the work you do or the contribution you make to your workplace and community?

Growing up in East Los Angeles with Mexican immigrant parents, I’ve always aspired to be a family medicine physician for the Spanish-speaking Latinx community. I specifically chose to work at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center because it’s a county hospital that does not turn anyone away. I’m proud to speak Spanish to 80% of my patients. All of my innovative work around digital health equity aims to make health care more accessible. I take pride in being part of the 6% of Latino/a physicians in the United States.

What’s next in your career?

I’ll complete my family medicine residency in May 2024. My current concentration is in digital health equity. I’m seeking positions in the tech sector where I can both engage with patients and collaborate with teams to enhance the accessibility of health technology for underserved communities.