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The Harold and Pauline Price Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation is a recognized leader in entrepreneurial education and research at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Working closely with its board of advisors, the Price Center fosters the study and practice of entrepreneurship and business innovation by providing the foundation on which creativity can flourish and individuals can succeed.


Price Center History


Al Osborne and Elaine Hagen of the Harold and Pauline Price Center at UCLA AndersonEntrepreneurial courses were first offered at UCLA in the early 1970s by Professor Hans Schollhammer. In 1987, the Entrepreneurial Studies Center was established as an interdisciplinary program under the direction of Alfred E. Osborne, Jr. The Harold and Pauline Price Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation currently offers more than 15 entrepreneurial elective courses, with approximately 30 sections offered annually. The Entrepreneur Association, the largest student organization in the school, is housed within the Price Center and sponsors more than 30 programs that present approximately 100 individual events annually. The Center organizes several management development programs for small business owners, nonprofit managers, entrepreneurs and business executives. Research is supported through academic conferences and grants to faculty.

The Center received its initial funding through a $1 million challenge grant provided by the Harold and Pauline Price Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Following a successful capital campaign, the Center was officially dedicated as the Harold Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies in 1995.

Today, Al Osborne is faculty director of the Price Center, and Elaine Hagan, a 1991 graduate of UCLA Anderson School of Management, serves as executive director. The Center’s board of advisors was established in 1986 to ensure that UCLA Anderson could develop and fund a coherent, integrated academic program that affirmed the vital role of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial activity in the American economic system. The original 18-member board has grown into a group of approximately 30 distinguished business professionals from the Southern California area.


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A Message from Al Osborne


Professor and Faculty Director
Price Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Al Osborne

A while back, I wrote, "American business institutions are at an important crossroads. Their ability to compete - indeed, survive - in the coming decade will increasingly depend on their ability to develop what I will term an entrepreneurial competence." True words then, they are perhaps even more relevant in today's high-tech, fast-paced, come-and-go, global-deals-at-the-speed-of-light business atmosphere. In my positions as faculty director of the Harold and Pauline Price Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and professor of global economics, management and entrepreneurship at UCLA Anderson School of Management, it has been my delight and honor to help shape the thinking of men and women who will succeed in this new business paradigm.

Do not resist change. Embrace it. Make it your ally. Work at the margin. Experiment. And if you expect to survive, develop an entrepreneurial competence!

The UCLA Anderson School of Management and the Price Center work together to provide a challenging, interdisciplinary curriculum for students who intend to embrace global and integrationist thinking, work across boundaries, and muster an uncommon amount of courage to pursue their entrepreneurial vision.

First-hand experience in an entrepreneurial environment is vital to the success of our curriculum. The Price Center funds numerous fellowships designed to afford students real-world business experiences. To encourage entrepreneurial research, the Price Center has established programs such as the Galef Symposium in Business Innovation, which supports the research of Ph.D. students, academic researchers and faculty whose projects demand an openness to flexibility and new ideas, a predisposition to study innovative methods, and a capacity to see beyond existing paradigms. The Price Center also maintains a strong commitment to serving the nonprofit and small business communities through management development programs and topical seminars.

All of these efforts aim to foster the study and practice of entrepreneurship and business innovation. Join us and make true impact.

Alfred E. Osborne Jr.
Professor and Faculty Director
Price Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Board of Advisors


Madelyn Alfano

Spiros Bouas

William M. Cockrum

Timothy E. Conver (’84)

Madelyn Alfano

Michael De Paola (’94)

James B. Freedman (’78)

Tom Georgis (’98)

Elaine K. Hagan (’91)

Amir Heshmatpour

Jonathan "Jake" Jacobs

Christopher "Kit" Jennings (’80)

Ira E. Kasoff

Alan Kleinman (’04)

Jeff Lipp (’02)

Nicholas C. Memmo (’90)

Michael Morgan (’97)

Michael Morgan (’97)

Nicholas C. Memmo (’90)

Alfred E. Osborne, Jr.

Angela Pennington (’04)

David Posnick (’92)

Sanjay Reddy (FEMBA ’97)

John W. Rende (’96)

Steve Richards

Matthew Schwab (’98)

Luis Serrano (’02)

Richard A. Spitz, Esq.

Bonnie Vitti

Bob Waldorf

Timothy E. Conver (’84)

Richard S. Wiley (’80)

David Williams III (’00)

Jane Wurwand

Saujin Yi (’07)


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