Leaders From the Start

Our companies benefit from the expertise of our advisors and the UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator’s resources to make their pursuits a success. UCLA Anderson’s faculty, along with our considerable alumni base, know how to ensure these early-stage startups can play the long game.


Life Sciences & Digital Health


Dalton Analytics

Dalton Bioanalytics is a UCLA spin-out digitizing the entire biochemical composition of blood using Mass Spectrometry. For the first time in history, Dalton can analyze protein, lipids, electrolytes, nutrients, drugs, environmental chemicals, and other small molecules with just one assay. 

Monarch Health

Monarch Healthcare Management is a patient-centric platform that provides decision support tools for oncology patients during their medical journey.




The Hurd Co.

The Hurd Co. is a logistics and manufacturing technology company that is developing apparel fiber from agricultural waste. We collect agricultural waste, use a low-impact process to convert the waste into fiber, and then work with brands to help them pull it through their supply chain. The resulting fiber produces lightweight, breathable, soft, drapey, and cost-competitive fabric that helps apparel brands tell the story, “waste to wear.”


Consumer Packaged Goods


Habit Nest

Habit Nest helps users implement healthy habits, based on scientific research, which can lead to an improved quality of life. Our first product, the Morning Sidekick Journal, helps users get laser-focused to conquer their morning routines. Our second product, The Gratitude Journal, launches in November on Amazon.


Leef is a cleantech mobility and fintech startup making freedom accessible through affordable scooter subscription.


MAGICdATES makes it convenient for you to snack healthy and on-the-go. We’ve elevated the snacking experience by offering plant-based, gluten-free, and ZERO added sugar snacks that are good for you and taste amazing! Made of only nutrient-dense ingredients, we blend ingredients that are better together to bring you a chewy, crunchy, and sweet bite with just a touch of Himalayan salt. The sweet ancient truth.


Real Estate



VHomes is the "Southwest Airlines" of Homesharing, building a Property Management Saas targeted at budget travelers. We aim to provide the best budget accommodations in the Southwest United States, as we have multiple homes in Phoenix and Tucson, AZ, looking to expand to Texas soon.


Consumer Digital



81cents helps women and underrepresented minorities understand if they’re being paid fairly. We crowdsource personalized negotiation advice, salary data, and feedback on compensation packages and new offers from relevant professionals, hiring managers, and recruiters. All insights go into a custom report that 81cents users can leverage for their negotiations.


Cartana provides affordable fast shipping to both retailers and online shoppers by connecting online shoppers to inventories existing within a 20-mile radius of a shopper’s house. Cartana is a browser extension that provides free same-day delivery services to all online shoppers.


is an event aggregator platform that rewards ticket buyers for going out by enabling them to earn points for attendance and earn additional rewards for referring friends, which therefore democratizes event promotions for organizers and increases live music attendance. We are the “Expedia” for live music events!


Evee is a marketplace for discovering and booking group events.


Rest. is an online marketplace that helps consumers with simple estates connect with trusted providers for estate planning and execution support. Our marketplace provides consumers with transparent and competitive pricing and lawyers with a low-cost channel to acquire new customers.




The Wrightwood Group

The Wrightwood Group (Wrightwood) aims to redefine the investment banking industry through superior relationship management, nurturing employee growth and performance, and creating a geographically dense network of professionals to provide collaborative support to growing businesses. By aligning with entrepreneurs earlier in the business lifecycle, Wrightwood clients benefit from outcome-driven advisory services, not the narrow transactional focus of competing investment banks.