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Friday, May 5

UCLA Anderson | Westwood
What are the key forces shaping organizations and people NOW?
The last few years have changed everything—for businesses, leaders, and employees. Connect with Anderson’s community of business and academic leaders to discover the issues and opportunities shaping the current and future state of work.
Conference Details
10:00 a.m.
11:00 - 11:15 a.m.
Welcome Remarks 
Jill Baldauf (’79) (’81), Associate Dean, Alumni Relations
Zubin Davar (’15), President, UCLA Anderson Alumni Network Board of Directors
11:15 - 11:40 a.m.
State of the School 
Tony Bernardo, Dean and John E. Anderson Chair in Management
UCLA Anderson Alumni Awards Presentation
Outstanding Alumni Service Award
Jonathan Schreter (’00), Executive Vice President, Bolton & Company
John E. Anderson Distinguished Alumni Award
Susan Wojcicki (’98), Special Advisor to Google and Alphabet, former CEO of YouTube
Learn more about UCLA Anderson Alumni Awards.
Session to be Announced!
12:30 - 1:30 p.m.
Networking Lunch
1:45 - 2:45 p.m.
Breakout Sessions

Accelerating Anderson’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Get a peek into the thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem at UCLA Anderson, powered by the Venture Accelerator. Gain current insights on Web3. Hear from Accelerate 2023 cohorts to learn about their startups. Connect with founders as well as entrepreneurial and venture-minded alumni.
Alex Nascimento (’08), Managing Director, 7CC Blockchain Investments; Co-Founder, Blockchain at UCLA

Lateral Agility: The Superpower that Differentiates Today’s Impactful Leaders
When we think of the word "leadership", we typically envision leading vertically - managing a company, team, or effort with positional authority. However, senior leaders who excel at driving execution and change now spend as much time leading across, or laterally, as they do vertically.
Discover how lateral agility enables leaders to break down organizational silos, increase speed of decision making, and drive stronger performance.  In this session, explore the following questions:
  • What are the mindsets, skills and approaches that set successful leaders apart in leading across?
  • How can we develop this capability in ourselves and our teams?
  • What considerations should be made for the remote and hybrid workplace?
Molly Rosen ('93), Co-CEO & Founder, ProjectNext Leadership
Jeff Rosenthal ('88), Co-CEO & Founder, ProjectNext Leadership

The Role of Culture on Education and the Gender Gap 
Looking beyond traditional explanations, differences in cultural values across societies are integral to explaining differences in educational choices. Explore how values transmitted from parents to children — even today — can influence performance in schools and the gender gap in mathematics. Find out how being exposed to people from other parts of the world also influences the academic performance of U.S.-born students.
Paola Giuliano, Chauncey J. Medberry Chair in Management; Professor of Economics
2:45 - 3:15 p.m.
Refreshment Break 
Sessions to be Announced!
Make Tomorrow Better Today: Connect with Your Future Self
In our minds, our future selves often look like strangers. Many of us view the future as incredibly distant, making us more likely to opt for immediate gratification that disregards the health and well-being of ourselves in the years to come. How do we connect with our future selves to balance living for today and planning for tomorrow? Drawing from research covered in the forthcoming book Your Future Self: How to Make Tomorrow Better Today, Hal Hershfield will explore the mental mistakes we make and offer practical advice for imagining our best future so that we can make it a reality.
Hal Hershfield, Professor of Marketing and Behavioral Decision Making, Marketing Area Chair
5:00 - 7:30 p.m.
Networking Reception
Tony Bernardo photo
Antonio Bernardo
Dean and John E. Anderson Chair in Management
Paola Giuliano
Chauncey J. Medberry Chair in Management; Professor of Economics
Hal Hershfield
Professor of Marketing and Behavioral Decision Making, Marketing Area Chair
black and white portrait of alex nascimento in dark suit and white shirt with no tie
Alex Nascimento (’08)
Founding Partner & Managing Director, 7CC Blockchain Investments
Molly Rosen ('93)
Co-CEO & Founder, ProjectNext Leadership
portrait of jeff rosenthal
Jeff Rosenthal ('88)
Co-CEO & Founder, ProjectNext Leadership
photo of jonathan schreter
Jonathan Schreter
Executive Vice President, Bolton Company
photo of ramesh srinivasan speaking on stage at a conference
Ramesh Srinivasan
Professor, UCLA Department of Information Studies; Director of UC Digital Cultures Lab
photo of susan wojcicki
Susan Wojcicki

Special Advisor to Google and Alphabet, former CEO of YouTube


See who’s coming to Alumni Conference and Networking Reception! 

