The UCLA-NUS Executive MBA Management Practicum


This program partners a team of Executive MBA students with organizations to deliver strategic solutions to critical challenges.


Program Overview


The Management Practicum matches companies and organizations in the United States and around the world with five to six UCLA-NUS Executive MBA students in their final year of study, providing organizations an opportunity to engage a team of experienced professionals. The student teams represent a cross-section of business functions and areas of expertise, such as marketing, finance, technology and operations.

The UCLA-NUS Executive MBA students and company representatives agree on a scope of work that will result in a complete and in-depth strategic consulting report at the behest of an organization's management. The students collectively contribute an estimated 800 hours to the strategic plan for each company.

 The plan may involve:

  • Launching a product or service into an existing or adjacent new market
  • Developing a new strategic direction for an organization
  • Providing an in-depth analysis of an organization's restructuring, reorganization or acquisition plans

The strategic plans generally incorporate financial, marketing, operational and strategic recommendations based on extensive primary and secondary research that the team conducts. The plans can include an analysis of the organization's value proposition in relation to the competitive environment.


Benefits to Your Company

  • A comprehensive, independent assessment
  • Evaluation of your current strategic plan, corporate growth strategies and market opportunities
  • Extensive primary and secondary market research and analysis
  • A written strategic plan with data-backed recommendations
  • Application of state-of-the-art management frameworks and analysis techniques
  • Access to extensive resources within UCLA Anderson and National University of Singapore, including the network of professionals and comprehensive industry database
  • Specific recommendations to accelerate your company’s growth to the next stage of corporate development

Recent Participants



UCLA-NUS Executive MBA Student Profile


Average years of work experience: 14. Current Country: Austria, China, India, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Thailand, United States

  • 3% Agribusiness
  • 3% Construction
  • 3% Consulting
  • 3% Engineering
  • 3% Food/Beverage/Tobacco
  • 3% Healthcare Services
  • 3% Hospitality
  • 3% Insurance
  • 3% Internet
  • 3% Transportation Services
  • 6% Aerospace
  • 6% Government – Federal/Int’l
  • 6% Manufacturing
  • 6% Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology/Medical
  • 9% Petroleum/Energy
  • 12% Software
  • 24% High Tech 

Company Application Information

Application Deadline January 31, 2020
Program Launch February 2020 
Final Presentations August 2020

Selection Criteria and Investment Requirements

  • An identified need by the company or a division of the company
  • Participation by senior company executives with extensive business experience
  • Commitment to managing personal time to enable successful project
  • Product/service currently generating revenue
  • Customer validation of products or services
  • Full access to strategic and financial data
  • Interview with practicum director to define preliminary project scope
  • Fees vary between $15,500 - $22,500, depending on your type of organization and your type of project. Special consideration may be available for non-profit organizations.

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  John Blevins (J.B.)

   Adjunct Professor Decisions, Operations, and Technology Management