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Anderson’s Executive MBA Field Study program gives organizations in the U.S. and around the world the opportunity to engage a management consulting team of five experienced professionals in their final year of study for the Executive MBA. The Executive MBA Field Study is led and administered by world-renowned faculty who have extensive experience managing field study programs in both academic and professional settings.

The Executive MBA team represents a cross-section of business functions and specialties, such as marketing, finance, technology and operations. Each of these professionals bring, on average, 15 years‘ work experience each to your project.

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A Program With Real Benefits


The UCLA Anderson Executive MBA Field Study Program pairs companies with dynamic teams. These teams work to create investment-quality, strategic recommendations to key business/industry issues with financial projections using state-of-the-art management frameworks and analysis techniques. Companies gain access to the school’s extensive resources, including its network of professionals and its comprehensive business and industry database.

Partner with Diverse Professionals

On average, UCLA Anderson Executive MBA students are 39 years old, fully employed, multi-talented and have an average of 15 years of professional experience.

Develop the Research Plan and Project Scope

Meet with students at UCLA Anderson for two days to evaluate the current strategic plan, corporate growth strategies and market opportunities to define the depth of the project.

Conduct and Analyze the Research

Each UCLA Anderson Executive MBA field study team will conduct approximately 100 personal interviews with customers, experts, distributors/resellers and consultants. 

Embark on Your New Strategic Plan

Executives return to UCLA to receive a comprehensive business plan and observe the teams’ findings as they are presented to a panel of expert judges.


Global Reach of Our Recent Projects


San Francisco • Los Angeles • New York • Washington, D.C. • Bogota • São Paulo • Frankfurt
Tel Aviv • Bengaluru • Bangkok • Singapore • Shanghai • Melbourne

2018-2019 AMR Statistics


Typical Project Industries


Financial Services
Health Care
Food Services
Social Impact

Past Participating Organizations



Field Study Faculty Advisors


Brian Frons

Faculty Advisor

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Fred Hagigi

Faculty Advisor

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George Ingersoll

Faculty Advisor

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Paul Park

Faculty Advisor

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Bill Seeger

Faculty Advisor

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John Blevins

Program Faculty Director

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Company Commitment


Organization Selection Criteria

The Organization:

  • Employs six or more employees (not including board members), has been operating at least one year, and is financially stable
  • Provides at least one dedicated project manager who will work with the team approximately two hours per week or more
  • Designates an alternate liaison in case the primary liaison becomes unavailable during the course of the project
  • Participates in the project launch weekend and attends the final deliverable presentation
  • Provides full access to relevant strategic and financial data, which will be protected under the confidentiality agreement

Our Rates

We apply 75% of your fee directly back into your project’s research.

  • Large Enterprises (Non-US focused project) - $22,500
  • Large Enterprises (US focused project) - $17,500
  • Small-to-Medium Enterprises - $15,000
  • Non-Profit Organization - $7,500

Program Schedule


2019-2020 Dates

Application Deadline

October 23, 2020

Project Launch

January 9, 2021

Deliverable Date

June 5, 2021