Updated on 03/27/2023

First Name Last Name Company Title Year Program
George Abe UCLA Lecturer 1971 Other
Garry Tyran UCLA Anderson School of Management President, Washington, DC Alumni Chapter 1982 FTMBA
James Bechtel Bechtel Consulting Owner 1983 FTMBA
Howard Bush Greenbush Capital LLC Partner 1983 FTMBA
Joanne Haase Haase Consulting Group Principal 1984 FTMBA
Lucy Lewand Happy For No Reason Trainer 1984 FTMBA
Cindy Sison TBA Studios Head - International Sales & Acquisition 1984 FTMBA
Mark Triska Colliers International Executive Vice President 1984 FTMBA
Cameron Allen CA Investments CEO Owner 1988 FTMBA
William Bland Cicatelli Associates Inc Senior Technical Lead 1988 FTMBA
Josephine Broadnax Retired n/a 1988 FTMBA
David Fellows The Fellows Group LLC President 1988 FTMBA
Eric Filseth n/a n/a 1988 FTMBA
Andrew Friedman Aspen Leaf Ventures LLC Principal 1988 FTMBA
Gigi Johnson Maremel Institute Managing Partner 1988 FTMBA
Mike Nelson CBRE Senior Managing Director 1988 FTMBA
Jeff Rosenthal ProjectNext Leadership Co-CEO 1988 FTMBA
Linda Rosenthal ProjectNext Leadership n/a 1988 FTMBA
Susan Schroeder Compensation Advisory Partners Partner 1988 FTMBA
Jeff Zucker n/a n/a 1988 FTMBA
Bahram Javaheri LBJ Investments Principal 1990 EMBA
Jim Considine Md Mba HealthClaim Review President & CEO 1991 EMBA
Robert Craig Korn Ferry Partner 1991 FTMBA
Eck Meng Goh n/a n/a 1992 FTMBA
Russell Riopelle Legacy Partners, LLC CFO, COO 1992 FTMBA
Jim Allen Morgan Stanley Senior Advisor 1993 FTMBA
Bill Benjamin UCLA Anderson Director, Alumni Leadership Development 1993 FTMBA
Lexi Bisbee n/a n/a 1993 FTMBA
John Chuharski Wine & Spirits Recruiting Principal 1993 FTMBA
Julie Chuharski Wine & Spirits Recruiting Principal 1993 FTMBA
Shawn Dahlem n/a n/a 1993 FTMBA
Brian Johnson Maremel Institute n/a 1993 FTMBA
Susan Ely Johnson n/a n/a 1993 FTMBA
Lauren Kelly A+FCU AVP Marketing 1993 FTMBA
Deborah Knuckey 67 South + Enzinc Climate writer, Entrepreneur 1993 FTMBA
Prashant Kothari Hamilton Ventures Founder 1993 FTMBA
Leslie Krampert Atlas Capital Managing Director 1993 FTMBA
David Landsberg n/a n/a 1993 FTMBA
David Lasky ScaleNorth n/a 1993 FTMBA
Richard Lester Ackerman Group CEO 1993 FTMBA
Peter Lukowitsch n/a n/a 1993 FTMBA
Ted Maclean Crozier Fine Arts Executive Vice President and GM 1993 FTMBA
Ann Bartron Morris n/a n/a 1993 FTMBA
Olivia Riopelle Legacy Partners, LLC n/a 1993 FTMBA
Petra Schumann n/a n/a 1993 FTMBA
Mark Shalvarjian Gracent CEO 1993 FTMBA
Howard Simons n/a n/a 1993 FTMBA
Todd Thiemann ReliaQuest Director Product Marketing 1993 FTMBA
Molly Tracy Rosen ProjectNext Leadership Co-CEO 1993 FTMBA
Eden Warner n/a n/a 1993 FTMBA
Christopher Jenks Weststar Property Management President 1994 FTMBA
Mark Wisniewski UCLA Technology Development Group Senior Director, Biopharmaceuticals 1996 FTMBA
Peter Belisle Belcon Advisors Principal 1997 FEMBA
Sanjay Reddy Unlock Venture Partners Partner 1997 FEMBA
Nate Agnew n/a n/a 1998 FTMBA
