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Michael Brennan

Professor Emeritus, Finance
(310) 825-3587
Areas of Expertise:
  • Bond Markets
  • Derivatives
  • Future Markets
  • Hedging Strategies
  • Initial Product Offerings
  • Interest Rates
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas Industry


Michael Brennan is a professor of finance at both UCLA Anderson School of Management and London Business School. His research interests include asset pricing, corporate finance, the pricing and role of derivative securities, market microstructure and the role of information in capital markets. He has published extensively in all of these areas.

His current research concerns several topics, including: the problem of asset allocation when investors face time-varying opportunity sets; initial public offerings and the allocation of control rights in the corporation; the determinants of international flows of portfolio investment; the role of convertible securities in corporate finance; and corporate hedging strategies.

A former president of the American Finance Association, Brennan has served as editor of the Journal of Finance and was the founding editor of the Review of Financial Studies. He has consulted extensively for corporations in Canada and the U.S., and in 1995 he was awarded the INQUIRE Europe prize for his work on corporate hedging strategies.



Ph.D. Business, 1970, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MBA Management, 1967, University of Pittsburgh

B.Phil. Economics, 1964, Oxford University

Selected Published Papers

Brennan, M.J., The Role of Learning in Dynamic Portfolio Decisions, European Finance Review, 1, 295-706 (1998).

Brennan, M.J. and Torous, W.N., Individual Decision Making and Investor Welfare, Economic Notes, 28, 2, 119-143 (July 1999).

Brennan, M.J., Chordia, T. and Subrahmanyam, A., Alternative Factor Specifications, Security Characteristics, and the Cross-Section of Expected Stock Returns, Journal of Financial Economics, 49, 3, 345-373 (September 1998).

Brennan, M.J. and Franks, J.R., Underpricing, Ownership and Control in Initial Public Offerings of Equity Securities in the UK, Journal of Financial Economics, 45, 391-413 (September 1997)

Forthcoming Papers

Assessing Asset Pricing Anomalies (forthcoming, Review of Financial Studies)

Resolution of a Financial Puzzle

Stock Price Volatility, Learning, and the Equity Premium

Developments in the Financial Sector

What Makes Hot Money Hot? The Relative Volatility of International Flows of Debt and Equity Capital

Investor Relations, Liquidity, and Stock Prices

Working Papers

The Mispricing Return Premium

Capital Gains Taxes, Agency Costs, and Closed-end Fund Discounts

Systematic Mispricing

International Capital Markets and Foreign Exchange Risk

The Dynamics of International Equity Market Expectations

Risk and Valuation Under an Intertemporal Capital Asset Pricing Model

A Re-examination of Some Popular Security Return Anomalies

Hedging Long Maturity Commodity Commitments with Short-dated Futures Contracts (Appendix)

A Plain Man's Response to Professor Jensen

Conservatism in Accounting: An Outsider's Perspective

Convertible Bonds: Test of a Financial Signaling Model

The Term Structure of Discount Rates

Agency and Asset Pricing

Aspects of Insurance, Intermediation and Finance

Contributing Shares - Part IPart II