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Innovation and Design at Anderson (IDeA) is dedicated to bridging the gap between design- and business-thinking across all industries and functions, including consulting, business strategy, product development, technology, entrepreneurship, social impact, marketing, and many more. We provide members with hands-on learning experiences, workshops, educational speaker series, and networking opportunities to develop innovation and human-centered design skills with the goal of harnessing the multi-disciplinary power of design. Members develop tangible design and innovation skills with a focus on unlocking their creative potential and becoming agents of change as future leaders and innovators.

IDeA Officers
  • Design and innovation events, hands-on design-thinking workshops, and professional speaker events
  • Networking opportunities with design and innovation firms and professionals
  • Collaboration and networking events with other MBA programs and associated design and innovation clubs
  • Anderson inter-club collaboration opportunities and mixers

  • First-hand access to design-thinking competitions, including Anderson’s very own Final Four Case Competition
  • Access to design news, design conferences, and outside events via IDeA's newsletter
  • Access to design and innovation recruiting opportunities and timelines

Connect With Us
For events, and further information please visit us on Campus Groups.