Ge Bai n/a n/a 1998 FTMBA
Debra Bar Chainalysis Director, Product Marketing 1998 FTMBA
Geoff Burke DZSI SVP, Product Marketing 1998 FTMBA
Nikki Burke Recology Senior Rate Manager 1998 FTMBA
Julie Cullinane Flourish Collective Executive Coach 1998 FTMBA
Craig Dehmel IMAX Entertainment Head of Global Distribution 1998 FTMBA
Dan Falta ANZ Bank Global Head - Financial Sponsor Sales 1998 FTMBA
Clayton Frech Angel City Sports CEO & Founder 1998 FTMBA
Jennifer Gidwani Big Sky Communications Customer Advocacy & Marketing, Writer 1998 FTMBA
Zubin Gidwani Dynamic Budgets Founder 1998 FTMBA
James Hannon Ferrazzi Greenlight COO/CFO 1998 FTMBA
Jennifer Hannon 360 College Prep Principal 1998 FTMBA
Bethany Hollrah Parnassus Investments Director of Communications and Product Marketing 1998 FTMBA
Akira Ito Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group General Manager 1998 FTMBA
Mohanjit Jolly Iron Pillar Partner 1998 FTMBA
Janice Kary Entanglement Inc Chief Operating Officer 1998 FTMBA
Tommy Kommer n/a n/a 1998 FTMBA
Nguyen Le Nalu Scientific CFO 1998 FTMBA
Amir Mirza n/a n/a 1998 FTMBA
Paul Mohme Reddit Head of Corporate Development 1998 FTMBA
Masanori Ninomiya Max R, Inc. President & CEO 1998 FTMBA
George Peng n/a n/a 1998 FTMBA
Matt Pielert n/a n/a 1998 FTMBA
Thomas Pullen PureHD LLC CEO - Founder 1998 FTMBA
Julie Russell Real Estate Owner 1998 FTMBA
Anne Ryan n/a n/a 1998 FTMBA
James Schulte n/a n/a 1998 FTMBA
David Schwartz Alcon Inc. Director, White Space & Strategic Innovation, Surgical 1998 FTMBA
Sunil Sethi Sunil Sethi Real Estate President 1998 FTMBA
Tracy Stevens n/a n/a 1998 FTMBA
Christopher Tuffli n/a n/a 1998 FTMBA
George Xanthopoulos n/a n/a 1998 FTMBA
Elvia Delgado n/a n/a 1999 FTMBA
Claire Robinson Founder Amigos de Los Rios 1999 FEMBA
Deanne Steele Merrill Lynch Market Executive 1999 FEMBA
Sean Ryan Simply Agave Founder 2000 FEMBA
Jonathan Schreter Bolton & Company Executive Vice President 2000 FTMBA
Chris Andrews n/a n/a 2003 FTMBA
Andrew Arentowicz 50/50 Foods, Inc CEO 2003 FTMBA
Jorge Aviles n/a n/a 2003 FTMBA
Edouard Biron Full Stack Finance n/a 2003 FTMBA
Casey Borman UCLA Anderson Faculty 2003 FTMBA
Alison Campbell Five Oceans Advisors Life Strategist 2003 FTMBA
Marc Campbell Five Oceans Advisors Co-Founder 2003 FTMBA
Kimberly Clemenson Amgen VP Enterprise Transformation 2003 EMBA
Priya Desai Prism Vision Group Chief Medical Officer 2003 FTMBA
Tej Desai Applecart Head of Agency 2003 FTMBA
Peter Gandolfo Evolution Executive Coach/Partner 2003 FTMBA
Alex Ghashghai n/a n/a 2003 FTMBA
Tareck Horchani n/a n/a 2003 FTMBA
Robert Huntsman Prudential Financial Chief Data Scientist 2003 FTMBA
Nitya Kirat YOSD Consulting Founder 2003 FTMBA
Georgios Lalousis NVISION Eye Centers SVP, Finance and Data Analytics 2003 FTMBA
Philip Li Vectors Capital Climate Investor 2003 FTMBA
David Luo CFT VP of Real Estate 2003 FEMBA
Monica Mcclure Citi Global Wealth Head of Markets Sales, North America 2003 FTMBA
