2020 Loeb Awards VIRTUAL EVENT

About the Loeb Awards


The Gerald Loeb Awards were established in 1957 by the late Gerald Loeb, a founding partner of E.F. Hutton. Loeb created the awards to encourage and support reporting on business and finance that would inform and protect the private investor and the general public. Journalists and media outlets nationwide submit entries to compete for the Loeb Awards, the most prestigious honor in business journalism. In 1973, Loeb appointed UCLA Anderson the steward of the G. and R. Loeb Foundation. The Dean of UCLA Anderson chairs the award’s final judging committee of leading journalists, news executives and academics. The awards use a two-tier judging process comprising a preliminary round (in Los Angeles) and final round (in New York City). The awards banquet and celebration is held in New York City every June and is attended by the country's most influential journalists, editors, publishers, producers, and media personalities. The foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates primarily from sponsorship and private support.

Gerald Martin Loeb was born in 1899 in San Francisco, California. He began his career in 1921, in the bond department of a securities firm. He moved to New York City in 1924 to help establish E.F. Hutton and eventually ascended to vice-chairman of the board. During Gerald Loeb’s career, he was a favorite of business and financial journalists for his willingness to be interviewed and was described as “probably the most quoted man on Wall Street” (Forbes Magazine 1955). He was also an author of two investment strategy books, a guest columnist for Forbes Magazine and widely considered a Wall Street icon. In 1957, he established the G. and R. Loeb Foundation (under stewardship of the University of Connecticut) to present The Gerald Loeb Awards for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism. In 1973, Mr. Loeb transferred the stewardship of the awards to UCLA Anderson School of Management under the deanship of Harold Williams.


2020 Finalists


Audio Finalists

“The Shrink Next Door”Bloomberg and Wondery
Joe Nocera, Krista Rypl, Francesca Levy, Jared Sandberg, Katie Boyce, George Lavender, Marshall Lewy, Hernan Lopez and Maya Kaufman

“The Antitrust Trilogy”NPR's Planet Money
Kenny Malone, Jacob Goldstein and Julia Simon

“Amazon: Behind the Smiles” – Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX
Will Evans, Katharine Mieszkowski, Taki Telonidis, Rachel de Leon, Kevin Sullivan, Najib Aminy, Andrew Donohue, Esther Kaplan, Matt Thompson, John Barth, Al Letson, Melissa Lewis, Hannah Young, Byard Duncan, David Rodriguez, Mwende Hinojosa, Jim Briggs, Fernando Arruda and Reveal staff

Beat Reporting Finalists

“The Price You Pay”Houston Chronicle
Jenny Deam

“Boeing's 737 MAX Crisis”The Seattle Times
Dominic Gates, Mike Baker, Steve Miletich and Lewis Kamb

“The WeWork Delusion”The Wall Street Journal
Eliot Brown, Maureen Farrell, Liz Hoffman, David Benoit and Anupreeta Das

“How PG&E Burned California”The Wall Street Journal
Katherine Blunt, Russell Gold, Rebecca Smith, Renée Rigdon, Yaryna Serkez and Dave Cole

Breaking News Finalists

“Crash in Ethiopia”The New York Times
Hadra Ahmed, Hannah Beech, Selam Gebrekidan, David Gelles, James Glanz, Thomas Kaplan, Natalie Kitroeff, Jack Nicas, Norimitsu Onishi, Dionne Searcey, Kenneth P. Vogel and Zach Wichter

“Uber's IPO”The Wall Street Journal
Maureen Farrell, Eliot Brown, Cara Lombardo, Corrie Driebusch, Scott Austin, Stephanie Stamm and Rolfe Winkler

“Four Turbulent Days in August”The Washington Post
Damian Paletta, Heather Long, Rachel Bade, Jeff Stein, Phil Rucker, Josh Dawsey, Felicia Sonmez, Jonnelle Marte and Robert Costa

Commentary Finalists

“America’s Broken Health Care System”Kaiser Health News
Elisabeth Rosenthal

“Sparking the Next National Conversation”Los Angeles Times
Michael Hiltzik

“A secret life of your data”The Washington Post
Geoffrey A. Fowler

“Commentary by Catherine Rampell”The Washington Post
Catherine Rampell

Explanatory Finalists

“Death by a Thousand Clicks”Fortune and Kaiser Health News
Erika Fry and Fred Schulte

