Riordan Profile George Bahamondes

George Bahamondes

Fundamental Research Group, Capital Group

Riordan Scholars Program, 2001–04

George Bahamondes (front row, right) returned to Anderson as an instructor for the Riordan Scholars Program’s annual Stock Market Analyst Competition

What was the main educational or professional benefit you gained from the Riordan Scholars Program?

My introduction to the stock market and investing as a Riordan Scholar meaningfully impacted my career prospects. In college, I majored in finance and secured an internship on Wall Street in 2006, two years after my time as a Scholar. I'm certain this would not have been possible had I not participated in the program. My internship later led to an 11-year career advising clients and analyzing companies.

How has your career progressed since your Wall Street days?

My interest in broadening my leadership experience led me to a management role at Capital Group in 2020, and now I partner with and help lead a global team of equity research professionals for one of the world’s largest investment management organizations. My transition from analyst to manager has given me an opportunity to wear many hats — coach, project manager, resource planner and more.

I’m most energized when putting my skills and competencies to work at a values-driven organization alongside thoughtful and talented colleagues. I’m also most energized when solving important problems, building teams and leading transformational initiatives. I’m fortunate to have found many of the things that energize me at Capital Group. I’ve also recently returned to the Riordan Scholars Program as an instructor for the annual Stock Market Analyst Competition!

What is your relationship to National Hispanic Heritage Month?

While Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates and acknowledges the past, I believe the most profound contributions of Latino/a/x Americans lie ahead. Given the profound and permanent influence Latino/a/x consumers will have on the supply of products, services and experiences in the United States over time, acknowledging and understanding the history, culture and contributions of Latino/a/x Americans is important for us as citizens of the world and business leaders.

Anderson MBA students should consider the following: There are roughly a billion people across North and South America, and about 70% of this total comprises people of Latino/a/x or Hispanic descent. This population avidly consumes U.S. culture, products and services. In the United States, 1 out of 6 people identified as Latino/a/x or Hispanic in 2012. Projections estimate this number will jump to 1 in every 3 people by 2050.

We’re seeing glimpses of this growing influence today: Bad Bunny became the most-streamed artist on Spotify in 2020, 2021 and 2022, and Lionel Messi is projected to earn more with Inter Miami than Lebron James will as a Laker this year. Time will tell how this grows and evolves but, given the profound demographic shifts that are taking place, we’re likely just scratching the surface today.