Tiffany O'Day Fox Tax Service Manager 2003 FTMBA
Alejandro Ortiz n/a n/a 2003 FTMBA
Adam Porter n/a Attorney, Mediator & Arbitrator 2003 FTMBA
Edward Ring New Standard Equities CEO 2003 FTMBA
Kristen Schumacher Product Manager Director 2003 FTMBA
Yevgeny Selivanov Groza COO 2003 FEMBA
Beth Stockli Kennedy n/a n/a 2003 FTMBA
Li Tang VMware Inc. Corp Venture 2003 FEMBA
Johanna Topalian n/a n/a 2003 FTMBA
Rick Shuart Caltius Structured Capital Managing Director 2004 FTMBA
Will Lee Pasadena Institute Of Technology President 2007 UCLA-NUS/GEMBA
Kate Pletcher Treehouse Partners Founder & CEO 2007 FTMBA
Douglas Beebe Retired n/a 2008 EMBA
Paul Beliveau Del Monte Foods CHRO 2008 EMBA
Sujan Das n/a n/a 2008 EMBA
Tim Davidson HighMark Capital Equity Portfolio Manager 2008 FTMBA
Christina Fischer n/a n/a 2008 UCLA-NUS/GEMBA
Eric Jones n/a n/a 2008 FTMBA
Estela Levin Capital Group SVP, Head of Operations 2008 FTMBA
Greg Little Pacific Life Insurance Company Managing Director 2008 FTMBA
Gary Ryals NSWG-1 Deputy Commander 2008 EMBA
Kenlyn Terai NanoString Senior Product Owner 2008 FEMBA
Mark Wilson Marine Gear Sailing Accessories Owner/Brand Innovator 2008 EMBA
Kristin Ashcraft Genome Medical COO 2009 FTMBA
Kimberly Borman Expedia Group Director, Strategic Partnerships North America 2009 FTMBA
Eddie Ma Elsevier Inc Sr. Product Director 2009 FEMBA
Robert Puro Douglas Elliman n/a 2009 FTMBA
Elena Kim n/a n/a 2011 FTMBA
Charlene Azema Knobbe, Martens, Olson & Bear, LLP Partner - Intellectual Property 2012 FTMBA
Joyce Chang Activision Blizzard n/a 2012 FTMBA
Christopher Changprai Warwick Asset Management n/a 2012 FEMBA
Richard Magnusen B. Riley Financial Financial Analyst 2012 FEMBA
Rajeev Sharan Yayati LLC Head of Investments & Quantitative  Analytics 2012 MFE
Aviva Altmann The Bridgespan Group Principal 2013 FTMBA
Agustin Aramendia Butia LLC Principal 2013 FTMBA
Shiva Arunachalam Uber Lead Product Manager 2013 FEMBA
Naveen Athuluru Workday Director, Services 2013 EMBA
Laura Brodsky Warner Bros Discovery Director - Corporate Research, Data, & Insights 2013 FTMBA
Yunzhe Chen Ziprecruiter n/a 2013 FTMBA
Amy Cheng-Tran Enso Collaborative Managing Partner 2013 FEMBA
Adam Clark Hasbro Director of Integrated Marketing, Asia 2013 FTMBA
Aspan Dahmubed Amgen n/a 2013 FTMBA
Giesa Dibianca BRANDEUR Founder & CEO 2013 FEMBA
Saina Ghandchi Intuitive Surgical Sr. Product Manager 2013 EMBA
Sheila Gibbs TigerConnect Head of PMO 2013 EMBA
Stuti Goswamy McKinsey & Company Associate Director of Professional Development 2013 FTMBA
Emad Hasan Retina AI CEO 2013 FEMBA
David Hoffman ServiceTitan Senior Director of Product Management 2013 FEMBA
Kavi Kapadia n/a n/a 2013 FTMBA
Rebecca Kaplan Uber Global Head of Ad Sales Operations 2013 FEMBA
Kenneth Klar Skinny Kenny Enterprises CEO 2013 EMBA
Brandon Koretz UCLA Professor of Clinical Medicine 2013 EMBA
William Longstreth MUFG Director Risk Management 2013 MFE
Mikin Macwan n/a n/a 2013 FEMBA
Aaron Manrique Google Product Operations Manager 2013 FTMBA
