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May 22, 2020
Virtual Impact Talk: "Future of Housing: From COVID-19 to New Urbanism to Affordable Housing"

May 20, 2020
UCLA Housing as Health Care Initiative Panel Discussion: "Exploring a Housing-Based Health Care Partnership Model for Vulnerable Populations in Los Angeles"

May 18, 2020
"COVID-19: The Implications for Real Estate On Both Sides of the Pacific"

May 6, 2020
UCLA Ziman Center Critical Conversations “COVID-19, the Macroeconomy & Monetary Policy with William C. Dudley"

April 8, 2020
UCLA Ziman Center Critical Conversations "COVID-19 and Its Global Impact on Real Estate, the Economy & Investment Markets"

April 1, 2020
UCLA Ziman Center Critical Conversations "Real Estate, The Macroeconomy & COVID-19" // UCLA Anderson Forecast & UCLA Ziman Center

Ziman News

RESEARCH RELEASE: LA Neighborhoods and COVID-19 Medical Vulnerability Indicators

Los Angeles (November 2020) — The UCLA Luskin Center for Neighborhood Knowledge and UCLA BRITE Center for Science, Research and Policy, in partnership with the UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate, are pleased to present this critical new research as part of a series of COVID-19 Equity Research Initiative policy briefs documenting the systemic racial inequalities of the pandemic. This brief is an important contribution to identifying and prioritizing the needs of LA County public health in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. The authors develop a framework for, in effect, disaggregating a diverse population’s complex vulnerabilities to COVID-19 and identifying subpopulations at different risks geographically to help local decision makers, public health officials and scientists pinpoint which areas in LA are most at risk of being infected with the coronavirus. The resulting research may enable local agencies to help determine equitable distribution of resources that could reduce and potentially halt new infections in areas of particularly high risk.



News & Events

CALL FOR PAPERS: 2021 Conference on Housing, Financial Markets and Monetary Policy // Hosts: Federal Reserve Bank-San Francisco, UCLA Ziman Center and Federal Reserve Board of Governors

Submission Deadline: May 31, 2021

ESCP-TAU-UCLA Housing & Public Policy Research Webinar Series: "Eviction Risk of Rental Housing: Does it Matter How Your Landlord Finances the Property?" Brent William Ambrose, Pennsylvania State

March 17, 2021

REGISTER NOW--UCLA Housing, Neighborhood and Health Critical Issues Seminar: "Housing Instability, Evictions, and Population Health Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic" with Katherine Chen, MD and Kathryn Leifheit, PhD MSPH

March 01, 2021

REGISTER NOW--High Impact Tea with Richard Jackson, MD MPH: The Impact of Climate and the Physical Environment on Human Health // Impact@Anderson & UCLA Ziman Center Housing as Health Care Initiative

February 25, 2021

VIDEO--LABC 19th Annual Mayoral Housing, Transportation & Jobs Summit - "Road to Recovery: Rebuilding a Modern, Equitable Economy"  // Partners: Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti, UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation, and UCLA Ziman Center

February 19, 2021

UCLA Economic Letter:  Could Rent Control Reduce Rental Supply?

February 2021




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The Ziman Center sponsors a wide array of UCLA Anderson, UCLA Law and UCLA undergraduate student organizations, programs and activities to augment student training and development for careers in real estate.

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Housing is fundamental to our quality of life, not just in Los Angeles, but around the world. UCLA possesses the academic expertise and core public education and service mission to play a leadership role in this area.

UCLA Economic Letter

UCLA Economic Letter

Monthly condensed analysis of crucial real estate and economic issues offered by the UCLA Anderson Forecast and UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate.

Success is Making a Difference, According to Dick Ziman

Success is Making a Difference, According to Dick Ziman

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