Developing Leaders Who Shape the Future of Technology


Easton prepares the next generation of leaders for success in an increasingly technology driven world. Through innovative courses, creative workshops, and high-profile events, the center helps students navigate disruption, and identify areas for growth and innovation. By focusing on leadership skills in addition to exploring the latest technologies, students learn how to succeed in any industry.





Our Pillars


Students, faculty, alumni and industry professionals.
The Easton Center connects these pillars through various offerings.

Career Services

Student Perspectives

“Easton largely shaped my education and leadership growth while I was at Anderson. Through courses, workshops, speakers and conferences, I was able to strengthen my existing knowledge of the tech industry and gain insights and skills in new areas from tech giants and recent alums alike.”

Aubrey Rho (MBA ’18)
Senior Product Manager, Amazon Prime


Visiting Tech Leaders


The Easton Technology Management Center brings in a wide range of tech executives and admired thought leaders, including a principal data scientist from Amazon, several VR/AR entrepreneurs, a director of AI and autonomous driving from Hyundia/Kia and many others. These experts participate in Easton events and visit the classroom to relay their experiences from the forefront of the industry.

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