Chris Ochs Switchfly VP of Sales 2013 EMBA
Ankush Prakash Amazon Director, Corporate Development 2013 FEMBA
Daniel Rad n/a n/a 2013 FEMBA
Anant Rishi n/a n/a 2013 FTMBA
Nandini Rishi n/a n/a 2013 Other
Carl Rodrigues Harvard Allston Land Company CEO 2013 FTMBA
Bradley Ross Parkview Financial Managing Director 2013 FTMBA
Rahul Sansi n/a n/a 2013 FEMBA
Ilana Van Allen n/a n/a 2013 FTMBA
Eric Vexelman LA28 Marketing Director 2013 FTMBA
Billy Wang OpenText Commercial Strategy Leader 2013 FTMBA
Bill Wells Wild One Co-Founder & CEO 2013 FTMBA
Satiya Witzer KPMG Managing Director, People Strategy 2013 FTMBA
Jorge Bromberg Inmobiliaria Brom n/a 2014 FTMBA
Kyle Forrest Deloitte Consulting LLP Principal 2014 FTMBA
Zubin Davar Confirm VP Business Development & Strategy 2015 FTMBA
Preethi Johnson Meta Finance Manager 2015 FTMBA
Sujay Kar Curology VP Data & Analytics 2015 EMBA
Janet Na Kung Accenture Client Account Lead 2015 EMBA
Lindsay Freyermuth CCS Fundraising Senior Vice President 2017 FEMBA
Doug Larratt Northrop Grumman Director of Programs 2017 EMBA
Blair Nichols BBN Creative Management Owner 2017 FEMBA
Ross Abler Capital Group n/a 2018 FTMBA
Isabel Adame n/a n/a 2018 FTMBA
Lucas Andrade Visa Inc Sr Manager 2018 FTMBA
Jesse Avellaneda n/a n/a 2018 FTMBA
Steve Bivona n/a n/a 2018 FTMBA
Moises Camacho Optimal Metrics CEO 2018 MSBA
Aadit Chavda Senior Product Manager-Technical 2018 FEMBA
Neil Doshi J.P. Morgan Vice President - Tech & Disruptive Commerce 2018 FTMBA
Laura El Daher AT&T Product Marketing 2018 FTMBA
Pascual Eley n/a n/a 2018 FTMBA
Cristian Gonzalez Amazon Principal PM-T 2018 FTMBA
Amy Heyde General Mills Director, Pet Transformation 2018 EMBA
Tara Hosseini Hilti Regional Manager 2018 FEMBA
Junaid Ikram Paramount Global Data Scientist 2018 MSBA
Andrew Jancaric Meta Lead Data Analyst 2018 FTMBA
Abraham Kim CBRE n/a 2018 FTMBA
Arnabh Kumar Kroll Senior Associate, Complex Securities Valuation 2018 MFE
Wenhao Liu Citibank Model Risk Sr Analyst 2018 MFE
Shagoon M BlackRock Quant Researcher 2018 MFE
Hunter Metcalf n/a n/a 2018 FTMBA
Morris Moussa n/a n/a 2018 MFE
Farzana Noorzay Tillster VP, Data Science, Analytics and Data Products 2018 EMBA
Abhisek Rath Amazon Web Services Strategic Program Leader, M&E 2018 EMBA
Doug Saylor Electronic Arts Senior Analytics Manager 2018 FTMBA
Debleena Sinha n/a n/a 2018 EMBA
Claudia Valencia-Dongo n/a n/a 2018 FTMBA
Joao Vasconcelos McKinsey Engagement Manager 2018 FTMBA
Xin Zeng Siemens Healthineers Sr. Director, Corporate Development 2018 FEMBA
Fidis Bortignoni n/a n/a 2019 FTMBA
Shirin Nikaein Co-Founder & CEO / Product 2019 EMBA
Michael Nolan Trilogy Investment Company CFO 2019 EMBA
Jorge Santana n/a n/a 2019 FTMBA
Mark Weinstock California Commercial Investment Group EVP and General Counsel 2019 EMBA
Aimee Hittinger Microsoft Federal Civilian Sales 2020 FEMBA
Liza Katsman LK Consulting, LLC Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant 2020 FEMBA
