CEO Forum

Peer Advisory Support for Alumni Leaders


In a time of unprecedented change and opportunity, CEOs are eager for a competitive advantage. The challenges facing a CEO are unique and best understood by and shared with other CEOs.

The UCLA Anderson CEO Forum is an external, peer advisory group offering UCLA Anderson alumni who are CEOs, Founders, and/or business owners a supportive, membership community to process challenges facing their respective organizations.

Leveraging the collective experience and knowledge of fellow business leaders from the UCLA Anderson Alumni Network, Anderson's CEO Forum facilitates the growth and lasting success of member organizations through structured discussions, workshops and development of tactics, strategies, and solutions specific to member organizations.

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Why Join Anderson’s CEO Forum

Why I Started the UCLA Anderson CEO Forum

Kate Pletcher (’07), CEO and Founder of Treehouse Partners, shares her inspiration for starting the CEO Forum and the goals of facilitating growth and lasting success of member organizations.

Why I Joined the UCLA Anderson CEO Forum

Nikhil Verma (‘00), CEO of Holovision Inc., discusses the challenges he faces as a business leader and how the OC CEO Forum provided him a valuable space to gain support and advice from peers that understand the unique experiences that CEOs and business owners come across.

Our Approach to Issue Processing

Darren Reinke, group moderator for the OC CEO Forum, shares his approach to facilitating issue processing, including the process and benefits of problem solving with a set of focused actions.

  • Exclusivity: access to group of Anderson alumni; know what you are getting from experience

  • Value: $250 a month (great value vs. similar peer advisory membership groups)

  • Proven Methodology: leverage support of peer group to process issues specific to your company

  • Low Time Commitment: just 5 hours a month to be 10% more effective

  • Time Well Spent: invest in maintaining right priorities and focus for your company

  • Professional Development: access group moderators who also serve as executive career coaches

  • Lifelong Learning: increase knowledge and access a diverse array of expertise and viewpoints

  • Networking: expand network and connect with other CEOs from other groups at our Annual Retreat

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Candidate Criteria


CEO Forum candidate should meet the following criteria:

        Earned a MBA, MFE, MSBA, or PhD degree from UCLA Anderson
        Be a company Founder and/or CEO
        Have employees vs. being an individual proprietor
        Own and/or manage a company with revenues

A decision to join the UCLA Anderson CEO Forum is an investment in yourself and the future of your organization. Submit an application to become a member of UCLA Anderson's collaborative community of leaders. 

How CEO Forum Works


Member CEOs participate in a monthly, half-day meeting with ~10-12 fellow Anderson CEOs.  The meetings leverage a proven issue-processing methodology (similar to Vistage and other peer advisory groups) as well as occasional guest speakers and networking opportunities to ensure business and personal growth.  Member can also tap into the collective knowledge of their peers on non-meeting days. 

  • Membership fee of $250 (charged monthly; first three months’ charged upfront)
  • Monthly half-day meetings have the follow requirements:

    • Member attendance is mandatory, with one allowed absence per year for extenuating circumstances
    • Each member will host approximately one meeting per year
    • In-person groups will host meetings at a different member's office site or other chosen location
    • Virtual groups will hold meetings via Zoom with the option for in-person meetings
    • Typically held 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. or 12:00-5:00 p.m.
  • Annual retreat that brings together all the CEO Forum groups for workshops and sessions



“The UCLA Anderson CEO Forum has far exceeded my expectations. My fellow group members bring that same consistent, high level of analysis that we all enjoyed at Anderson. They cut through the clutter so quickly that insights and tactics suggested can be applied the next day.”

Gregory Cote ('96)

“The CEO Forum has provided a key safe place for me to discuss difficult topics. The CEO role can be very lonely and understood only really by other CEOs. There are many topics where we need an outside point of view from folks that understand. That is what the UCLA Anderson CEO forum provides for me.”

David Melnick ('96)
CEO, Weblife