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UCLA Ziman Center Pilots Change with Levine Affordable Housing Development Program

In 2018, UCLA Anderson's Ziman Center for Real Estate inaugurated the long-incubated Howard and Irene Levine Affordable Housing Development Program (LAHDP) specifically to impart interdisciplinary and highly specialized expertise to the next generation of affordable housing professionals.  According to Gabriel, "It's time for industry as well as nonprofits to benefit from a broader knowledge of how to create affordable housing using a 100 percent vetted toolkit carefully designed by UCLA faculty and industry experts." LAHDP teaches young professionals to envision how traditionally siloed agencies and sectors can work in collaboration, not just in tandem, to cut through divisions.



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CALL FOR PAPERS // 2019 Conference on Housing, Financial Markets & Monetary Policy // UCLA Ziman & FRBSF

Submission Deadline: May 31, 2019

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS // UCLA Ziman Center Bren & Levine AY19/20 Graduate Student Fellowships

Deadline: April 28, 2019

REGISTER NOW: "The Impact of Gentrification on Adult Mental Health" by Diem Linda Tran, PhD // UCLA Housing, Neighborhood & Health Series

April 17, 2019

DOWNLOAD CONFERENCE AGENDA/BIO & PPT PRESENTATION PDFS: "Solving LA's Parking Dilemma: High Density Parking Systems" Conference

March 28, 2019

UCLA Economic Letter: How Housing and Interest Rates Figure in the Coming Global Slowdown

March 2019

Allen Matkins/UCLA Anderson Forecast CRE Survey Report: Economic Headwinds/Unchanged Expectations

Winter/Spring 2019

Conference Coverage


On May 31, 2018, the UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate and Mercy Housing California co-hosted the symposium
Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Democracy? Challenges to Building Affordable Housing in Los Angeles.

Keynote Presentation: The Housing Debacle

Michael Woo, Dean of the College of Environmental Design, Cal Poly Pomona, and formerly LA City Council Member, 13th District, on the housing debacle.

Panel I: Democracy in Action and Future State Laws

Recent legislative efforts have met significant resistance from neighborhood and housing advocates deeply concerned about displacement and gentrification, most especially in LA's communities of color.

Panel II: Taking Stock: Land Use and Affordable Housing 

CA and LA are failing to build sufficient housing to meet the needs of an ever-growing population, namely because of the difficulty of entitling new homes.




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Student Development

The Ziman Center sponsors a wide array of UCLA Anderson, UCLA Law and UCLA undergraduate student organizations, programs and activities to augment student training and development for careers in real estate.

UCLA Law Clinic Step Up Groundbreaking 2014

Community Outreach

Housing is fundamental to our quality of life, not just in Los Angeles, but around the world. UCLA possesses the academic expertise and core public education and service mission to play a leadership role in this area.

UCLA Economic Letter

UCLA Economic Letter

Monthly condensed analysis of crucial real estate and economic issues offered by the UCLA Anderson Forecast and UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate.

Success is Making a Difference, According to Dick Ziman

Success is Making a Difference, According to Dick Ziman

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