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With more than 600 members, the UCLA Anderson Entrepreneur Association (EA) is among the largest student organizations at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. It offers a wide range of activities ranging from networking events to experiential learning opportunities. The EA works closely with the Harold and Pauline Price Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, which provides curriculum, mentoring relationships, research and educational programs that prepare MBA candidates for the challenges of management in entrepreneurial environments. The EA takes advantage of its vast resources to hold over 60 events each year. These include hands-on workshops, intimate networking events with successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, a world-class business plan competition and a year-end conference.


EA Officers


Evan Israel


Matt Yeghyayan

VP of Finance

Elena Corda

VP of Speaker Series

Jason Cheung

VP of Outreach

Ariel Hanohov

VP of Outreach

Mikel Noriega

VP of VC Relations

Chris Pelch

VP of eLabs

Fangyuan (Sarah) Zou

VP of D48

Anvita Kumar

VP of Events – CrEAte

Kevin Murphy

VP of Events – Career Fair

Prateek Gupta

VP of Events

Lauren Wolfen

VP of Marketing

Deryck Wong

VP of Technology

Cameron Pettey

VP of FEMBA Program

Guillermo Cornejo

VP of Admissions

Aadhair Jain

VP of Knapp




CrEAte Conference
The CrEAte Conference is the EA’s premier event, targeted at students, alumni, entrepreneurs, and business executives. With a full day of seminars and panel discussions during the winter quarter, the EA and the Anderson School of Management have welcomed over 300 attendees interested in gaining valuable insight on current topics in entrepreneurship, critical business skills and emerging technologies. Past keynote speakers include Elon Musk, co-founder of PayPal and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla; Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese; Scott Ingraham, former CEO of; Kelly Perdew, winner of “The Apprentice”; Dan Gordon, founder of Gordon Biersch; Terry Semel, CEO of Yahoo!; Paul Orfalea, founder and chairman emeritus of Kinko’s; Scott McNealy, CEO of Sun Microsystems; Brent Rider, founding general partner of El Dorado Ventures; and Barry Eggers, founding partner of Lightspeed Ventures.

Knapp Venture Competition
Now in its 37th year, the Knapp Venture Competition has evolved into one of the premier academic business plan competitions in Southern California as it encourages Anderson students to showcase their talents and learn from insights of successful entrepreneurs and business executives. This competition has given over 2,500 UCLA Anderson students a unique venture creation experience that has been instrumental in launching numerous businesses.

Speaker Series
The EA Speaker Series brings prominent entrepreneurs and business leaders from a wide variety of industries to campus for afternoon and evening presentations. Speakers share their successes and failures, covering topics such as transforming ideas into opportunities, securing startup capital and overcoming challenges. For those seeking to purchase existing businesses, topics also include the search process, assessing a business as an acquisition opportunity, performing due diligence and structuring the deal. Come meet entrepreneurs and hear them tell their stories.

Recruiting and Annual Career Fairs
We host recruiting events where prominent startups gather to recruit students on campus. In addition, our weekly organization newsletter highlights job postings and internship opportunities that are sourced specifically for EA members.

Entrepreneurial Leadership Development Program (ELDP)
The ELDP is a threefold mentorship program providing a unique experience to meet and learn from CEOs and business leaders in a more intimate setting. You will have the opportunity to learn from and contribute to the lives of your mentor and peers. Groups have visited a range of entrepreneurs in a variety of industries, including the owner of the Oakland Athletics, a female entrepreneur who sold her company to Anheuser-Busch and a CEO of a reputable nonprofit.

Entrepreneurship Labs (eLabs)
eLabs is a event series in which EA members get together to pitch and discuss business ideas. These pitches can vary from just an idea to a revenue-generating business. The objective of eLabs is to get feedback on your business, practice pitching, talk through current obstacles and gain interest for others to join your team. We also invite graduate students from the UCLA’s law, medical and engineering schools to attend and contribute their thoughts.

Venture Capital 101 Series (VC 101 Series)
The VC 101 Series is a set of educational events designed to introduce EA members to the venture capital process. The goal is to connect members to the industry through speaking events by venture capitalists. Students are exposed to the fund-raising process and what VCs look for in the investments that they choose to pursue. These programs help students gain confidence and know-how on the best ways to pitch potential sources of capital.

Venture Capital Roundtable
The Entrepreneur Association gathers some of Southern California’s most prominent venture capitalists for panel discussions on trending topics. The insights from this event are invaluable to anyone planning to go into the industry. This roundtable is also an incredible networking opportunity for students, as it hosts more than 50 venture capitalists who listen to the panels.

Dinners for Eight (D48s)
The D48 program allows students to get to know accomplished entrepreneurs and fellow students while enjoying an intimate dinner hosted by an entrepreneur. D48 hosts volunteer their time to gain an opportunity for networking and constructive dialog. Members of the Anderson board of visitors and the Price Center board of advisors are encouraged to participate in the program as hosts. To be included in a dinner, students must submit a brief statement of interest. D48 organizers strive to give everyone a chance to benefit from this very popular program. FEMBA, EMBA and full-time MBAs are all eligible to participate, and dinner parties generally represent a mix of the three programs. Participating in dinners is a great way to establish contacts in various industries and to learn firsthand about the trials, successes and challenges that accomplished businesspeople have undergone.

Entrepreneurial Leaders Roundtable
Co-Sponsored by the Young Presidents' Organization (YPO), this roundtable event features a group of successful business leaders who have reached executive management before age 40. Students can network with entrepreneurs and YPO members and get the inside track on what it is like to run a company.

Alumni Outreach
Diversity and collaboration lead to many successful entrepreneurial ventures, and Anderson's alumni network has tremendous resources for entrepreneurs. EA engages this community, inviting them to networking events, and hosts them both on & off campus.


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