Energy Management Group (EMG)

The Energy Management Group (EMG) is the gateway to the world of energy, mobility and cleantech for students at UCLA Anderson. Our mission is to make UCLA Anderson the leading institution for education, innovation and career development in the energy, mobility and cleantech sectors.

The EMG fosters students’ career opportunities through company treks, career fairs, community engagement and alumni connections. Additionally, the EMG educates students on industry topics and innovations by hosting a series of guest speakers, staging an annual Energy Innovation Conference and Energy Case Competition, and developing curriculum courses here at Anderson.

2020 Energy Innovation Conference

This student-run event will host over 200 participants, including students, academics and industry professionals.

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EMG Officers


Laura Richardson


Kate Gridley

Executive Vice President

Charlotte Fagan

VP of Career Development

Sid Singhal

VP of Career Development

Phillip Forrester

VP of Conference

Christina Moller

VP of Conference

Mayank Gupta

VP of Case Competition

Adi Debel

VP of Mobility

Ani Loshkajian

VP of Food and Ag Energy

Davana Linkon-Fryzer

VP of Sustainable Buildings

Download our career guide for Energy Management and learn about our resources: Discover top employers, popular courses, academic specializations, capstone projects and student ambassadors.




Energy Innovation Conference
The annual UCLA Anderson Energy Innovation Conference brings together professionals, students and academics with a passion for energy. Past keynote speakers include Rebecca Cranna, COO of Cypress Creek Renewables, and Matt Petersen, president and CEO of the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator. Past panel topics include Resilience & Storage, Energy Finance and Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Challenges in Energy Case Competition
Top business schools from all over the country send teams to UCLA Anderson in early February for the annual Challenges in Energy Case Competition. Teams are given the case prompt several weeks before the competition and then deliver their presentations to panels of judges. Winning teams earn both money and glory, and we wrap it up with a big happy hour and send-off.

Speaker Series in Energy, Mobility and Sustainability

Days-on-the-Job (DOJs) and Company Treks
Every fall, first-year MBA students take a one-week break from classes to visit energy companies and get to know the industry. The EMG takes students to San Diego, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area for a full week of corporate presentations, visits to energy facilities and networking events.

Career Night

Community Engagement

Alumni Mixers


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