Leaders From the Start

Our companies benefit from the expertise of our advisors and the UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator’s resources to make their pursuits a success. UCLA Anderson’s faculty, along with our considerable alumni base, know how to ensure these early-stage startups can play the long game.


Life Sciences & Digital Health



is a company striving to find a cure to bruxism, a repetitive jaw muscle activity characterized by the clenching and grinding of teeth. For more information go to bruxadental.com


is a "social impact" startup with a burning determination to develop & commercialize mobile apps for developmental disabilities worldwide.  


is redefining liquid handling systems in the healthcare and life sciences industry by manufacturing an affordable and simple-to-use electronic pipette.


is the first smart otoscope that uses AI to diagnose ear infections at home. 


Consumer Digital



provides the opportunity to conveniently rent top-rated camping gear from premium brands to get outside without all the upfront commitments attached, whether it's space, money, or time. ExperienceGear also supplements our gear with tailored information on planning, setup, and lifehacks to make your next trip as seamless as possible.


is a travel platform where friends can privately request place recommendations from peers and keep playlists of their favorite recommendations.


removes all the key pain points in owning outdoor recreation equipment such as the logistics of transportation and storage, high upfront costs, desire to change equipment, and liability of theft and damage by providing cheaper and more convenient access than current rental solutions.  By providing self-service, fully enclosed lockers that will be located in prime outdoor recreation areas such as beaches, marinas, lake docks, and trailheads, customers can access equipment as easily as picking up a package from an Amazon locker. 


is the social network for sports predictions, where incentives are aligned for "experts" and readers alike, in a patent-pending crypto-rewards system that can get everyone, everywhere, participating and profiting from sports predictions in a fun and legal way.


is an online platform that empowers home buyers and sellers to easily find and evaluate all types of real estate professionals in one place, saving them time and money on their transaction. REasy is the Kayak.com to comparison-shop for the real estate professionals you need.


provides software to early-stage entrepreneurs, allowing them to be more focused, organized, and efficient. It's built for any early-stage entrepreneur: from someone that has an idea but doesn't know what steps to take next, to someone who knows what must be done but needs to recruit talent to do it, to others that just need to stay more organized in their approach.

Riders Share

is the Airbnb of motorcycle rental. We connect unused motorcycles to licensed riders that we vet with algorithms. We have the only insurance policy that works for both renters and owners of motorcycles in the sharing economy. For more information go to Riders Share.


is an app that lets people create cute, simple, and personalized emoji avatars of their dog in the Rubyfornia style. These "dogmoji" can be used in mobile messages and printed on personalized merchandise like hats, t-shirts, blankets and more.


AI & Machine Learning



is software designed to eliminate bias in employee performance reviews using Artificial Intelligence (AI), built on a platform that facilitates micro-continuous feedback from collaborators and stakeholders. 


develops machine-learning software to analyze medical images, providing diagnosis reports for radiologists and doctors to utilize.


is utilizing artificial intelligence to fight the opioid epidemic and mental health disorders. Its flagship product, AiME, features cutting-edge AI technology that objectively assesses and tracks risk levels of opioid addiction, depression, and anxiety. 





provides advanced imaging systems beyond conventional techniques to commercialize novel sensing and imaging sensors. We make silicon technologies that focus on our customers' needs, providing them with a plug-and-play solution that is compatible with existing commercial platforms.


Technology enabled brokerage model applied to the small business market to reduce transaction time and brokerage fees, improve accuracy, and provide an improved customer experience. Consulting services and analytics also available to business owners and potential buyers. Once the data collected reaches critical mass, data offerings will also be launched.

Panoramic Aerospace

provides aerial surveillance solutions for businesses and public agencies. Whether new surveillance needs are being identified, or existing airborne fleets are being replaced, Panoramic Aerospace will help preserve life and property while making clients' budgets more effective. 


Consumer Packaged Goods


Altitude Beverages, LLC.

produces premium, single origin cold brew coffee and innovative cold brew coffee blend beverages in Ready-To-Drink (RTD) offerings.  

Far Out Clothing

is a digitally-native apparel brand that is re-fashioning gender boundaries by adapting men's styles for women's bodies.


Habit Nest

helps users implement healthy habits, based on scientific research, that can lead to an improved quality of life. Our first product, the Morning Sidekick Journal, helps users get laser-focused to conquer their morning routines. Our second product, The Gratitude Journal, launches in November on Amazon.

KPOP Foods

is a Korean food consumer packaged goods company focusing on an e-commerce strategy during its early stages of growth.


creates customized gifts for children that are based on family photos and stories.




Spring 2018

Music Prodigy







Oba! Coffee

Aloha Sunshine Property Management

Delfin Land Development LLC.

Prairie Coast Partners LLC.

Beam Queen Bootcamp

Heat Dance