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Easton prepares the next generation of leaders to drive change in our technology-driven world. Through innovative courses, creative workshops, and high-profile events, the center helps students identify areas for innovation and navigate disruption. Though one-third of our fulltime MBAs go into tech, our focus on leadership skills ensures that students can become pacesetters in any industry.


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Every MBA Needs Tech Skills, Not Just Techies

UCLA Anderson is helping recent graduates like Chenjie Ding bridge the gap between managers and data scientists

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Executive Speaker Series - Gayle Sheppard

Gayle is Corporate Vice President for Microsoft Data, where she owns the portfolio and oversees all vision, strategy, product management, development...

Wednesday, April 15

Lessons in Machine Learning

Nike’s Todd Holloway teaches MBAs how to leverage data through greater understanding of AI

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How Anderson Primes You for a Career in Tech

Taylor St. Clair, Senior Product Manager at Amazon

Anderson offers all the courses and resources you need to aim for the company and position you want in tech.





Our Pillars


Students, faculty, alumni and industry professionals.
The Easton Center connects these pillars through various offerings.

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Student Perspectives

“Although I am an engineer by trade, I had very limited knowledge and intuition of how tech leaders view the evolving landscape from a “30K ft view” prior to entering the program.”

Stevie Rhim  (FEMBA ’19)
Applications Engineer, Infeon Technologies


Visiting Tech Leaders


The Easton Technology Management Center brings in a wide range of tech executives and admired thought leaders, including a principal data scientist from Amazon, several VR/AR entrepreneurs, a director of AI and autonomous driving from Hyundia/Kia and many others. These experts participate in Easton events and visit the classroom to relay their experiences from the forefront of the industry.

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