Guy Rosenthal Alleviate Care Chairman 2020 EMBA
Becki Berumen UCLA Anderson Program Manager, Strategic Research Programs 2021 FEMBA
Anna Boudinot Mustard & Moxie CEO 2021 EMBA
Ariela Kruger Tia Senior Director, BizOps & Special Projects 2021 FTMBA
Chandra Williams CCM Chief Administrative Officer 2021 CERT
Jesse Allen OneTrust Lending President 2022 EMBA
Sarah Anderson Concord Companies USA Vice President, Operations and Optimization 2022 FEMBA
Marcelo Baek Q Cells Director of Logistics 2022 EMBA
Scott Barnard n/a n/a 2022 EMBA
Ning Chen A1 Solution, Inc President 2022 EMBA
Courtnie Cotillo Chime Director, Marketing Program Management 2022 EMBA
Jasson Crockett n/a n/a 2022 EMBA
Jack (Xinkang) Du Lost Abroad, Inc Co-Founder 2022 FTMBA
Gary Galerne Raytheon Program Manager 2022 EMBA
Drew Gordon T-Mobile Sr. Strategy Manager 2022 EMBA
Mick Groth SAP Product Manager 2022 MSBA
Omar Higgs UCLA BI Analyst 2022 UCLA-NUS/GEMBA
Young Kim Maru Asset Management CEO 2022 EMBA
Kevin Lee I-Mar VP 2022 EMBA
Jon Licht Accenture Manager 2022 EMBA
Norma Lopez onsemi Sales Director 2022 EMBA
Nicole Mi Aquifer PE Founder 2022 EMBA
Vietlong Nguyen Disney Senior Manager, Employee Relations 2022 EMBA
Hideaki Nishioka 3D Architech Co-founder 2022 FTMBA
Daniel Paik n/a n/a 2022 EMBA
Nicole Rodrigues NRPR Group CEO 2022 EMBA
Lincoln Sedlacek Anhesuer-Busch Director, Strategy and Planning 2022 FTMBA
Maneesh Sharma Clorox Associate director 2022 EMBA
Mahruq Siddiqui UCLA Health BioDesign Fellow 2022 EMBA
Meredith Wollman Mattel Lead Customer Marketing @ Mattel 2022 EMBA
Michelle Zhang n/a n/a 2022 EMBA
Andrew Machado n/a n/a 2023 FEMBA
Helen Abe UCLA n/a n/a n/a
Luana Andrade EY Tax accountant n/a n/a
Vanessa Bechtel Ventura County Community Foundation CEO n/a n/a
Danielle Betras The New York Times Head of Partnerships n/a n/a
Sybil Bromberg Inmobiliaria Brom n/a n/a n/a
Janine Bush Greenbush Capital LLC n/a n/a n/a
Jane Camus NVISION Eye Centers n/a n/a n/a
Katherina Engelhard n/a n/a n/a n/a
Camille Falta n/a n/a n/a n/a
Cynthia Friedman Aspen Leaf Ventures LLC Principal n/a n/a
Josie Hernandez n/a n/a n/a n/a
Derek Hoskin Bank of America Sr. Associate n/a Other
Vini Jolly Iron Pillar n/a n/a n/a
Grace Kangdani Bank of America Sr. Vice President n/a n/a
Yiota Kiousis n/a n/a n/a n/a
Laura Kirat n/a n/a n/a n/a
Joanne Liautaud Crozier Fine Arts n/a n/a n/a
Kristen Little Pacific Life Insurance Company n/a n/a n/a
Hector Lopez Tierra Sana Farm Owner n/a n/a
Nicole Lopez n/a n/a n/a n/a
Leslie Mayer Cushman & Wakefield Executive Managing Director n/a n/a
Rumi Ninomiya Max R, Inc. n/a n/a n/a
Oriol Pi Miloro n/a n/a n/a n/a
Edward Russell Quidel-Ortho M & A n/a n/a
Jennifer Schreter n/a n/a n/a n/a
Deepak Kiran Sethi Sunil Sethi Real Estate Client Relations n/a n/a
Natalie Weder Huntsman Child Mind Institute Senior Psychiatrist n/a n/a
Sadrud-Din Williams Los Angeles Mission GIK & Donor Consultant n/a n/a
Sandra Yadegar LBJ Investments Marketing n/a n/a