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The 2018 BIT Conference: The Services Revolution: Industrialization, Experience and Technology

All major world economies are dominated by services in terms of economic value (GDP) as well as the share of employment and wages. In the last few years, technological changes are affecting many service sectors in dramatic ways, in terms of industrialization, productivity changes, new and innovative services, and the creation of novel types of experience. New technologies including AI, IoT, data analytics, and new interfaces and devices, are affecting both the creation and delivery in every service sector including financial services, telecom, entertainment, online services (consumer and B2B), ecommerce, and government. Many of these sectors are already being radically altered or disrupted, and there are significant changes in the nature of competition, organizational structure, employment, trade, investments and wage patterns. This is truly an industrial revolution for services. However, while the biggest changes for manufacturing were in factories, services are affected in both the back-room and the "front office". The interface with the customer and customer experience remain crucial for competitive success.

The 2018 Business and Information Technologies (BIT) two-day conference organized by the UCLA Anderson Easton Technology Management Center and SDA Bocconi School of Management that will explore the changes that are occurring for services at both the company and sector level. It will bring together industry and academic perspectives on the restructuring of sectors, the major trends that are visible, and the further changes and disruptions that are likely to occur over the next decade, as well as address the implications for industries, firms, jobs and wages. The first day of the conference will focus on companies and sectors. Registration is complimentary to UCLA students for this day. Speakers, panelists and conference participants will discuss how technology driven industrialization and innovation will determine winners in the evolving competitive landscape for services and the strategies that are emerging to cope with rapid change. The second day will be directed towards academic approaches to these issues, and the methods, frameworks and analytics that are being developed to support best practices. For more details and to register >>

The UCLA Anderson Center for Global Management is a sponsor of the event.

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