Leaders From the Start

Our companies have the expertise of our advisors and Accelerator’s resources to make their pursuits a success. UCLA Anderson’s faculty, along with our considerable alumni base, know how to ensure these early stage startups can play the long game.


Life Sciences & Digital Health



designs and manufactures modern braces to significantly shorten the duration, cost, and pain associated with traditional braces.


is redefining liquid handling systems in the healthcare and life sciences industry by manufacturing an affordable and simple-to-use electronic pipette.

New Realm Technology

is a company that incentivizes healthy habits for children by creating games to engage and amuse while teaching important lessons.

Surgery and Recovery Assistant (SaRA)

is a web platform that revolutionizes recovery by tapping into currently unused data to motivate physical therapy patients and keep providers informed of progress.


is a patient-focused solution that provides long-term care and aims to achieve optimal health outcomes through continuous medical innovations, integrated care, and process excellence.


Consumer Digital



is a digital podcasting platform that will allow podcasters to easily monetize their content and give listeners the ability to discover podcasts they will love.


enables seamless and affordable international money transfers from Mexico to the US. We provide convenience and security through our mobile platform, with low and transparent fees.


is redefining the consumer gift industry by creating personalized, quick, and convenient gift ideas for gift-givers everywhere. 

Gifter: No Guessing, Just Gifting! 


is a travel platform where friends can privately request place recommendations from peers and keep playlists of their favorite recommendations.


is an online marketplace for parking spaces. We are creating a sharing-economy for renting driveways and swapping parking spots.

Music Prodigy

creates the best interactive technology to help users learn, practice, and teach music.


is the social network for sports predictions, where incentives are aligned for "experts" and readers alike, in a patent-pending crypto-rewards system that can get everyone, everywhere, participating and profiting from sports predictions in a fun and legal way.


is an online platform that enables individuals to give, request and receive professional feedback to and from anyone.


is a unique mobile-based security solution, that aims to resolve and improve housing security for apartment homes and gated communities by digitizing IDs that can be carried and verified on a mobile device.


AI & Machine Learning



is a personal AI shopping concierge that captures users’ tastes based on social media activity and shopping history.


develops machine-learning software to analyze medical images, providing diagnosis reports for radiologists and doctors to utilize.


has generated a large data set of organic and structured data on how humans problem-solve, and is using AI classification technology that enables an ensemble, end-to-end neural network to evaluate mental health and opioid addiction risk.

Textpert's two products are: 1) AiME - an artificial intelligence mental evaluation and 2) Tevi - the first A.I. therapist.





provides advanced imaging systems beyond conventional techniques to commercialize novel sensing and imaging sensors. We make silicon technologies that focus on our customers' needs, providing them with a plug-and-play solution that is compatible with existing commercial platforms.


is a digital engagement ecosystem for the wealth management industry. Our proprietary engagement tools deliver instant client insights to advisors, while providing greater transparency and education for clients and prospects.


Consumer Packaged Goods



is a for-profit social enterprise built in response to the largest refugee crisis since WWII.

Habit Nest

helps users implement healthy habits, based on scientific research, that can lead to an improved quality of life. Our first product, the Morning Sidekick Journal, helps users get laser-focused to conquer their morning routines. Our second product, The Gratitude Journal, launches in November on Amazon.

K-POP Foods

is a Korean food consumer packaged goods company focusing on an e-commerce strategy during its early stages of growth.


makes custom, organic baby food and brings it to your doorstep, guiding the transition to solid foods with new flavors and textures to promote development.


is the first bar in Los Angeles to focus exclusively on gamers and Esports fans.

Oba! Coffee

is a purpose driven company. We plan to donate 2.5% of our sales of organic cold brew coffee beverages.


Real Estate


Aloha Sunshine Property Management

offers travelers visiting Waikiki, Hawaii 4-star hotel-like accommodations at much lower than 4-star hotel prices.

Delfin Land Development, LLC.

identifies, acquires, and entitles properties for residential development in California. We sell shovel-ready projects to public homebuilders and institutional developers.

Prairie Coast Partners, LLC.

is a startup real estate fund focused on acquiring undervalued single family homes in attractive neighborhoods of Kansas City, deploying capital to modernize the properties, and renting them out to high quality tenants.




Beam Queen Bootcamp

is a first of its kind of one day deep dive sessions for girls coupling the physical discipline of an Olympic gymnast and specialist on the beam with the emotional needs that it takes to be an elite performer in today’s global world.

Heat Dance

is a brand-new type of dance studio that takes the class experience to another level and strives to empower our dancers in an immersive fitness experience.