“Goodbye Big Five”Gizmodo
Kashmir Hill, Myra Iqbal, Dhruv Mehrotra and Andrew Couts

“California Bullet Train Mismanagement”Los Angeles Times
Ralph Vartabedian

“Dairyland in Distress”Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Rick Barrett, Maria Perez and Lee Bergquist

Feature Finalists

“Can a Burger Help Solve Climate Change?”The New Yorker
Tad Friend

“Is Amazon Unstoppable”The New Yorker
Charles Duhigg

“Planet Fox”The New York Times
Jonathan Mahler and Jim Rutenberg

“15 Months of Fresh Hell Inside Facebook”WIRED
Nicholas Thompson and Fred Vogelstein

International Finalists

“WhatsApp International”Financial Times
Mehul Srivastava, Tom Wilson, Tim Bradshaw and Robert Smith

“China Surveillance”The New York Times
Paul Mozur, Sui-Lee Wee, Chris Buckley, Austin Ramzy, Jonah M. Kessel and Melissa Chan

“The Hunt for Asia's El Chapo”Reuters
Tom Allard

“Chocolate's Secret”The Washington Post
Peter Whoriskey, Rachel Siegel, Steven Mufson and Salwan Georges

Investigative Finalists

“Out of Gear: A Detroit Free Press investigation”Detroit Free Press
Phoebe Wall Howard

“Exploited”The New York Times
Michael H. Keller, Gabriel J.X. Dance and Nellie Bowles

“Show of Force”USA TODAY
and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Brett Murphy, Nick Penzenstadler and Gina Barton

Local Finalists

“Arizona's Next Water Crisis”The Arizona Republic
Rob O'Dell and Ian James

“Profiting from the Poor”MLK50: Justice Through Journalism and ProPublica
Wendi C. Thomas, Deborah Douglas, Maya Miller, Beena Raghavendran and Doris Burke

“The Bad Bet”ProPublica Illinois and WBEZ
Jason Grotto, Dan Mihalopoulos and Sandhya Kambhampati

Personal Finance and Consumer Reporting Finalists

“The New Debtors Prisons”ProPublica
Lizzie Presser and Anjali Tsui

“The TurboTax Trap”ProPublica
Justin Elliott, Paul Kiel, Ariana Tobin and Lucas Waldron

“Reversal of Fortune”USA TODAY
Nick Penzenstadler and Jeff Kelly Lowenstein

Video Finalists

“Recovering from Rehab”Fault Lines and Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting
Shoshana Walter, Amy Julia Harris, Sharif Abdel Kouddous, Paul Abowd, Laila Al-Arian, Andrew Donahue, Amanda Pike and Matt Thompson

“Trump's Trade War”FRONTLINE PBS and NPR
Rick Young, Laura Sullivan, Emma Schwartz, Fritz Kramer, Emily Crawford and Cat Schuknecht

“‘Zone Rouge’: An army of children toils in African mines”NBC News Investigative Unit
Cynthia McFadden, Christine Romo, Lisa Cavazuti, Bill Angelucci and Daniel Nagin

”Huawei Staff Help Governments to Spy on People”The Wall Street Journal
Clément Bürge, Sharon Shi, Josh Chin, Joe Parkinson and Nicholas Bariyo

Visual Storytelling Finalists

“Polluted by Money”The Oregonian
Mark Friesen, Beth Nakamura and Teresa Mahoney

“Clear Takeover”Tampa Bay Times
Tracey McManus and Eli Murray

“Boeing’s Deadly Failure”The Wall Street Journal
Elliot Bentley, Merrill Sherman, Mariano Zafra, Andrew Tangel, Andy Pasztor, Robert Wall and Mark Maremont

“WSJ Graphics Portfolio”The Wall Street Journal
Elliot Bentley, Yaryna Serkez, Joel Eastwood, Kara Dapena, Robert Wall, Keach Hagey, Lukas I. Albert, Sarah Krouse, Shalini Ramachandran, Thomas Gryta, Patrick Thomas, Jesse Newman and Kirk Maltais

The Loeb Awards has partnered with Pixel Canvas to create a 3D virtual environment for attendees to explore, interact with one another, and have a front-row seat for the live show!








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