Vanessa Carvajal

Vanessa Carvajal '20

Agency Development Manager at Google
San Francisco, CA

Congratulations on your graduation! What’s next?

I recently started working at Google as an agency development manager. Last summer, I was an intern on Google's agency team and received an offer to return. So far, I'm loving the team and my role!

When you started at Anderson two years ago, what was your plan?

My plan was to make lasting connections with my classmates and to develop in the areas that would help me become a successful executive leader in the tech industry. During my time at Anderson, I was able to develop my leadership skills in my role as president of AnderTech, I honed my financial acumen by taking electives like “Corporate Finance” and “Corporate Financial Reporting” and I definitely made meaningful connections with my amazing classmates!

Was there a class, experience or involvement opportunity that was a highlight during your time at Anderson?

As time-consuming and challenging as it was, my BCO project was the marquee experience of my time at Anderson. While we ultimately decided not to launch, getting firsthand experience trying to launch a business from the ground up was incredibly valuable.

What lesson or piece of knowledge from your time at Anderson has resonated with you the most?

The people you work with can make all the difference in the world! Make sure those you surround yourself with professionally are not just smart, but also self-motivated and willing to put in the work necessary to complete the task at hand.

What do you think makes Anderson different from other business schools?

At the risk of sounding cliché, I think the way Anderson students truly live by our pillar of "sharing success" really sets us apart from students at other business schools. Instead of viewing each other as competition, I've seen my classmates go out of their way to help each other succeed, even during interviews for the same roles! It really is something that you won't find at other schools.