Tommy Changaris

Tommy Changaris '20

Project Manager in Product Data Operations, Facebook
Sunnyvale, CA

Congratulations on your graduation! What’s next?

I'm working at Facebook as a project manager in product data operations. I partner with a product team to oversee human labeling programs, which they use to create and improve machine learning models. I'm currently focused on brand safety, helping to determine what kinds of advertisements should be placed in proximity to each other.

What do you think makes Anderson different from other business schools?

I'm sure a lot of people say this, but it's definitely the people. When I had the chance to interact with Anderson students, I was blown away by everyone’s unique combination of personal ambition and team spirit. It was obvious from the start that students took the idea of sharing success seriously.

Was there a class, experience or involvement opportunity that was a highlight during your time at Anderson?

I think my time in the core classes with my section was one of my favorite periods of business school. About 70 of us got really close as a group from having all of our classes together. I felt like I not only gained a lot of knowledge, which was crucial for me because of my unconventional background, but also developed more genuine friendships than I could have imagined.

When you started at Anderson two years ago, what was your plan?

Coming from the military, I was really interested in tech, but I was a little unsure of where I could fit into the landscape. The Parker Career Center really helped me translate my prior experience into something valuable to employers in tech.

How has the Anderson experience changed you?

The Anderson experience helped me to discover strengths I didn't know I had as well as how I could contribute to the business world. I became interested in data and analytics after my summer internship, and I was able to take several classes during my second year that allowed me to dive deeper into this area. This gave me the confidence to apply for and ultimately get a job where I work closely with data scientists every day.