Leaders From the Start

Our companies benefit from the expertise of our advisors and the UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator’s resources to make their pursuits a success. UCLA Anderson’s faculty, along with our considerable alumni base, know how to ensure these early-stage startups can play the long game.


Consumer Digital


81 Cents

helps women and underrepresented minorities understand if they’re being paid fairly. We crowdsource personalized negotiation advice, salary data, and feedback on compensation packages and new offers from relevant professionals, hiring managers, and recruiters. All insights go into a custom report that 81cents users can leverage for their negotiations.


is a web-based application that makes the process of creating an organized, engaging and visually appealing presentation effortless. The company’s subscription-based software leverages data-driven content organization and design techniques to “automagically” create professional-quality presentations.   


helps college students and parents tackle money as a team. With easy-to-use tools and the ability to seamlessly collaborate with parents, students are empowered to take charge of their college financial life and carry newfound confidence with money into adulthood.


is a fitness app that helps people move more and better. We curate playfully themed workouts that are highly specific your goals, moods, and preferences, such as “Lazy Sunday Morning Workout”, “Run Faster”, or “My Back Hurts Workout”.


“Mom, I’m calling from the ambulance” are words no parent ever wants to hear. Umergency prepares and empowers students and their families by giving them the tools they need to navigate any emergency, health or safety situation. Providing peace of mind to millions of college families and customized for over 1,200 schools, we’re just getting started.


AI & Machine Learning


InnoDT Inc.

is a real-time blockchain data and insights platform that empowers exchanges and investors with behavioral tools to research the activity behind any address and transactions. Our team has a combined 30 years of experience in financial fraud detection and delivering full stack products to the market.

Lanikai Labs

is building a platform for the simple and secure application of machine learning modules to images, video and audio streams for the IoT, manufacturing and robotics verticals.

Voice Life Inc.

is a development-stage technology company leading the next generation of wireless charging for the 21st century. Our patent pending technology focuses on the creation, development and application of wireless charging with artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to deliver wireless power to mobile devices, power sensors and IoT devices.


Consumer Packaged Goods


AVA Carrington

is an e-commerce fashion business focusing on producing high-quality and eco-friendly vegan leather handbags at an affordable price.

Black Palm

is a restorative beverage company that uses terpenes, nootropics, and activated charcoal to minimize the negative effects of indulgent consumption while promoting mental clarity, digestive health, and mood enhancement. Our line of beverages is primed to complement vivacious lifestyles everywhere, bringing balance to those who love to live life to the fullest.


is America’s first mezcal ready-to-drink cocktail in a can, giving consumers an accessible retail entry point into the world of mezcal. It is made with artisanal mezcal made from 100 percent agave, natural flavors and juices, and carbonated water.


enables the creation of personalized craft beer for events. Customers create a custom label design, then choose a craft beer from our curated selections. Eliqs delivers your order directly to your event venue cold and ready to drink, all for the same price as off-the-shelf craft beer.


Endure is a science-first sports technology company focused on exercise training and sports nutrition. Endure’s first product is a University-backed sports drink that improves endurance performance by 11%.

Habit Nest

helps users implement healthy habits, based on scientific research, that can lead to an improved quality of life. Our first product, the Morning Sidekick Journal, helps users get laser-focused to conquer their morning routines. Our second product, The Gratitude Journal, launches in November on Amazon.


is a cleantech mobility and fintech startup making freedom accessible through affordable scooter subscription.


is a direct-to-consumer, e-commerce, subscription optional panty company. Robynro will be the next generation of everyday sexy underwear for the modern woman.




Nutopia Foundation Limited

is the first public blockchain designed to reorganize the entertainment industry around blockchain technology. Similar to the concept of an operating system, NUTOPIA is a platform that enables interaction between traditional industry roles, developers and content consumers to create a more transparent, more open industry.


is a ticketed location based entertainment concept delivering an immersive art experience themed after our favorite furry companions. We also facilitate product discovery for our pet parents through on site retail and brand partnerships. Core to PetPOP is our commitment to support rescue and adoption organization, who we invite to bring their animals on site to our “Adoption Alley” and in turn donate a portion of our net proceeds.