Understand Global Markets

UCLA Anderson students exhibit a distinct passion to broaden their knowledge and understanding of global markets.


UCLA Anderson students possess an increasing desire to develop an educated world view and understand global issues and their impact on business and society. Our MBA programs share a global perspective and greater opportunities now exist for students to study abroad, engage in global capstone projects, take a foreign language, expand connections with global organizations, participate in global conferences, connect with our global alumni community and generally broaden their knowledge and understanding of global cultures and markets.


Programs for All MBA Students


UCLA-NUS Executive MBA Program

Earn dual MBA degrees while gaining a global perspective on how to do business in the U.S. and in Asia.

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Specialization/Certificate in Global Management

Acquire the intellectual knowledge and cultural competencies you need to become a well-rounded and well-informed global citizen with the ability to examine issues from a global perspective. The Specialization is offered to students in the full-time and fully employed MBA programs, and Certificate is available to students in the executive MBA program.

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Global Management Coursework

On-Campus and/or Hybrid Global Management Courses

Customize your academic preparation in global management and business through a variety of on-campus and/or hybrid global management course offerings ranging from global macroeconomics to global supply chain, global payments and fintech and understanding the Asia-Pacific economies.

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Global Immersion Courses

Taught by UCLA Anderson faculty, these elective courses provide memorable learning and networking experiences and expose you to a country’s economy, political environment, major industries and businesses, start-up communities, local culture, key historical events and the many aspects of conducting business outside the United States.

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Make A Global Impact Through Field Study

Make a global impact through your capstone research project. Pursue a project focused on social enterprise and community impact globally to broaden your awareness of issues facing entrepreneurial development within emerging markets.

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MBA Research and Teaching Assistant Opportunities

Strengthen your engagement in the intellectual life of the school and serve as research assistants to work with faculty on their global research projects, case studies and course development, or as a teaching assistant for Global Immersion courses.

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CGM Mentor Program and Career Development

The CGM Mentor Program provides students with a unique opportunity to connect and form meaningful relationships with board members, who offer valuable counsel and guidance on professional endeavors, living and working abroad, global business and life lessons.

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Event Spotlight

Upcoming Events

Tech-Driven Transformations, Innovation and the Role of AI with AI Expert, Kai-Fu Lee

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The International Monetary Fund (IMF): Protecting the Global Economy and Propelling a Sustainable Recovery
World Today Discussion Series
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The Role of Technology in Building Public Sector Impact with Amanda Renteria, CEO, Code for America
Innovation: Strategies for Success Series
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Global Nonprofit Capstone Projects


Bridging the Digital Divide in Rural South Africa

(Human Sciences Research Council, SOUTH AFRICA)

Developing a Go-to-Market Strategy to Export Sustainably Sourced Yellowfin Tuna to the U.S.

(Charles Darwin Foundation, ECUADOR)

Building Socially Responsible Businesses That Create Economic Mobility and Help Alleviate Global Poverty

(rise, RWANDA)

Achieving a Sustainable Rubber Value Chain to Reduce Deforestation in Indonesia

(Conservation International, SOUTHEAST ASIA)

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Expanding Microfinance Capabilities in Rural Areas of Peru and Empowering the Peruvian Woman through Microfinance


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Bringing Affordable Internet Access to the Sweetwaters Community in South Africa

(Human Sciences Research Council, SOUTH AFRICA)

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